List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Wetaskiwin, Alberta
#Street Name
113 Highway
213 Highway
313e Highway
42a Highway
536 Avenue
636 Street
737 Avenue
837a Avenue
938 Avenue
1039 Avenue
1139a Avenue
1240 Avenue
1340 Avenue
1440a Avenue
1540a Avenue
1641 Avenue
1742 Avenue
1842 Street
1943 Avenue
2043 Street
2144 Avenue
2244 Street
2345 Avenue
2445 Street
2546 Avenue
2646 Street
2746a Street
2846a Street
2947 Avenue
3047 Avenue
3147 Street
3247a Avenue
3347a Street
3448 Avenue
3548 Street
3649 Avenue
3749 Street
3850 Avenue
3950 Street
4051 Avenue
4151 Street
4251a Street
4351a Street
4452 Avenue
4552 Street
4653 Avenue
4753 Street
4853a Street
4953a Street
5054 Avenue
5154 Street
5254a Street
5355 Avenue
5455 Street
5555a Street
5656 Avenue
5756 Avenue
5856 Street
5957 Avenue
6057 Street
6158 Street
6260 Avenue
6360 Street
6461 Street
6561a Street
6662 Street
6763 Avenue
6864 Avenue
6964 Street
7072 Avenue
7173 Street
72Alder Crescent
73Applewood Street
74Ashwood Street
75Aspen Avenue
76Aspen Ridge Crescent
77Aspen Ridge Road
78Birch Crescent
79Caledonia Street
80Cameron Crescent
81Cedar Drive
82Centennial Drive
83Clearwater Crescent
84Elm Crescent
85Evergreen Crescent
86Garden Meadows Drive
87Garden View Way
88Garnet Crescent
89Garwood Crescent
90Garwood Drive
91Green Ash Drive
92Hawthorn Crescent
93Highlands Place
94Highway Street
95Inglewood Drive
96Lilac Crescent
97Maple Crescent
98Mayday Crescent
99Monterey Estate
100Monterey Place
101Mountain Ash Drive
102Nordal Close
103Northbend Drive
104Northgate Crescent
105Northlake Lane
106Northland Close
107Northmount Drive
108Northridge Road
109Northview Drive
110Northwood Crescent
111Norwood Court
112Norwood Drive
113Oak Drive
114Parkallen Way
115Parkglen Close
116Parkridge Crescent
117Parkside Drive
118Parkview Close
119Parkview Crescent
120Parkview Drive
121Pine Crescent
122Pine Drive
123Plum Crescent
124Rose Garden Crescent
125Spatinow Drive
126Spruce Crescent
127Wildrose Garden Estate
128Willow Crescent
129Willow Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)