List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Armstrong, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Adair Street
2Atkinson Place
3Back Enderby Road
4Baker Road Forest Service Road
5Becker Street
6Belaire Drive
7Birban Avenue
8Birch Drive
9Blattner Road
10Bowie Drive
11Bradley Drive
12Bretts Road
13Bridge Street
14Burns Avenue
15Canyon Road
16Catherine Crescent
17Catherine Place
18Chamberlaine Road
19Clinton Road
20Coldicott Drive
21Colony Avenue
22Colony Street
23Corkscrew Road
24Crawford Road
25Creamery Road
26Crozier Road
27Danallanko Drive
28Deep Creek Road
29Demorest Road
30Dodds Road
31Douglas Avenue
32Dunkley Drive
33Dunn Road
34Eagle Rock Road
35East Rosedale Road
36Emery Road
37Evans Road
38Fletcher Avenue
39Ford Road
40Fortune Road
41Fowler Street
42Fraser Road
43Fred Street
44Frederick Road
45Game Court
46Glover Avenue
47Grandview Flats Road
48Grandview Flats Road North
49Grandview Flats Road North
50Grandview Road South
51Grey Avenue
52Grizzly Hill Road
53Gulch Road
54Hales Road
55Hallam Road
56Harding Road
57Harrison Street
58Haugen Avenue
59Hayden Drive
60Hayden Place
61Head Of The Lake Road
62Head Road
63Heal Court
64Heather Avenue
65Heighton Road
66Heltman Road
67Henderson Avenue
68Highland Park Avenue
69Highland Park Court
70Highland Park Crescent
71Highland Park Drive
72Highland Park Road
73Highland Park Terrace
74Highway 97
75Highway 97
76Highway 97a
77Highway 97a
78Highway 97a
79Hoffman Road
80Hope Drive
81Hornby Terrace
82Hullcar Road
83Hullcar Road
84Hullcar Road
85Hunter Avenue
86Hunter Crescent
87Industrial Drive
88Irish Creek Road
89Jackson Avenue
90Jamieson Street
91Jarvis Crescent
92Jarvis Street
93Keevil Road
94Kirton Avenue
95Knob Hill Road
96Lansdowne Road
97Larch Drive
98Larkin Cross Road
99Larkin Cross Road
100Lockhart Crescent
101Lockhart Drive
102Macdonald Road
103Malpass Road
104Marshall Road
105Matheson Road
106Maundrell Avenue
107Maw Road
108Mccallan Road
109Mckechnie Drive
110Mcleery Road
111Mcleod Road
112Mcquarrie Road
113Meadow Creek Lane
114Meggait Place
115Meggait Road
116Mill Street
117Miller Road
118Moray Street
119Mountain View Road
120Murison Place
121Murray Drive
122Noble Road
127Norman Street
128Okanagan Street
129Otter Lake Cross Road
130Otter Lake Road
131Otter Lake Road
132Page Road
133Palisades Place
134Park Drive
135Parkinson Road
136Patten Crescent
137Patten Drive
138Patterson Avenue
139Patterson Street
140Pheasant Ridge Court
141Pheasant Ridge Drive
142Phillips Street
143Pineridge Place
144Pineridge Road
145Pleasant Valley Boulevard
146Pleasant Valley Cros Road
147Pleasant Valley Road
148Poole Street
149Poplar Drive
150Pothecary Place
151Powerhouse Road
152Pringle Road
153Prouty Road
154Pyott Road
155Rankine Place
156Rashdale Road
157Realm Road
158Reiger Avenue
159Reservoir Road
160Rosedale Avenue
161Rosedale Place
162Round Lake Road
163Round Prairie Road
164Sage Avenue
165Sage Crescent
166Salmon River Road
167Salmon River Road
168Schubert Road
169Serene Drive
170Sharp Road
171Shepherds Lane
172Sidney Crescent
173Simons Road
174Sleepy Hollow Road
175Smith Drive
176Spallumcheen Drive
177Spallumcheen Place
178Spallumcheen Way
179Springview Place
180St Annes Road
181Stardel Drive
182Stepney Cross Road
183Stepney Road
184Sugden Avenue
185Swanson Mountain Road
186Thomas Hayes Road
187Todd Place
188Tonasket Road
189Udy Place
190Upper Mcleod Road
191Van Kleeck Road
192Walbridge Road
193Warner Avenue
194West Rosedale Avenue
195Whitaker Road
196Willowdale Drive
197Wilson Avenue
198Wolfenden Terrace
199Wolfgang Road
200Wood Avenue
201Wright Street
202Wyatt Road
203York Avenue
204Young Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)