List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Stony Plain , Alberta
#Street Name
116a Highway
216a Highway
316a Highway
416a Highway
533rd Street
635 Street
737th Street
840th Avenue
941st Avenue
1041st Avenue
1142nd Avenue
1242nd Street
1343rd Avenue
1443rd Avenue
1543rd Street
1644th Avenue
1744th Avenue
1844th Street
1945th Avenue
2045th Street
2146th Avenue
2246th Street
2347th Avenue
2447th Street
2547th Street
2648th Street
2749th Avenue
2849th Avenue
2949th Street
3050a Avenue
3150th Avenue
3250th Avenue
3350th Street
3451st Avenue
3551st Avenue
3651st Street
3752nd Avenue
3852nd Avenue
3952nd Street
4053rd Avenue
4153rd Avenue
4254a Avenue
4354th Avenue
4454th Avenue
4555a Avenue
4655th Avenue
4755th Avenue
4856a Avenue
4956th Avenue
5057th Avenue
5157th Avenue
52628 Highway
53779 Highway
5479th Avenue
5579th Avenue
5679th Avenue
57Aberdeen Crescent
58Aberdeen Place
59Aberdeen Way
60Allan Beach Road
61Armbruster Terrace
62Augusta Fairway Crescent
63Belfry Fairway Crescent
64Blackmoor Fairway Close
65Bob's Way
66Boulder Boulevard
67Briarwood Point
68Briarwood Villas
69Briarwood Way
70Brightbank Avenue
71Brookview Place
72Brookview Way
73Brown Street
74Campbell Crescent East
75Campbell Crescent West
76Campbell Drive
77Cavanagh Crescent
78Copperhead Place
79Country Lane
80Country Way
81Creekside Point
82Dan's Estate
83Derek Drive
84Eagle Ridge Point
85Egerland Place
86Fairway Drive
87Fairway Green
88Folkstone Place
89Garden Valley Drive
90Genesis Drive
91Genesis Lake Boulevard
92Gennieve Point
93Gilda's Cove
94Glendale Crescent
95Glenforest Crescent
96Glenhall Crescent
97Glenmanor Crescent
98Glenrose Crescent
99Glenview Crescent
100Glenwood Crescent
101Glory Hills Crescent
102Glory Hills Drive
103Glory Hills Road
104Golden Spike Crescent
105Golden Spike Road
106Golf Course Road
107Golf Course Road North
108Grampy's Glen
109Granite Drive
110Graybriar Drive
111Grayridge Bay
112Grayridge Crescent
113Graywood Cove
114Graywood Terrace
115Greenbriar Place
116Hampton Place
117Harmony Court East
118Harmony Court West
119Harmony Crescent
120Harvest Bay
121Heartwood Close
122Heartwood Lane
123Hendrie Drive
124Hendrie Place
125Heritage Crescent
126Heritage Point
127Heritage Terrace
128High Park Close
129High Park Place
130High Park Road
131Highridge Way
132Hillary Place
133Hillside Way
134Ironwood Fairway Close
135John's Trail
136Jutland Crescent
137La Costa Fairway Close
138Legend Trail
139Lundy Park Road
140Maddi Meadows
141Mcnabb Crescent
142Mcnabb Crescent
143Mcnabb Place
144Meme's Way
145Meridian Close
146Meridian Loop
147Mitch's Point
148Oatway Drive
149Range Road 275
150Range Road 280
151Rosenthal Drive
152Rosenthal Road
153Rosenthal Way
154South Park Drive
155St. Andrews Avenue
156St. Andrews Crescent
157St. Andrews Drive
158St. Andrews Place
159St. Andrews Street
160Stony Creek Point
161Sunrise Village
162Umbach Road
163Westerra Bay
164Westerra Bend
165Westerra Boulevard
166Westerra Close
167Westerra Court
168Westerra Crescent
169Westerra Drive
170Westerra Key
171Westerra Link
172Westerra Place
173Westerra Point
174Westerra Terrace
175Westerra Way
176Whispering Cove
177Willow Lane
178Willow Park Road
179Willow Park Road
180Willow Park Villas
181Willow Way
182Willow Wood Court
183Willow Wood Court
184Willow Wood Lane
185Willowbend Court
186Willowbend Place
187Willowbrook Pointe
188Willowby Close
189Willowdale Place
190Wood Avenue
191Wood Avenue

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)