List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Clearwater, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Archibald Road
2Auldgirth Road
3Azure Drive
4Bain Road
5Baker-ellen Road
6Barber Road
7Battle Mountain Road
8Beach Road
9Biagioni Road
10Birch Drive
11Birch Drive
12Blair Place
13Blanchard Road
14Bohill Place
15Bolduc Road
16Boundary Road
17Bradshaw Road
18Brookfield Road
19Buck Road
20Cameron Road
21Camp Two Road
22Candle Creek Road
23Candle Creek Road
24Capostinsky Road
25Cary Road
26Clearwater Dump Road
27Clearwater Ski Hill Road
28Clearwater Station Road
29Clearwater Valley Road
30Clearwater Valley Road
31Clearwater Village Road
32Clearwater Village Road
33Corral Road
34Damper Road
35Deeg Road
36Desfosses Road
37Donchi Place
38Downie Road
39Dr Helmcken Memorial Hospital
40Dunlevy Road
41Dunn Lake Road
42Dunn Lake Road
43Dutch Lake Road
44East Blackpool Forest Service Road
45Eden Road
46Elliott Road
47Emery Road
48Evergreen Place
49Fawn Road
50Gill Creek Road
51Glen Road
52Grant Road
53Greer Road
54Grouse Creek Road
55Hansen Road
56Harby Place
57Harby Road
58Hascheak Creek Forest Service Road
59Haywood Road
60Hazel Road
61Heather Road
62Helmcken Street
63Helsid Road
64Highway 5
65Hillside Road
66Hydro Road
67Joyce Lane
68Kennedy Road
69Kershaw Road
70Kurylowich Road
71Lake Summit Road
72Lakeview Road
73Lodge Drive
74Louise Road
75Mccarthy Creek Road
76Mileen Court
77Mileen Road
78Moul Creek Road
79Mountain View Road
80Mt Mclennan Forest Service Road
81Murtle Crescent
82Murtle Road
83Musgrave Road
84Nakiska Road
90Norfolk Road
91Ogden Road
92Old North Thompson Highway
93Park Drive
94Quarry Road
95Raft River Forest Service Road
96Raft River Frontage Rd
97Raft River Road
98Raptor Road Forest Service Road
99Richie Road
100Ridge Drive
101Riverview Crescent
102Road 2 Forest Service Road
103Road 2a Forest Service Road
104Road 501 Forest Service Road
105Robson Place Road
106Robson Road
107Robson Street
108Roy Road
109Rupel Road
110Russel Creek Forest Service Road
111Russel Road
112Schmidt Road
113Scott Road
114Small Road
115Spahats Creek Forest Service Road
116Stegg Road
117Sunshine Valley Road
118Swanson Onramp Road
119Swanson Road
120Swanson Road
121T102 Forest Service Road
122Taren Drive
123Trout Creek Road
124Trutch Road
125Vern-ann Place
126Wadlegger Road
127Webber Road
128Wells Gray Golf Course Access
129White Road
130Whymper Road
131Wildwood Road
132Woreby Road
133Wyndhaven Court
134Wyndhaven Drive
135Wyndhaven Place
136Yellowhead South Highway No 5
137Yellowhead South Highway No 5
138Yellowhead South Highway No 5
139Yellowhead South Highway No 5 Frontage Rd
140Young Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)