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List of Street Maps in Redcliff, Alberta
#Street Name
11 Avenue North-east
21 Avenue North-west
31 Avenue South-east
41 Avenue South-west
51 Street North-east
61 Street North-west
71 Street South-east
81 Street South-west
92 Avenue North-west
102 Avenue South-east
112 Avenue South-west
122 Street North-east
132 Street North-west
142 Street South-east
152 Street South-west
1620 Street South-east
173 Avenue North-east
183 Avenue North-west
193 Avenue South-east
203 Avenue South-west
213 Street North-east
223 Street North-west
233 Street South-east
243 Street South-west
254 Avenue North-west
264 Avenue South-east
274 Avenue South-west
284 Street North-east
294 Street North-west
304 Street South-east
314 Street South-west
325 Avenue South-east
335 Avenue South-west
345 Street North-east
355 Street North-west
365 Street South-east
375 Street South-west
386 Avenue South-east
396 Street North-east
406 Street North-west
416 Street South-east
426 Street South-west
437 Avenue South-east
447 Street North-west
457 Street South-east
467 Street South-west
478 Avenue South-east
488 Street North-west
498 Street South-west
509 Avenue South-east
519 Avenue South-west
529 Street North-east
53Birch Court South-east
54Broadfoot Place South-west
55Broadway Avenue East
56Broadway Avenue West
57Broadway Court North-west
58Dacre Street North-east
59Dirkson Drive North-east
60Duncan Drive South-east
61Dutton Street North-east
62Elbow Drive North-east
63Elm Court South-east
64Highway Avenue North-east
65Highway Avenue South-east
66Industrial Drive South-east
67Jesmond Bay South-west
68Jesmond Circle South-west
69Jesmond Court South-west
70Jesmond Drive South-west
71Jesmond Place South-west
72Jesmond Point South-west
73Josephine Avenue South-west
74Josephine Court South-west
75Kipling Crescent South-west
76Kipling Point South-west
77Lockwood Street North-east
78Main Street North
79Main Street South
80Manor Place South-east
81Maskell Place South-east
82Memorial Drive South-east
83Memorial Way South-east
84Mitchell Street North-east
85Mitchell Street South-east
86Old Trans Canada Highway North-west
87Pembina Crescent North-east
88Pembina Drive North-east
89Railway Avenue North-east
90Redcliff Way South-east
91Redcliff Way South-west
92River Road South-west
93Riverview Court South-east
94Riverview Drive South-east
95Riverview Green South-east
96Riverview Place South-east
97Sammis Drive South-east
98Sangster Crescent South-west
99Saskatchewan Drive North-east
100Sissons Drive South-east
101South Highway Drive South-east
102South Railway Drive North-east
103Stone Place South-west
104Sunvalley Court South-west
105Sunvalley Drive South-west
106Transcanada Highway
107Van Dam Street North-east
108Willow Court South-east

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)