List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Castlegar, British Columbia
#Street Name
1100th Street
2101st Street
3102nd Street
4103rd Street
5104th Street
6105th Street
7106th Street
8107th Street
910th Avenue
1010th Street
1111th Avenue
1211th Street
1312th Avenue
1412th Street
1513th Avenue
1613th Street
1714th Avenue
1814th Street
1915th Street
2016th Avenue
2117th Street
2218th Street
231st Avenue
241st Street
2520th Street
2621st Street
2722nd Street
2823rd Street
2924th Street
3025th Street
3126th Street
3227th Street
3328th Street
3429th Street
352nd Avenue
362nd Street
3730th Street
3831st Street
3932nd Street
4033rd Street
4134th Street
4235th Street
4336th Street
4437th Street
453rd Avenue
463rd Street
4743rd Street
484th Avenue
494th Street
505th Avenue
515th Street
526th Avenue
536th Street
547th Avenue
557th Street
568th Avenue
578th Street
589th Avenue
599th Street
60Arrow Lakes Drive
61Arrow Lakes Drive
62Arrow Lakes Drive
63Aspen Lane
64Beresford Avenue
65Birchwood Drive
66Blueberry Road
67Bridge Street
68Calamida Lane
69Centre Avenue
70Chickadee Lane
71Chlorinator Road
72Christina Place
73Columbia Avenue
74Connors Road
75Crescent Street
76Crestview Crescent
77Dumont Crescent
78Edgewood Road
79Emerald Crescent
80Emerald Heights
81Ferry Avenue
82Fir Street
83Forest Road
84Grandview Drive
85Greenwood Drive
86Greystone Place
87Grosvenor Place
88Hanville Place
89Highland Drive
90Highway 3
91Highway 3 Offramp
92Highway 3 Onramp
93Highway Drive
94Hunters Place
95Ivy Street
96Kerria Street
97King Avenue
98Kootenay Avenue
99Lakeview Road
100Lakeview Street
101Larch Street
102Lynnwood Crescent
103Meadowbrook Drive
104Meadowlark Lane
105Merry Creek Road
106Minto Road
107Monashee Avenue
111Oak Street
112Park Lane
113Paulson Place
114Pinewood Drive
115Powell Road
116Prince Avenue
117Ridgewood Drive
118Riverside Crescent
119Rosewood Avenue
120Sahlstrom Road
121Schulte Crescent
122Selkirk Avenue
123Short Avenue
124Silverbirch Lane
125Silverwood Crescent
126Southridge Drive
127Tamarack Street
128Toba Road
129Trowelex Road
130Valhalla Street
131Williston Road
132Windsor Place
133Wood Street
134Woodland Drive
135Yew Street
136Zuckerberg Island

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)