List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Fort McMurray, Alberta
#Street Name
1100 Albion Drive
2100 Paish Place
3100 St Laurent Way
4101 Langevin Road
5120 Warren Way
6123 Arabian Drive
7201 Abasand Drive
8264 J.w. Mann Drive
931 Riedel Street
10400 Silin Forest Road
11600 Signal Road
1263 Highway
13701 Beacon Hill Drive
14711 Beacon Hill Drive
158820 Franklin Avenue
169304 Mccormick Drive
17Abasand Drive
18Abbottswood Drive
19Acacia Drive
20Adrian Crescent
21Aime Court
22Airmont Court
23Airport Road
24Alberta Drive
25Albion Drive
26Aldergrove Avenue
27Aldergrove Court
28Alderwood Drive
29Alexander Crescent
30Almond Crescent
31Alpine Court
32Amberwood Court
33Amren Drive
34Apple Tree Way
35Applewood Drive
36Arabian Drive
37Archer Hill Court
38Archibald Bay
39Archibald Close
40Armit Crescent
41Arncliff Court
42Arsenault Cove
43Arsenault Crescent
44Ash Way
45Ashgrove Drive
46Aspenhill Drive
47Astum Court
48Athabasca Avenue
49Athabasca Bay
50Athabasca Crescent
51Athabasca Place
52Atkinson Lane
53Atkinson Road
54Auger Court
55Aurora Place
56Avery Bay
57Bacon Place
58Ball Place
59Balsam Way
60Barber Drive
61Beacon Hill Drive
62Beacon Hill Place
63Beaconsfield Road
64Beaconview Place
65Beaconwood Gate
66Beaconwood Place
67Beaconwood Road
68Beale Crescent
69Bear Paw Drive
70Beardsley Crescent
71Beaton Place
72Beattie Road
73Beaufort Crescent
74Beaumont Crescent
75Beaverglen Close
76Beaveridge Close
77Beaverlodge Close
78Becker Bay
79Becker Crescent
80Belgian Green
81Bell Crescent
82Bennett Crescent
83Berard Crescent
84Berens Place
85Bergeron Road
86Berry Crescent
87Biggs Avenue
88Birch Road
89Bird Crescent
90Bishop Street
91Black Bear Crescent
92Black Bear Place
93Blair Crescent
94Blanchett Road
95Blue Jay Road
96Boisvert Place
97Bourque Bay
98Brachett Crescent
99Breaker Street
100Brebeuf Crescent
101Brett Drive
102Breukel Crescent
103Brintnell Road
104Brooks Place
105Brosseau Crescent
106Brown Bay
107Bruin Bay
108Bulyea Avenue
109Burns Place
110Burry Road
111Burton Place
112Bussieres Drive
113Caldwell Crescent
114Cameron Drive
115Campbell Crescent
116Caouette Crescent
117Card Court
118Card Crescent
119Cardinal Drive
120Carteret Drive
121Cartier Road
122Castle Ridge Lane
123Cedar Street
124Centennial Drive
125Chandler Bay
126Charles Avenue
127Chestnut Way
128Chokecherry Place
129Christina Court
130Cinnamon Street
131Clark Crescent
132Clausen Crescent
133Clearwater Crescent
134Clenell Bay
135Clenell Crescent
136Cliff Avenue
137Cochrane Crescent
138Cokerill Crescent
139Coles Bay
140Confederation Way
141Confederation Way
142Cormorant Place
143Cornwall Drive
144Cote Bay
145Cottonwood Creek Way
146Couture Lane
147Cowley Bay
148Coyote Crescent
149Crabapple Way
150Crane Place
151Crane Rise
152Cree Lane
153Cree Place
154Cree Road
155Crescent Heights
156Crocus Bay
157Crown Creek Lane
158Cruickshank Bay
159Cruickshank Road
160Deep Road
161Demers Drive
162Denholm Gate
163Dickey Bay
164Dickins Close
165Dickins Drive
166Diefenbaker Drive
167Dogwood Lane
168Dominion Drive
169Dowd Road
170Draper Road
171Draper Road
172Draper Road
173Duncan Drive
174Dundas Road
175Eagle Ridge Boulevard
176Eagle Ridge Gate
177Earls Court
178Eglert Drive
179Elderberry Street
180Ells Crescent
181Elm Bay
182Elm Street
183Elmore Drive
184Erindale Road
185Ermine Bay
186Ermine Crescent
187Ewashko Crescent
188Eymundson Road
189Falcon Drive
190Falcon Green
191Falcon Street
192Farrell Bay
193Farrell Cove
194Farrell Crescent
195Father Mercredi Street
196Fir Street
197Fireweed Crescent
198Fisher Crescent
199Fitzgerald Avenue
200Fitzsimmons Avenue
201Fontaine Crescent
202Fox Crescent
203Franklin Avenue
204Franklin Avenue
205Fraser Avenue
206Fullerton Drive
207Galt Place
208Garden Lane
209Gardiner Place
210Garson Place
211Gilbert Place
212Gipsy Place
213Gladstone Bay
214Gladstone Street
215Gladue Bay
216Golosky Avenue
217Goodwin Place
218Gordon Avenue
219Gordon White Avenue
220Graham Place
221Grandview Crescent
222Granite Street
223Grant Bay
224Grant Way
225Gravelstone Way
226Grayling Crescent
227Grebe Road
228Grecian Place
229Greely Road
230Greenbriar Bay
231Greenfield Place
232Greentree Crescent
233Greenway Place
234Greenwich Lane
235Greenwood Place
236Gregoire Crescent
237Gregoire Drive
238Grenada Place
239Grenadier Street
240Grenfell Crescent
241Grenoble Crescent
242Gresford Place
243Grey Crescent
244Grey Owl Place
245Grizzly Bay
246Grosbeak Way
247Grouse Way
248Haineault Street
249Hall Crescent
250Hardin Street
251Harpe Way
252Harris Crescent
253Hawthorn Way
254Heron Place
255Hidden Place
256High Avenue
257Highfield Cove
258Highfield Street
259Highland Close
260Hill Drive
261Hillary Place
262Hillcrest Drive
263Hillside Garden Garden
264Hilltop Crescent
265Hinge Bay
266Hinge Road
267Hitch Place
268Hoehne Street
269Honeysuckle Way
270Hospital Street
271Huckleberry Street
272Huggard Street
273Hughes Avenue
274Hunter Place
275Hunter Street
276Iris Way
277J. W. Mann Drive
278Jackpine Way
279Johnson Bay
280Juniper Street
281Kennedy Bay
282Kennedy Crescent
283Killdeer Place
284Killdeer Way
285King Street
286Kodiak Crescent
287Laboucane Bay
288Laboucane Crescent
289Lacombe Street
290Laffont Bay
291Laffont Place
292Laffont Way
293Lanauze Street
294Langevin Road
295Laurier Lane
296Laurier Place
297Laurier Road
298Lavallee Bay
299Lawrence Street
300Lazarde Place
301Leggett Street
302Leigh Crescent
303Leitner Gate
304Lightbown Bay
305Lightbown Way
306Limestone Link
307Lindstrom Bay
308Lindstrom Crescent
309Lodgepole Way
310Lougheed Bay
311Lougheed Drive
312Loutit Road
313Lynx Crescent
314Macalpine Crescent
315Macdonald Avenue
316Macdonald Crescent
317Maciver Street
318Mackay Crescent
319Mackenzie Boulevard
320Mackenzie King Road
321Mackenzie Street
322Maclaren Bay
323Maclaren Crescent
324Maclean Road
325Maclennan Crescent
326Magpie Street
327Main Street
328Malcolm Bay
329Manning Avenue
330Maple Leaf Lane
331Marshall Street
332Marten Place
333May Crescent
334Mayflower Bay
335Mayflower Crescent
336Mcconachie Crescent
337Mccormick Drive
338Mcdougall Crescent
339Mcinnes Street
340Mckinlay Crescent
341Mckinnon Street
342Mcleod Street
343Mcmillan Road
344Mcphee Street
345Mctavish Crescent
346Memorial Drive
347Memorial Drive
348Memorial Drive North
349Memorial Drive South
350Merganser Crescent
351Merganser Place
352Millennium Drive
353Millennium Gate
354Mills Avenue
355Mink Lane
356Mitchell Drive
357Moberly Crescent
358Morgan Avenue
359Morimoto Drive
360Morrison Street
361Mountain Avens Crescent
362Mustang Road
363Nelson Lane
364Nixon Street
365Norbasca Bay
366O'coffey Crescent
367Oaks Bay
368Oaks Crescent
369Pacific Crescent
370Palomino Close
371Paquette Drive
372Paradise Road
373Parent Way
374Paris Bay
375Paris Crescent
376Park Place
377Park Street
378Parkview Drive
379Parmenter Bay
380Parmenter Crescent
381Parry Crescent
382Parsons Creek Drive
383Paulin Bay
384Paulson Street
385Pearl Bay
386Pearson Bay
387Pearson Drive
388Pebble Lane
389Peden Crescent
390Pelican Drive
391Penhorwood Street
392Peterson Lane
393Pew Lane
394Peyton Way
395Philpott Bay
396Pickles Bay
397Pickles Crescent
398Pike Bay
399Pinnacle Place
400Pintail Place
401Pinto Place
402Pitcher Crescent
403Piven Place
404Plamondon Drive
405Plamondon Way
406Pliska Crescent
407Polar Bay
408Pond Crescent
409Pope Bay
410Poplar Crescent
411Potts Bay
412Powder Drive
413Primrose Lane
414Prospect Drive
415Quartzstone Close
416Queen Street
417Rae Crescent
418Railway Avenue
419Rainbow Creek Drive
420Rattlepan Creek Crescent
421Raven Place
422Real Martin Drive
423Red Lily Gate
424Rice Bay
425Richard Street
426Richardson Lane
427Riedel Street
428River Bend Close
429Riverstone Ridge
430Robichaud Street
431Robin Crescent
432Robinson Lane
433Rock Bay
434Rodeo Drive
435Rogers Crescent
436Roland Street
437Romany Street
438Romar Street
439Rookery Bay
440Rose Bay
441Ross Haven Drive
442Ross Street
443Rosslyn Street
444Roundel Place
445Rowan Street
446Roy Lane
447Royal Garden Garden
448Rumpel Place
449Ryan Lane
450Sakitawaw Trail
451Saline Creek Way
452Sandhill Place
453Sandpiper Bay
454Sandpiper Place
455Sandpiper Road
456Sandstone Lane
457Sandulac Street
458Saunderson Avenue
459Shalestone Place
460Shalestone Way
461Shetland Garden Garden
462Shore Street
463Sibley Road
464Sicamore Place
465Sierra Crescent
466Siesta Garden Garden
467Sifton Avenue
468Signal Bay
469Signal Cove
470Signal Road
471Silica Place
472Silin Forest Road
473Silvanus Crescent
474Silver Springs Drive
475Silverdale Garden Garden
476Silvertip Place
477Simcoe Way
478Simpson Way
479Sirius Avenue
480Sitka Drive
481Smallwood Bay
482Smallwood Street
483Snowy Owl Way
484Sparrow Hawk Bay
485Sparrow Hawk Drive
486Sparrow Hawk Green
487Spruce Street
488St Laurent Way
489Starling Street
490Steeves Bay
491Stroud Bay
492Sumac Crescent
493Sunday Creek Way
494Sutherland Street
495Swallow Way
496Swanson Crescent
497Tamarack Way
498Thicket Drive
499Thickwood Boulevard
500Thickwood Boulevard
501Thrush Street
502Timberline Drive
503Tolen Drive
504Tomlinson Street
505Torrie Bay
506Torrie Crescent
507Trillium Bay
508Trillium Road
509Tundra Drive
510Violet Street
511Wagner Street
512Wallace Place
513Walnut Crescent
514Walnut Place
515Waniandy Way
516Wapiti Crescent
517Warbler Avenue
518Warren Road
519Warren Way
520Waterhouse Street
521Waxwing Rise
522Webb Drive
523Westwood Crescent
524Westwood Drive
525Whiteoak Garden Garden
526Whitley Road
527Widgeon Place
528Wild Rose Street
529Williams Drive
530Williams Garden Garden
531Williams Place
532Williams Road
533Williscroft Place
534Willow Square
535Wilson Bay
536Wilson Drive
537Windsor Drive
538Wolff Bay
539Wolff Way
540Wolverine Drive
541Wood Buffalo Way
542Woodland Drive
543Woodpecker Green
544Woodpecker Place
545Woodpecker Way
546Woodward Bay
547Woodward Gate
548Woodward Lane
549Wylie Place

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)