List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Chase, British Columbia
#Street Name
11st Avenue
22nd Avenue
33rd Avenue
44th Avenue
55th Avenue
6Adrian Saul Drive
7Alex Dick Drive
8Arbutus Place
9Arbutus Street
10Ash Drive
11Aspen Drive
12Aulin Avenue
13Aylmer Road
14Balsam Place
15Bay Drive
16Bay Street
17Beach Crescent
18Beach Drive
19Beach Place
20Bell Street
21Birch Street
22Blue Spruce Way
23Boysse Road
24Branch 540-800 Road Forest Service Road
25Branch 540-900 Road Forest Service Road
26Brooke Drive
27Butler Road
28Cedar Avenue
29Cedar Place
30Celewt Road
31Cemetery Road
32Centre Road
33Chase Bridge Road
34Chase Street
35Chase-falkland Road
36Cherry Place
37Chief Jules Way
38Chief Neskonlith Drive
39Chief William Pierish Road
40Clarke Road
41Coburn Street
42Cottonwood Street
43Cummings Street
44Currie Avenue
45Cyprian August Drive
46Deneaultville Road
47Drakes Landing
48Eileen Lake Forest Service Road
49Elm Street
50Foothills Road
51Forest Road
52Frontage Road
53Haldane Street
54Harper Lake Road
55Hendry Avenue
56Hepburn Road
57Highway 1
58Hillcrest Road
59Hillside Avenue
60Hysop Place
61Hysop Road
62Jd Manuel Road
63Juniper Street
64Kamloops-shuswap Road
65King Road
66Lake Street
67Lakeshore Drive
68Lakeshore Road
69Lakeview Road
70Larch Street
71Leighton Avenue
72Leighton Place
73Lepage Road
74Little Shuswap Lake Road West
75Loakin-bear Creek Road
76Loakin-bear Creek Road
77Louie Road
78Macpherson Street
79Maple Avenue
80Margery Street
81Mason Street
82Mcgillivray Lake Forest Service Road
83Mcgillivray Lake Forest Service Road
84Mcgillivray Lake Road
85Mill Road
86Montgomery Place
87Morrisey Lake Forest Service Road
88Mountainview Road
89Nazare Drive
90Niskonlith Lake Road
95Okanagan Avenue
96Old Highway
97Paquette Road
98Payne Road
99Pine Street
100Planter Road
101Riverwind Drive
102Rocky Heights
103Shaw Street
104Shepherd Road
105Short Street
106Shortcut Road
107Shuswap Avenue
108Shuswap-chase Creek Road
109Shuswap-chase Creek Road
110Sicamous Avenue
111Ska-cheen Drive
112Ska-hiish Drive
113Skimikin Road
114Skmana Lake Forest Service Road
115Thompson Avenue
116Trans-canada Highway No 1
117Trans-canada Highway No 1
118Trans-canada Highway No 1
119Trans-canada Highway No 1
120Trans-canada Highway No 1 Frontage Rd
121Vetran Road
122Village Road
123Vla Road
124Wagon Road
125Waterfront Lane
126Willow Street
127Wilson Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)