List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Charlie Lake, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Agnes Lane
2Aitchison Road
3Alaska Highway
4Alaska Highway
5Alaska Highway
6Alaska Highway
7Alaska Highway
8Alaska Highway
9Alaska Highway
10Alaska Highway
11Alaska Highway
12Beach Street
13Beatton Airport Road
14Beatton Prov Park Road
15Bennett Road
16Bens Road
17Bluebird Road
18Bluejay Street
19Business Frontage Rd
20Butte Lane
21Canary Road
22Cardinal Road
23Centennial Park Avenue
24Charlie Lake Crescent
25Charlie Lake Crescent
26Charlie Lake Frontage Rd
27Charlie Lake Hall Avenue
28Cherry Road
29Coffee Creek Subdivision
30Daunes Street
31Deer Ridge Road
32Donis Road
33Dover Avenue
34Dump Road
35Evergreen Subdivision
36Eyre Road
37Fell Road
38Firehall Road
39Fleet Street
40Forest Avenue
41Golf Course Road
42Gourley Subdivision
43Hannaford Road
44Highlevel Crescent
45Highway 29 North
46Highway 29 North
47Highway 29 North
48Hilltop Drive
49Hunter Lane
50Huxley Street
51Jackfish Frontage Rd
52Jackpine Street
53Jensen Avenue
54Joyce Avenue
55Julia Frontage Rd
56Kaps Avenue
57King Road
58Krackling Cove Drive
59Lake End Crescent
60Lakeshore Drive
61Lower Cache Road
62Lower Cache Road
63Lyndon Subdivision
64March Road
65Mark Avenue
66Mark Avenue
67Meek Road
68Mile 72 Frontage Rd
69Mile 80 Frontage Rd
70Montney Road
71Mukluk Frontage Rd
72Nelson Avenue
76North Cache Creek Road
77Old Hope Road
78Old Hope Road
79Palm Avenue
80Paradise Street
81Park Frontage Rd
82Park Frontage Rd
83Peach Avenue
84Png Frontage Rd
85Preston Street
86Quigley Avenue
87Quigley Frontage Rd
88Rainbow Road
89Range Avenue
90Red Creek Road
91Redwood Street
92Rimrock Drive
93Road 161c
94Road 242
95Road 244
96Road 246
97Road 248
98Road 248
99Road 248
100Road 250
101Road 250
102Road 250
103Road 252
104Road 256
105Road 258
106Road 267
107Road 271
108Road 273
109Road 275
110Road 277
111Road 279
112Road 281
113Road 281
114Road 283
115Road 285
116Road 287
117Road 289
118Robin Road
119Shayne Avenue
120Smith Road
121Stoddart Creek Road
122Sunnyside Cove
123Sunnyside Drive
124Tamarac Avenue
125Tamarac Avenue
126Thompson Road
127Tompkins Frontage Rd
128Valley Vista Road
129Welch Subdivision
130Westcoast Frontage Rd
131Wolsey Subdivision
132Wright Road
133Wright Road
134Zolinski Avenue

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)