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List of Street Maps in High River, Alberta
#Street Name
11 Avenue North
21 Avenue North-east
31 Avenue South-east
41 Street South-east
51 Street South-west
610 Avenue South-east
710 Avenue South-west
810 Street South-east
9100 Highwood Village Place North-west
10100 Home Bay South-east
11100 Lineham Acres Grove North-west
1211 Avenue South-east
1311 Avenue South-west
1411 Street South-east
1512 Avenue South-east
1612 Avenue South-west
1712 Street South-east
1812a Avenue South-east
1913 Avenue South-east
2013 Street South-east
2114 Street South-east
2215 Street South-east
2315a Street South-east
2416 Street South-east
2517 Street South-east
2617a Street South-east
2718 Street South-east
2819 Street South-east
291a Street North
301a Street South-east
312 Avenue North-east
322 Avenue South-east
332 Street South-east
342 Street South-west
3520 Street North-east
3620 Street South-east
37200 Highwood Village Place North-west
38200 Homestead Close South-east
39200 Lineham Acres Close North-west
4021 Street North-east
4121 Street South-east
4224 Street North-east
4324 Street South-east
442a Highway
452a Street South-east
463 Avenue North
473 Avenue South-east
483 Avenue South-west
493 Street South-east
503 Street South-west
51300 Highwood Village Place North-west
52300 Homestead Bay South-east
53300 Lineham Acres Place North-west
544 Avenue South-east
554 Avenue South-east
564 Avenue South-west
574 Street South-east
584 Street South-west
59400 Highwood Village Place North-west
60400 Homestead Trail South-east
61400 Lineham Acres Bay North-west
625 Avenue South-east
635 Avenue South-east
645 Avenue South-west
655 Street South-east
665 Street South-west
67500 Home Place South-east
685a Street South-east
696 Avenue South-east
706 Avenue South-west
716 Street South-east
726 Street South-west
73600 Homestead Place South-east
747 Avenue South-east
757 Avenue South-east
767 Avenue South-west
777 Street North-west
787 Street South-east
797 Street South-west
808 Avenue South-east
818 Avenue South-west
828 Street South-east
838 Street South-west
849 Avenue South-east
859 Avenue South-west
869 Street South-east
879 Street South-west
88Aurora Drive South-east
89Baker Creek Drive South-west
90Baker Creek Place South-west
91Baker Creek Rise South-west
92Baker Road South-west
93Barker Road South-west
94Beach Way South-west
95Cataract Road South-west
96Centre Avenue South-east
97Centre Street North
98Centre Street South
99Crescent Avenue South-east
100De Foras Close North-west
101Deibert Close South-west
102Eagleview Place North-west
103Eagleview Place Northwest
104Ellis Crescent South-east
105Emerson Road South-west
106Fairway Drive North-west
107Fairway Lane North-west
108Fairway View North-west
109Freeman Way North-west
110Gascony Lane South-west
111Hampshire Way North-east
112Hamptons Bay South-east
113Hamptons Boulevard
114Hamptons Common North-east
115Hamptons Place South-east
116High Country Bay North-west
117High Country Drive North-west
118High Country Link North-west
119High Country Place North-west
120High Country Rise North-west
121High Glen Bay North-west
122High Glen Place North-west
123High Park Boulevard North-west
124High Park Circle North-west
125High Park Court North-west
126High Park Drive North-west
127High Park Place North-west
128High Park Way North-west
129High Ridge Close North-west
130High Ridge Court North-west
131High Ridge Crescent North-west
132High Ridge Place North-west
133High View Gate North-west
134High View Park North-west
135High View Point North-west
136Highland Green Drive North-west
137Highland Green View North-west
138Highwood Trail South-west
139Highwood Village Gate North-west
140Homestead Way South-east
141Kanell Drive North-east
142Lineham Acres Drive North-west
143Longview Trail
144Macleod Trail South-west
145Marshall Rise North-west
146Mist Road South-west
147Pekisko Road South-west
148Polar Avenue North-east
149Range Road 291
150Riley Place North-east
151Riley Street North-east
152Riverside Bay North-west
153Riverside Boulevard North-west
154Riverside Court North-west
155Riverside Crescent North-west
156Riverside Drive
157Riverside Drive North-west
158Riverside Gardens North-west
159Riverside Green North-west
160Riverside Place North-west
161Riverside Road North-west
162Saxony Lane South-west
163Sheppard Road South-west
164Stimson Road South-west
165Sullivan Road South-west
166Sunrise Close South-east
167Sunrise Crescent North-east
168Sunrise Loop
169Sunset Way North-east
170Sunshine Close South-east
171Sunshine Court South-east
172Sunshine Place South-east
173Sunshine Trail South-east
174Sunshine Way South-east
175Tongue Road South-west
176Trap Road South-west

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)