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List of Street Maps in Turner Valley, Alberta
#Street Name
116 Avenue South-east
216 Avenue South-west
3Anderson Crescent North-west
4Archibald Way North-west
5Bailey Ridge Close South-east
6Bailey Ridge Place South-east
7Blackloch Way South-west
8Calkins Place South-east
9Country Meadows Close North-west
10Country Meadows Street North-west
11Country Meadows Way North-west
12Cuffling Flat Close South-west
13Decalta Drive South-east
14Diamond Valley Villas South-east
15Dingman Close South-east
16Dunham Lane North-east
17Edgar Avenue North-west
18Edward Avenue North-west
19Edward Close North-west
20Everwood Avenue South-west
21Frontenac Avenue North-west
22Gateway Villas South-east
23George Street North-west
24Gooding Lane North-west
25Hubert Street North-west
26Imperial Drive South-east
27John Street North-west
28John Street South-west
29Kennedy Drive South-east
30Madison Street North-east
31Main Street North
32Main Street South
33Morrison Street North-west
34North Royalite Way North-east
35Okalta Road South-west
36Raymond Close South-west
37Robert Street North-west
38Robert Street South-west
39Rowley Close South-west
40Royal Avenue
41Royal Avenue North-east
42Royal Avenue North-west
43Royalite Way South-east
44Southwood Road South-east
45Sunrise Close South-west
46Sunrise Hill South-west
47Sunrise Way South-west
48Sunset Boulevard East
49Sunset Boulevard South-east
50Sunset Boulevard West
51Sunset Drive West
52Turner Drive South-west
53Turner Gate South-west
54Valley Trail North-east
55Veterans Way South-east
56Windsor Avenue
57Windsor Avenue North-west

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)