List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Medicine Hat, Alberta
#Street Name
11 Avenue North-east
21 Avenue North-west
31 Avenue South-east
41 Avenue South-west
51 Street North-east
61 Street North-west
71 Street South-east
81 Street South-west
910 Avenue North-east
1010 Avenue North-west
1110 Avenue South-west
1210 Street North-east
1310 Street South-east
1410 Street South-west
1511 Avenue North-east
1611 Avenue North-west
1711 Avenue South-west
1811 Street North-east
1911 Street South-east
2011 Street South-west
2112 Avenue North-west
2212 Avenue South-east
2312 Avenue South-west
2412 Street North-east
2512 Street North-west
2612 Street South-east
2712 Street South-west
2813 Avenue South-east
2913 Street North-east
3013 Street South-east
3113 Street South-west
3214 Avenue South-east
3314 Street North-east
3414 Street North-west
3514 Street South-west
3615 Avenue South-east
3715 Avenue South-west
3815 Street North-east
3915 Street South-west
4016 Avenue South-east
4116 Street North-east
4216 Street South-east
4316 Street South-west
4416a Street North-east
4517 Avenue South-east
4617 Avenue South-west
4717 Street North-east
4817 Street South-east
4917 Street South-west
5018 Avenue South-east
5118 Avenue South-west
5218 Street North-east
5318 Street South-west
5419 Avenue South-east
5519 Street North-east
5619 Street South-east
5719 Street South-west
5819a Street North-east
591a Avenue North-east
601a Avenue North-west
612 Avenue North-east
622 Avenue North-west
632 Avenue South-east
642 Avenue South-west
652 Street North-east
662 Street North-west
672 Street South-east
682 Street South-west
6920 Avenue South-east
7020 Street North-east
7120 Street South-east
7221 Avenue South-east
7321 Street North-east
7421 Street South-east
7522 Avenue South-east
7622 Street North-east
7722 Street South-east
7823 Street North-west
7923 Street North-west
8023 Street South-east
8123 Street South-west
8224 Street South-east
8325 Street South-east
8425 Street South-west
8526 Street South-east
8627 Street South-east
8727 Street South-west
8828 Street South-east
8929 Street South-east
903 Avenue Close North-east
913 Avenue North-east
923 Avenue North-west
933 Avenue South-east
943 Avenue South-west
953 Street North-east
963 Street North-west
973 Street South-east
983 Street South-west
9930 Street South-east
10030 Street South-west
10131 Street South-east
10232 Street South-west
10339 Street North-east
1043a Avenue North-east
1054 Avenue North-east
1064 Avenue North-west
1074 Avenue South-east
1084 Avenue South-west
1094 Street North-east
1104 Street North-west
1114 Street South-east
1124 Street South-west
11346 Street South-west
1145 Avenue North-east
1155 Avenue North-west
1165 Avenue South-east
1175 Avenue South-west
1185 Street North-east
1195 Street North-west
1205 Street South-east
1215 Street South-east
1225 Street South-west
12352 Street North-west
12454 Street South-east
1255a Avenue North-east
1266 Avenue North-east
1276 Avenue North-west
1286 Avenue South-east
1296 Avenue South-west
1306 Street North-east
1316 Street South-east
1326 Street South-west
13368 Street North-west
1346a Avenue South-west
1357 Avenue North-east
1367 Avenue North-west
1377 Avenue South-west
1387 Street North-east
1397 Street North-west
1407 Street South-east
1417 Street South-west
1428 Avenue North-east
1438 Avenue South-east
1448 Avenue South-west
1458 Street North-east
1468 Street North-west
1478 Street South-east
1488 Street South-west
1499 Avenue North-east
1509 Avenue South-west
1519 Street North-east
1529 Street South-east
1539 Street South-west
154Aberdeen Street South-east
155Alexandra Street South-east
156Allowance Avenue South-east
157Altawana Avenue North-east
158Altawana Drive North-east
159Amos Place South-east
160Anson Avenue South-west
161Ash Avenue South-east
162Balmoral Street South-east
163Bannon Avenue South-west
164Bassett Crescent North-west
165Beaufort Crescent South-west
166Begonia Court South-east
167Belanca Crescent South-west
168Belfast Street South-east
169Bell Street South-west
170Bennett Court North-west
171Binder Crescent North-west
172Birch Avenue South-east
173Black Boulevard North-west
174Bluebell Court South-east
175Bomford Crescent South-west
176Box Springs Road North-west
177Braemar Street South-east
178Bray Crescent South-west
179Brentwood Lane South-west
180Brick Avenue South-east
181Bridge Street South-east
182Brier Estates Crescent North-west
183Brier Estates Way North-west
184Brier Park Bay North-west
185Brier Park Crescent North-west
186Brier Park Drive North-west
187Brier Park Place North-west
188Brier Park Road North-west
189Brier Park Way North-west
190Bullivant Crescent South-west
191Burns Crescent North-west
192Burton Place South-east
193Buttercup Court South-east
194Cactus Coulee Place South-west
195Cactus Street South-west
196Cairney Crescent South-east
197Cairns Way South-east
198Calder Bay South-east
199Calder Circle South-east
200Calder Court South-east
201Calder Crescent South-east
202Calder Green South-east
203Calder Place South-east
204Calder Road South-east
205Camas Court South-east
206Cambridge Street South-east
207Cameron Place South-east
208Cameron Road South-east
209Cameron Way South-east
210Camp Drive South-west
211Campbell Crescent South-east
212Carr Crescent South-east
213Carry Court South-east
214Carry Crescent South-east
215Carry Drive South-east
216Carry Place South-east
217Carswell Road South-east
218Carter Crescent South-east
219Castelani Crescent South-east
220Cavan Place South-east
221Chartwell Place South-east
222Chartwell Row South-east
223Chinook Court South-west
224Chinook Drive South-west
225Chinook Place South-west
226Chow Avenue South-east
227Church Court South-east
228Clark Crescent South-east
229Clay Avenue South-east
230Clelland Crescent South-east
231Clematis Court South-east
232Clennel Crescent South-east
233Clover Court South-east
234Cobb Road South-east
235Coburg Avenue South-east
236Cochran Drive North-west
237Cockrill Court South-east
238Cocks Way South-east
239College Avenue South-east
240College Drive South-east
241Collier Court South-east
242Collier Road South-east
243Collins Crescent South-east
244Colter Crescent North-west
245Connaught Drive South-west
246Cook Court South-east
247Cook Road South-east
248Cooney Road South-east
249Cooper Road South-east
250Corbitt Way South-east
251Cornell Crescent South-west
252Cottonwood Bay South-west
253Cottonwood Close South-west
254Cottonwood Court South-west
255Cottonwood Place South-west
256Cottonwood Road South-west
257Cottonwood Street South-west
258Cottonwood Way South-west
259Cousins Court South-east
260Cowan Crescent South-east
261Craig Road South-east
262Crane Road South-east
263Craven Place South-east
264Crestwood Drive South-east
265Crockett Way South-east
266Crockford Crescent North-west
267Crocus Street South-west
268Cunliffe Crescent South-east
269Currie Court South-east
270Cuyler Road South-east
271Cypress Way South-east
272Day Street South-east
273De Havilland Boulevard South-west
274Division Avenue North
275Division Avenue North-west
276Division Avenue South
277Dominion Street South-east
278Dotty Avenue South-east
279Douglas Court North-west
280Dundee Street South-east
281Dunmore Road South-east
282Eagle Birth Road South-west
283Eagle View Court South-west
284Eagle View Place South-west
285East Glen Avenue South-east
286East Glen Court South-east
287East Glen Crescent South-east
288East Glen Drive South-east
289East Glen Place South-east
290East Glen Street South-east
291Echo Dale Road South-west
292Elder Avenue South-east
293Elliott Street South-east
294Elm Street South-east
295Ewart Crescent South-east
296Factory Street South-east
297Fairchild Street South-west
298Fehr Road South-west
299Finlay Court South-west
300Fleet Street South-west
301Foundry Street South-east
302Garden Place North-west
303Gardner Place South-east
304Gehring Road South-west
305Gershaw Drive South-west
306Gershaw Drive South-west
307Goldenrod Court South-east
308Gray Crescent North-west
309Greenwood Court South-west
310Halifax Way South-west
311Hamilton Court North-east
312Hamptons Close South-east
313Hamptons Way South-east
314Hargrave Way North-west
315Harris Street South-west
316Hatcher Court North-east
317Hatcher Drive North-east
318Hawke Crescent North-east
319Hawthorne Avenue North-east
320Hays Court North-west
321Hayward Close North-east
322Hayward Court North-east
323Hearne Court North-east
324Heckbert Court North-east
325Hemingway Crescent North-east
326Henderson Court North-east
327Herald Drive North-west
328Heritage Avenue North-east
329Heritage Court North-east
330Heritage Place North-east
331Hewitt Court North-east
332Higdon Avenue South-east
333Hill Road South-east
334Hilton Crescent North-east
335Hobbs Way North-east
336Holsom Road South-west
337Holsom Road South-west
338Holt Crescent North-east
339Horne Boulevard North-east
340Horner Court North-east
341Huckvale Crescent South-west
342Hudson Crescent North-east
343Hudson Way North-east
344Hughes Crescent North-east
345Hull Crescent North-east
346Hull Way North-east
347Hunt Crescent North-east
348Hunter Court North-east
349Huntley Court North-east
350Hutchings Court North-east
351Hutchinson Avenue South-east
352Huxley Green North-east
353Industrial Avenue South-east
354Ireland Court North-west
355Iris Court South-east
356Iron Avenue South-east
357Jackson Place South-east
358Kensington Avenue South-west
359Kin Coulee North Road South-east
360Kin Coulee North Road South-west
361Kin Coulee Road South-east
362Kin Coulee Road South-west
363Kingsway Avenue South-east
364Kipling Street South-east
365Lamb Court South-east
366Lang Crescent South-west
367Larkspur Court South-east
368Lily Court South-east
369Link Court South-west
370Lokier Avenue North-west
371London Avenue South-east
372Lupine Court South-east
373Macleod Trail South-east
374Maple Avenue South-east
375Markwick Drive South-east
376Marshall Avenue South-east
377Martin Avenue North-west
378Mccaig Crescent South-east
379Mccutcheon Drive North-west
380Mccutcheon Place North-west
381Mcintosh Avenue North-west
382Mckenzie Crescent North-west
383Mcneely Court South-east
384Medalta Avenue South-east
385Mill Street South-east
386Milne Place South-east
387Minto Avenue South-east
388Mitchell Crescent North-west
389Morris Court South-east
390Morrow Court North-west
391Muir Crescent North-west
392Murray Place North-east
393Noble Court South-west
394North Kin Coulee Road South-east
395North Railway Street South-east
396Northlands Crescent North-east
397Northlands Lane North-east
398Northlands Pointe North-east
399Northlands Way North-east
400Old Cemetery Road South-east
401Oliver Avenue South-east
402Oxford Avenue South-west
403Pacific Street North-east
404Palisades Lane North-east
405Palisades Mews North-east
406Palisades Way North-east
407Palliser Place North-east
408Palliser Way North-east
409Parish Way North-east
410Park Crescent North-west
411Park Meadows Court South-east
412Park Meadows Drive South-east
413Park Meadows Lane South-east
414Park Meadows Place South-east
415Parker Avenue North-west
416Parkview Close North-east
417Parkview Drive North-east
418Partridge Street North-east
419Patrol Avenue North-east
420Penland Way North-east
421Perry Crescent North-east
422Pigeon Street North-east
423Pine Court North-east
424Pingle Street South-east
425Pioneer Crescent North-east
426Police Point Drive North-east
427Poplar Court North-east
428Porcelain Avenue South-east
429Porcupine Avenue North-east
430Porter Place South-east
431Porters Hill South-east
432Pottery Street South-east
433Power House Road South-west
434Prairie Court North-east
435Prairie Drive North-east
436Preston Avenue North-east
437Primrose Drive South-east
438Prince Street South-east
439Princess Avenue South-east
440Pronghorn Street North-east
441Prospect Drive South-west
442Queen Street South-east
443Radisson Court South-east
444Radisson Place South-east
445Rae Court South-east
446Rae Crescent South-east
447Rae Place South-east
448Rae Street South-east
449Ranchero Place North-east
450Ranchlands Avenue North-east
451Ranchlands Boulevard North-east
452Ranchlands Lane North-east
453Ranchlands Road North-east
454Ranchlands Way North-east
455Ranchman Bay North-east
456Ranchman Court North-east
457Ranchman Crescent North-east
458Ranchman Place North-east
459Ranchview Bay North-east
460Ranchview Court North-east
461Ranchview Crescent North-east
462Ranchview Place North-east
463Ranchview Road North-east
464Ranchview Way North-east
465Randal Court North-west
466Range Road 62 South-west
467Range Road 63 North-west
468Ravine Drive South-east
469Red Deer Drive South-west
470Red Oak Boulevard South-east
471Red Oak Court South-east
472Red Oak Place South-east
473Redcliff Drive South-west
474Redwood Bay South-east
475Redwood Court South-east
476Redwood Crescent South-east
477Redwood Green South-east
478Redwood Place South-east
479Redwood Street South-east
480Redwood Way South-east
481Rice Avenue South-east
482Rice Bay South-east
483Rice Court South-east
484Rice Drive South-east
485Rice Green South-east
486Rice Place South-east
487Rideau Close South-east
488Rideau Court South-east
489Rideau Crescent South-east
490Rideau Green South-east
491Rideau Place South-east
492Riley Court North-west
493River Ridge Close North-west
494River Ridge Court North-west
495River Ridge Drive North-west
496River Ridge Link North-west
497River Road South-east
498Robertson Way South-west
499Robinson Crescent South-east
500Robinson Drive South-east
501Robinson Place South-east
502Robinson Road South-east
503Ronan Place South-east
504Rose Street South-west
505Ross Glen Court South-east
506Ross Glen Crescent South-east
507Ross Glen Drive South-east
508Ross Glen Green South-east
509Ross Glen Place South-east
510Ross Glen Road South-east
511Ross Glen Way South-east
512Ross Haven Avenue South-east
513Ross Haven Court South-east
514Ross Haven Crescent South-east
515Ross Haven Place South-east
516Ross Haven Way South-east
517Ross Heights Court South-east
518Ross Heights Green South-east
519Ross Heights Place South-east
520Ross Street South-east
521Ross View Bay South-east
522Ross View Close South-east
523Ross View Court South-east
524Ross View Place South-east
525Rossdale Avenue South-east
526Rossdale Court South-east
527Rossdale Crescent South-east
528Rossdale Drive South-east
529Rossdale Road South-east
530Rossdale Street South-east
531Rossdale Way South-east
532Rossland Avenue South-east
533Rossland Bay South-east
534Rossland Boulevard South-east
535Rossland Close South-east
536Rossland Court South-east
537Rossland Crescent South-east
538Rossland Drive South-east
539Rossland Green South-east
540Rossland Place South-east
541Rossland Road South-east
542Rossland Street South-east
543Rossland Way South-east
544Rossmere Avenue South-east
545Rossmere Bay South-east
546Rossmere Close South-east
547Rossmere Court South-east
548Rossmere Crescent South-east
549Rossmere Green South-east
550Rossmere Place South-east
551Rossmere Way South-east
552Rundle Avenue South-east
553Rundle Crescent South-east
554Rundle Road South-east
555Rundle Way South-east
556Rutherford Street North-west
557Saamis Close South-west
558Saamis Drive North-west
559Saamis Meadows Lane South-west
560Saamis Rotary Way South-west
561Sage Close South-east
562Sage Gate South-east
563Sage Place South-east
564Sage Road South-east
565Sanderson Avenue North-west
566Sandford Crescent South-east
567Sandstone Place South-east
568Saunders Crescent South-east
569Schneider Crescent South-east
570Schuler Place South-east
571Scott Bay South-east
572Scott Court South-east
573Scott Crescent South-east
574Scott Green South-east
575Semrau Drive North-west
576Seven Persons Crescent South-west
577Seven Persons Drive South-west
578Shale Street South-east
579Shannon Crescent South-east
580Shannon Drive South-east
581Sharpe Crescent South-east
582Shaw Crescent South-east
583Shepherd Crescent South-east
584Shields Crescent South-east
585Sierra Avenue South-west
586Sierra Bay South-west
587Sierra Boulevard South-west
588Sierra Close South-west
589Sierra Drive South-west
590Sierra Lane South-west
591Sierra Place South-west
592Sierra Road South-west
593Silcher Street South-east
594Sillak Crescent South-east
595Simmons Court South-east
596Simpson Crescent South-east
597Sissons Crescent South-east
598Slack Street South-east
599Smeaton Avenue South-east
600Smelter Avenue South-east
601Smith Close South-east
602Smithson Street South-east
603Smythe Avenue North-west
604Somerset Bay South-east
605Somerset Court South-east
606Somerset Cove South-east
607Somerset Crescent South-east
608Somerset Gardens South-east
609Somerset Lane South-east
610Somerset Link South-east
611Somerset Mews South-east
612Somerset Place South-east
613Somerset Point South-east
614Somerset Road South-east
615Somerset Row South-east
616Somerset Street South-east
617Somerset Way South-east
618Somerside Close South-east
619Somerside Gate South-east
620Somerside Place South-east
621Somerside Road South-east
622Somerside Way South-east
623Souch Bay South-east
624South Boundary Road South-east
625South Boundary Road South-east
626South Boundary Road South-west
627South Boundary Road South-west
628South Kin Coulee Road South-east
629South Railway Street South-east
630South Ridge Crescent South-west
631South Ridge Drive South-east
632South West Drive South-west
633Southdale Court South-east
634Southlands Boulevard South-east
635Southlands Drive South-east
636Southview Court South-east
637Southview Drive South-east
638Southview Place South-east
639Spencer Street South-east
640Sprague Way South-east
641Spruce Close South-east
642Spruce Meadows Court South-east
643Spruce Way South-east
644Stafford Street South-east
645Stanfield Court South-east
646Stanfield Place South-east
647Stanfield Way South-east
648Stapeford Crescent South-east
649Stark Avenue South-east
650Stark Bay South-east
651Stark Court South-east
652Stark Mews South-east
653Stark Way South-east
654Steel Street South-east
655Stein Close South-east
656Stevenson Street South-east
657Stewart Drive North-west
658Stock Street South-east
659Stone Crescent South-east
660Stonegate Crescent South-east
661Storrs Crescent South-east
662Storrs Place South-east
663Strachan Bay South-east
664Strachan Court South-east
665Strachan Road South-east
666Strachan Road South-east
667Stratton Bay South-east
668Stratton Close South-east
669Stratton Link South-east
670Stratton Mews South-east
671Stratton Place South-east
672Stratton Road South-east
673Stratton Way South-east
674Strong Avenue South-east
675Sundance Bay South-west
676Sundance Close South-west
677Sundance Court South-west
678Sundance Mews South-west
679Sundance Road South-west
680Sundown Bay South-west
681Sundown Close South-west
682Sundown Court South-west
683Sundown Road South-west
684Sunflower Court South-east
685Sunrise Bay South-west
686Sunrise Circle South-west
687Sunrise Court South-west
688Sunrise Gate South-west
689Sunrise Road South-west
690Sunrise Street South-west
691Sunrise Way South-west
692Sunset Avenue South-west
693Sunset Crescent South-west
694Sunset Drive South-west
695Sunset Road South-west
696Sunwood Court South-west
697Sunwood Crescent South-west
698Sunwood Place South-west
699Swan Way South-east
700Taylor Avenue South-east
701Taylor Bay South-east
702Taylor Boulevard South-east
703Taylor Circle South-east
704Taylor Close South-east
705Taylor Court South-east
706Taylor Crescent South-east
707Taylor Mews South-east
708Taylor Place South-east
709Taylor Road South-east
710Terrace Avenue North-east
711Terrace Bay North-east
712Terrace Circle North-east
713Terrace Close North-east
714Terrace Court North-east
715Terrace Crescent North-east
716Terrace Drive North-east
717Terrace Green North-east
718Terrace Place North-east
719Terrace Ridge North-east
720Terrace Road North-east
721Terrace Street North-east
722Terrace View North-east
723Terrace Way North-east
724Terrill Road North-west
725Thompson Crescent South-east
726Tractor Avenue South-east
727Trans Canada Highway North-west
728Trans Canada Highway South
729Trans Canada Highway South
730Trans Canada Highway South-east
731Trans Canada Highway South-west
732Trans Canada Way South-east
733Turner Avenue South-east
734Turner Bay South-east
735Turner Boulevard South-east
736Turner Circle South-east
737Turner Close South-east
738Turner Court South-east
739Turner Crescent South-east
740Turner Drive South-east
741Turner Green South-east
742Turner Place South-east
743Tweed Avenue North-west
744Upland Court South-east
745Upland Drive South-east
746Valleyview Avenue South-west
747Valleyview Drive South-west
748Vintage Meadows Court South-east
749Vintage Meadows Place South-east
750Violet Court South-east
751Viscount Avenue South-west
752Vista Avenue South-east
753Vista Close South-east
754Vista Court South-east
755Vista Drive South-east
756Vista Place South-east
757Vista Road South-east
758Walters Way North-west
759Washington Avenue South-east
760Washington Way South-east
761Wood Street South-east
762Woodman Avenue South-east
763Woolley Place South-east
764Yuill Street South-east

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)