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List of Street Maps in Sylvan Lake, Alberta
#Street Name
120 Highway
231 Street
332 Street
433 Street
534 Street
635 Street
736 Street
837 Street
938 Street
1039 Street
1140 Street
1241 Street
1342 Street
1443 Street
1544 Street
1645 Avenue
1745 Street
1845 Street Close
1945 Street Crescent
2046 Avenue
2146 Street
2246 Street Close
2347 Avenue
2447 Avenue
2547 Street
2647a Avenue
2748 Avenue
2848 Street
2948a Avenue Close
3049 Avenue
3149 Street
3249 Street Close
3350 Avenue
3450 Street
3550a Avenue
3650a Street
3750b Avenue
3851 Street
3951a Street
4052 Street
4153 Street
4260 Street
43Aspen Drive
44Bayshore Drive
45Baywood Link
46Baywood Place
47Beacon Hill Drive
48Beju Industrial Drive
49Bowman Circle
50Broadway Rise
51Charles Industrial Way
52Cottonwood Court
53Cottonwood Drive
54Cuendet Industrial Way
55Erickson Crescent
56Erickson Drive
57Erickson Road
58Falcon Close
59Falcon Crescent
60Falcon Ridge Drive
61Falcon View Place
62Fawn Close
63Fenwood Close
64Fern Close
65Fern Crescent
66Fern Glade Crescent
67Field Stone Way
68Filbert Close
69Fir Close
70Firdale Close
71Firdale Court
72Firdale Drive
73Firdale Road
74Forest Drive
75Fox Close
76Fulmar Close
77Garden Court
78Green Court
79Hagerman Close
80Hagerman Road
81Hallgren Drive
82Halsall Street
83Hammond Close
84Hansen Close
85Harbor Town Crescent
86Harper Drive
87Harrigan Street
88Harrison Road
89Heenan Court
90Heenan Crescent
91Hendrickson Bay
92Herder Drive
93Hillman Close
94Hillman Way
95Hinshaw Drive
96Hodgstreet Place
97Holbrook Place
98Holsworth Place
99Horne Close
100Hunter Road
101Industrial Drive
102Jarvis Bay Drive
103Lakeland Road
104Lakeshore Drive
105Lakeshore Drive
106Lakeview Crescent
107Lakeway Boulevard
108Lambertson Place
109Landsdown Green
110Lark Close
111Laurel Close
112Laurel Road
113Leader Cove
114Leaside Crescent
115Legacy Cove
116Legend Court
117Leonard Close
118Liberty Place
119Lincoln Street
120Lindman Close
121Lindsay Crescent
122Lodge Place
123Logan Court
124Lucky Place
125Lyle Close
126Lyon Crescent
127Marina Bay Court
128Marina Bay Place
129Meadowview Close
130Memorial Trail
131Mountain Place
132Northstar Drive
133Old Boomer Road
134Palmer Close
135Parkland Drive
136Parson Drive
137Pelican Place
138Pell Close
139Penley Close
140Perry Drive
141Peterson Way
142Pickering Close
143Points West Resort
144Pritchard Close
145Ralston Place
146Ramsay Link
147Range Road 15
148Regal Court
149Regatta Way
150Reynolds Road
151Rosewood Rise
152Rozier Close
153Ryder Ridge Boulevard
154Schenk Industrial Road
155Sylvaire Close
156Sylvan Drive
157Sylvan Street
158Thevenaz Industrial Trail
159Westin Place
160Westview Drive
161Westwood Close
162Westwood Court
163Westwood Crescent
164Whitecap Close
165Wildrose Drive
166Wilkinson Circle
167William Close
168Willow Springs Crescent
169Willow Street
170Wilson Close
171Windsor Gate
172Windward Place
173Woodland Close
174Woodland Crescent

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)