List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Coldstream, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Aberdeen Road
2Angus Drive
3Anjou Drive
4Apple Drive
5Auburn Court
6Bailey Road
7Bel Air Drive
8Bessette Road
9Binns Road
10Birch Lane
11Birnie Road
12Bonavista Drive
13Braeburn Drive
14Braeburn Place
15Brewer Road
16Brewer Road
17Briar Drive
18Buchanan Road
19Buchanan Road
20Buchanan Road
21Cactus Drive
22Caraway Court
23Carriage Lane
24Chelsea Court
25Cherry Lane
26Chickadee Lane
27Clerke Road
28Coachwood Close
29Coachwood Crescent
30Coldstream Creek Road
31Coldstream Creek Road
32College Drive
33College Way
34Corona Court
35Cortland Place
36Cosens Bay Road
37Cosens Bay Road
38Cottonwood Lane
39Cranberry Lane
40Creek Drive
41Crestview Drive
42Crystal Waters Road
43Cunliffe Road
44Cypress Drive
45Dawe Court
46Dawe Drive
47De Jong Drive
48Dewdney Road
49Dove Lane
50Edgewater Place
51Elgin Drive
52Fairmont Place
53Fenwick Road
54Finch Crescent
55Finch Lane
56Fitzmaurice Drive
57Fitzmaurice Lane
58Flamingo Way
59Freeman Drive
60Giles Drive
61Glendora Way
62Graystone Drive
63Grey Road
64Grieve Drive
65Guildford Court
66Harper Drive
67Hawthorne Place
68Heritage Lane
69Highridge Gate
70Highridge Road
71Highway 6
72Highway 6
73Highway 6
74Highway 6
75Highway 97
76Highway 97
77Hill Drive
78Hillside Drive
79Hofer Drive
80Hofer Place
81Holtam Drive
82Howe Drive
83Husband Close
84Husband Place
85Husband Road
86Hymar Place
87Inverness Drive
88Jacques Drive
89Jeffers Drive
90Jeffrey Drive
91Juniper Drive
92Kalamalka Lake Provincial Pk
93Kalamalka Lake Provincial Pk
94Kalamalka Lakeview Drive
95Kalamalka Road
96Kalavista Drive
97Kalview Drive
98Kickwillie Loop
99Kidston Road
100King Edward Forest Service Road
101Kinloch Drive
102Kinross Place
103Kirkland Drive
104Lakeview Drive
105Lambert Drive
106Lambert Place
107Lavington Way
108Leah Road
109Learmouth Road
110Linden Drive
111Lindsay Road
112Lochhaven Court
113Lochhaven Drive
114Locke Drive
115Mackie Drive
116Mallard Way
117Mariposa Place
118Marwood Place
119Matner Lane
120Mcclounie Road
121Meadow Road
122Michael Drive
123Middleton Drive
124Middleton Place
125Middleton Way
126Midland Place
127Montcalm Drive
128Montrose Place
129Mt Fosthall Drive
130Mt Ida Drive
131Mt Moberly Place
132Mt Moore Place
133Mt Symons Place
134Mt Tanner Place
135Mt Thor Drive
136Mt Tod Drive
137Mt York Drive
138Murphy Road
139Nash Drive
140Nickel Drive
141Nickle Road
142Noble Canyon Road
147North Aberdeen Road
148Northcott Drive
149Orchard Ridge Drive
150Ormsby Drive
151Paisley Drive
152Palfrey Drive East
153Palfrey Drive West
154Park Lane
155Parkwood Drive
156Pelican Place
157Pelican Road
158Petworth Road
159Pine Drive
160Pointe Sage Crescent
161Pointe Sage Drive
162Ponderosa Way
163Pope Drive
164Postill Drive
165Priest Valley Court
166Priest Valley Drive
167Primrose Drive
168Quirk Drive
169Ravine Drive
170Regency Court
171Reid Road
172Rendell Drive
173Ricardo Road
174Ridgemont Drive
175Rochdell Road
176Rockland Drive
177Russet Drive
178Sage Drive
179Sarah Lane
180Sarsons Drive
181Sarsons Place
182Sarsons Road
183Scenic Drive
184Scenic Place
185School Road
186Selkirk Drive
187Senita Court
188Shamanski Drive
189Snowbird Lane
190Springfield Road
191Stoneridge Drive
192Sumac Lane
193Summit Drive
194Sunflower Place
195Tamarack Drive
196Tassie Drive
197Tebo Drive
198Terrace Drive
199The Bridle Path
200Torrent Drive
201Upland Drive
202Upland Height
203Upland Place
204Upper Crestview Drive
205Upper Summit Drive
206Varsity Drive
207Venables Drive
208Vista Road
209Wagner Way
210Warren Road
211Watson Drive
212Webster Drive
213West Brewer Road
214Westkal Road
215Westridge Road
216Whetzell Drive
217Whitestone Drive
218Wilmar Way
219Wisbey Drive
220Wolfe Drive
221Woodland Drive
222Wyatt Court
223Wyatt Way

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)