List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Coquitlam, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Abbey Lane
2Aberdeen Avenue
3Accacia Avenue
4Adair Avenue
5Adiron Avenue
6Adler Avenue
7Admiral Court
8Agate Place
9Ailsa Avenue
10Alama Avenue
11Albion Drive
12Alder East
13Alder West
14Alderbrook Place
15Alderson Avenue
16Alice Lake Place
17Allard Street
18Allison Street
19Alouette Drive
20Alpine Court
21Alpine Lane
22Alta Lake Place
23Alvis Court
24Amber Court
25Anchor Place
26Anskar Court
27Anson Avenue
28Anvil Court
29Appian Way
30Arbury Avenue
31Arbutus Place
32Argyle Street
33Armada Street
34Arrow Lane
35Arrowsmith Place
36Arthur Place
37Arundel Lane
38Ascot Street
39Ashbrook Place
40Ashley Street
41Ashurst Avenue
42Aspen Street
43Aster Court
44Atkins Street
45Atlantic Avenue
46Atlin Place
47Auburn Place
48Augusta Place
49Austin Avenue
50Austin Avenue
51Avondale Street
52Azure Court
53Baker Drive
54Balboa Court
55Baldwin Street
56Balfour Drive
57Ballenas Court
58Balmoral Avenue
59Balmoral Drive
60Balmoral Street
61Baltic Street
62Banbury Avenue
63Banner Place
64Banting Street
65Barnet Frtg Highway
66Barnet Highway
67Baron Place
68Bartlett Avenue
69Baycrest Avenue
70Bayswater Avenue
71Bayview Square
72Beach Court
73Beacon Drive
74Beedie Drive
75Beedie Place
76Begin Street
77Bellevue Avenue
78Bellflower Court
79Bend Court
80Berkeley Place
81Berkshire Crescent
82Bernatchey Street
83Berry Street
84Bighorn Place
85Bigleaf Court
86Birch Crescent
87Birch East
88Birch West
89Birchbrook Place
90Blackbear Court
91Blackwater Place
92Blantyre Avenue
93Blue Jay Place
94Blue Mountain Street
95Bluebell Avenue
96Bluff Drive
97Bluff Way
98Bobcat Place
99Bognor Street
100Boileau Street
101Bole Court
102Bond Street
103Booth Avenue
104Bosun Place
105Bosworth Street
106Bouthot Court
107Bow Drive
108Bowen Drive
109Bowman Avenue
110Bowron Street
111Boxwood Drive
112Brada Drive
113Braeside Place
114Bramble Lane
115Bray Street
116Breslay Street
117Brewster Drive
118Brian Drive
119Briarcliffe Drive
120Brigantine Drive
121Brisbane Avenue
122Brisco Court
123Bristlecone Court
124Broadview Court
125Bromley Street
126Brookmere Avenue
127Brookmount Avenue
128Brookside Drive
129Brunette Avenue
130Brunette Offramp Avenue
131Brunette Onramp Avenue
132Buoy Drive
133Burbidge Street
134Burian Drive
135Burke Mountain Street
136Burke Village Promenade
137Burkemont Place
138Burlington Drive
139Burns Street
140Burnside Place
141Burton Court
142Bute Crescent
143Butternut Street
144Byng Street
145Cable Court
146Calgary Drive
147Caliente Place
148Camberley Court
149Cambridge Drive
150Camelback Court
151Camelback Lane
152Camellia Court
153Campion Way
154Canary Place
155Canim Avenue
156Canoe Avenue
157Canterbury Lane
158Canyon Court
159Cape Court
160Cape Horn Avenue
161Cape Horn Place
162Capstan Crescent
163Capstan Place
164Cardinal Court
165Cariboo Crescent
166Carmen Court
167Carousel Court
168Carriage Court
169Carson Court
170Cartier Avenue
171Cascade Court
172Casey Street
173Catherine Avenue
174Caulfield Ridge
175Cawthra Court
176Cayer Street
177Cedar Drive
178Cedar East
179Cedar West
180Channel Court
181Chapman Avenue
182Charland Avenue
183Charter Hill Drive
184Charter Hill Place
185Chartwell Green
186Chartwell Lane
187Cherrybrook Place
188Chester Court
189Chickadee Place
190Chilko Drive
191Chine Crescent
192Christina Place
193Christmas Way
194Chrome Crescent
195Cimarron Drive
196Claremont Street
197Clarke Road
198Clayton Street
199Clearwater Way
200Cliffrose Crescent
201Clifton Avenue
202Clipper Street
203Clover Street
204Cloverleaf Lane
205Coast Meridian Road
206Cochrane Avenue
207Coleman Avenue
208Coleman Ramp
209Colfax Avenue
210Colin Place
211Colinet Street
212Collins Road
213Colony Farm Road
214Colton Avenue
215Como Lake Avenue
216Como Lake Avenue
217Como Lake Avenue
218Compass Court
219Compton Court
220Concord Avenue
221Condor Crescent
222Conifer Drive
223Copper Beech Place
224Coquitlam Central Station
225Coquitlam Mainline
226Coquitlam West Branch 100
227Coquitlam West Branch 110
228Coquitlam West Mainline
229Corbin Place
230Cord Avenue
231Cornell Avenue
232Corning Avenue
233Corona Crescent
234Cortes Avenue
235Cottonwood Avenue
236Cougar Court
237Cove Place
238Covina Court
239Coy Avenue
240Coyote Court
241Crabbe Avenue
242Craigen Avenue
243Crane Avenue
244Crawley Avenue
245Creekside Drive
246Crest Court
247Creston Close
248Crestwood Drive
249Criss Lane
250Crosby Street
251Cross Lane
252Croteau Court
253Crouch Avenue
254Crowberry Court
255Crystal Court
256Cultus Avenue
257Cultus Court
258Custer Court
259Cutler Street
260Cypress Street
261Dacre Avenue
262Dahlia Court
263Daimler Street
264Dalip Court
265Dalton Court
266Dansey Avenue
267Danville Court
268Darnell Court
269Dartmoor Drive
270Darwin Avenue
271David Avenue
272David Avenue
273Dawes Hill Road
274Dawson Court
275Dayanee Springs Boulevard
276Daybreak Avenue
277Dayton Street
278Dease Place
279Decaire Street
280Decker Place
281Deeridge Lane
282Deers Leap Place
283Delahaye Drive
284Delestre Avenue
285Delmont Street
286Denman Court
287Dennison Avenue
288Denton Street
289Denver Court
290Devon Street
291Devonshire Avenue
292Dewdney Trunk Road
293Diamond Crescent
294Doble Court
295Dogwood East
296Dogwood Street
297Dogwood West
298Dolphin Street
299Don Moore Drive
300Donald Street
301Dormel Court
302Dory Street
303Douglas Drive
304Drake Court
305Draycott Street
306Ducklow Street
307Dufferin Street
308Duncan Street
309Dunkirk Avenue
310Dunlop Street
311Dupont Place
312Durant Drive
313Duval Court
314Eagle Mountain Drive
315Eagle Mtn Access Road
316Eagleridge Drive
317East Lake Gate
318Easterbrook Street
319Eastwood Street
320Ebert Avenue
321Eden Avenue
322Edgar Avenue
323Edgewood Avenue
324Edwards Street
325Edwin Court
326Egmont Avenue
327El Camino Drive
328El Casa Court
329Elan Place
330Elizabeth Drive
331Elk Place
332Elkhorn Avenue
333Ellice Avenue
334Elm East
335Elm West
336Elmwood Street
337Elva Avenue
338Emerson Street
339Entrance Court
340Erskine Street
341Esperanza Drive
342Euclid Court
343Fairfax Street
344Fairview Street
345Fairway Street
346Falcon Drive
347Farrow Street
348Fawcett Road
349Fern Terrace
350Fernhurst Place
351Ferris Street
352Fifshire Street
353Finch Court
354Finnigan Street
355Fir Street
356Firbrook Place
357Firby Court
358Firdale Street
359Firestone Place
360Fisher Court
361Fleet Street
362Fleming Avenue
363Florence Street
364Floyd Avenue
365Flynn Crescent
366Folsom Street
367Forest Walk
368Forestgate Place
369Forestridge Place
370Foster Avenue
371Fowler Court
372Foxglove Lane
373Franklin Street
374Fresno Place
375Frost Court
376Fuchsia Place
377Gable Drive
378Gabriola Drive
379Gale Avenue
380Galette Avenue
381Galette Place
382Galiano Street
383Galloway Avenue
384Gambier Avenue
385Gardena Drive
386Gardner Court
387Garibaldi Place
388Garnet Court
389Gatensbury Street
390Gauthier Avenue
391Genest Way
392Georgeson Avenue
393Gilleys Trail
394Gilroy Crescent
395Gilroy Place
396Girard Avenue
397Gislason Avenue
398Glacier Street
399Glen Drive
400Glen Pine Court
401Glenayre Drive
402Glenbrook Street
403Glendale Avenue
404Glenholme Street
405Glenview Court
406Gloucester Court
407Godwin Court
408Golden Drive
409Goldstream Crescent
410Gordon Avenue
411Goyer Court
412Granite Court
413Grant Street
414Grayson Avenue
415Greenbrier Place
416Greene Street
417Greenhill Court
418Greenstone Court
419Grizzly Place
420Grosvenor Place
421Grover Avenue
422Guilby Street
423Guildford Way
424Guiltner Street
425Hachey Avenue
426Hailey Street
427Hallam Court
428Hames Crescent
429Hammond Avenue
430Hampton Drive
431Hampton Gate
432Hampton Green
433Hansard Crescent
434Harbour Drive
435Harper Road
436Harrier Drive
437Harris Avenue
438Harrison Avenue
439Hart Street
440Hartley Avenue
441Harwood Avenue
442Hastings Street
443Haversley Avenue
444Hawser Avenue
445Hayward Lane
446Hazel Avenue
447Heath Crescent
448Heckbert Place
449Hedgestone Court
450Heffley Crescent
451Henderson Avenue
452Herrmann Street
453Hialeah Court
454Hibbard Avenue
455Hickey Drive
456Hickey Street
457Hie Avenue
458Highland Drive
459Hillcrest Street
460Hillside Avenue
461Hillside Drive
462Hockaday Place
463Hockaday Street
464Holborn Street
465Holdsworth Place
466Holly Drive
467Hollybrook Street
468Holtby Street
469Honeysuckle Lane
470Horizon Drive
471Hornby Street
472Hosmer Court
473Howie Avenue
474Howse Place
475Hoy Street
476Hudson Street
477Hull Court
478Huron Drive
479Hyde Park Place
480Inlet Street
481Iris Crescent
482Irvine Street
483Ivy Avenue
484Jackson Street
485Jade Place
486James Avenue
487Japonica Place
488Jarvis Street
489Jasmine Court
490Jasper Court
491Jefferson Avenue
492Johnson Court
493Johnson Street
494Jordan Street
495Joyce Street
496Judd Court
497Julian Avenue
498Kaiser Street
499Kalamalka Drive
500Kalmia Place
501Kaptey Avenue
502Karley Crescent
503Karp Court
504Keets Drive
505Keith Drive
506Keith Place
507Kelso Court
508Kelvin Street
509Kemsley Avenue
510Keneng Court
511Kenney Street
512Kerria Drive
513Kerry Court
514Kerwan Avenue
515Kerwan Place
516Kestrel Court
517Ketch Court
518Keystone Place
519King Albert Avenue
520King Albert Avenue
521King Edward Street
522King Street
523Kingfisher Crescent
524Kingston Street
525Kinsac Street
526Kintail Court
527Kitchener Avenue
528Komarno Court
529Kugler Avenue
530Kwayhquitlum Ir Road
531Lakeshore Drive
532Lakeview Street
533Lambert Way
534Lamerton Avenue
535Lancaster Court
536Lancia Place
537Langara Court
538Langside Avenue
539Lansdowne Drive
540Lasalle Place
541Latimer Avenue
542Laurel Court
543Laurentian Crescent
544Laval Square
545Laval Street
546Lawn Drive
547Lazy A Street
548Lea Avenue
549Lebleu Street
550Leclair Drive
551Leduc Avenue
552Leeder Street
553Leeward Court
554Leland Avenue
555Lemax Avenue
556Leroy Street
557Levis Street
558Lighthouse Court
559Lilac Lane
560Lilac Place
561Lillian Street
562Limestone Place
563Lincoln Avenue
564Linton Street
565Liverpool Street
566Locarno Drive
567Lodge Drive
568Lodge Place
569Lodgepole Place
570Logan Street
571Lomond Street
572Longlac Street
573Loring Street
574Lorraine Avenue
575Lost Lake Drive
576Lotus Court
577Lougheed Highway
578Lougheed Highway
579Lougheed Highway
580Lougheed Offramp Highway
581Lougheed Onramp Highway
582Lowell Court
583Lucille Starr Drive
584Lund Avenue
585Lupine Court
586Luxton Square
587Lyn Court
588Lyons Court
589Macintosh Street
590Madera Court
591Madison Street
592Madore Avenue
593Madore Avenue
594Madrona Place
595Magellan Court
596Magnolia Place
597Malibu Court
598Mallard Court
599Manzanita Court
600Maple Street
601Maplebrook Place
602Maplewood Court
603Mara Drive
604Marathon Court
605Marble Court
606Marcellin Place
607Marguerite Street
608Mariana Place
609Marigold Street
610Marine Crescent
611Mariner Way
612Marlow Street
613Marmont Street
614Marnac Avenue
615Mars Street
616Martin Street
617Mary Hill Bypass
618Mason Avenue
619Masset Court
620Mayfair Court
621Mayne Crescent
622Mccoomb Drive
623Mckinnon Street
624Mclaren Court
625Mclaughlin Avenue
626Mclaughlin Court
627Mclellan Drive
628Mctavish Court
629Meadowview Court
630Meadowvista Place
631Mentmore Street
632Merritt Street
633Messier Avenue
634Metcalfe Way
635Mica Place
636Michigan Drive
637Midvale Street
638Milford Avenue
639Millard Avenue
640Miller Avenue
641Millview Street
642Milne Street
643Mitchell Street
644Mohawk Avenue
645Monashee Court
646Monte Place
647Monterey Avenue
648Montgomery Street
649Montrose Street
650Moore Place
651Moray Street
652Morrison Avenue
653Morton Place
654Moss Court
655Mountainview Court
656Muirfield Place
657Mulberry Place
658Mundy Street
659Myrnam Street
660Nadina Court
661Nadina Drive
662Nakoma Place
663Nanton Street
664Napier Place
665Nash Drive
666Nelson Street
667Nestor Street
668Newport Street
669Nicola Avenue
674Noons Creek Drive
675Norbury Place
676Norfolk Street
677Norman Avenue
678North Bend Street
679North Road
680North Watkins Lane
681Northern Avenue
682Northview Place
683Norwood Court
684Novak Drive
685Oak Crescent
686Oakview Street
687Obelisk Lane
688Ogden Street
689Oliver Road
690Oneida Drive
691Oranda Avenue
692Orchid Drive
693Orkney Court
694Orland Drive
695Oxbow Way
696Oxford Place
697Oxford Street
698Oxtoby Place
699Ozada Avenue
700Pacific Street
701Packard Avenue
702Paddock Drive
703Palermo Street
704Palisade Place
705Palliser Avenue
706Palm Terrace
707Palmdale Street
708Palmer Avenue
709Panorama Drive
710Paradise Avenue
711Pare Court
712Park Crescent
713Park Entry
714Parkland Drive
715Parkland Place
716Parkway Boulevard
717Passage Drive
718Passaglia Place
719Pasture Circle
720Pathan Avenue
721Patullo Crescent
722Paul Lake Court
723Pelcher Court
724Pelton Avenue
725Pembroke Avenue
726Penshurst Court
727Peregrine Place
728Perth Avenue
729Peterson Avenue
730Petrie Court
731Pheasant Street
732Pier Drive
733Pierce Place
734Pika Court
735Pilot Drive
736Pine Drive
737Pinebrook Place
738Pinecrest Avenue
739Pinehurst Place
740Pinetree Close
741Pinetree Way
742Pinewood Avenue
743Pinnacle Street
744Pipeline Road
745Pitt River Road
746Planetree Court
747Plateau Boulevard
748Plateau Crescent
749Platinum Lane
750Plimsoll Street
751Poirier Street
752Pollard Street
753Ponderosa Street
754Poplar Street
755Portage Avenue
756Porter Street
757Primrose Lane
758Primrose Lane
759Princess Crescent
760Princeton Avenue
761Prospect Street
762Purcell Drive
763Quadling Avenue
764Quadra Court
765Quarry Road
766Quarry Road
767Quartz Place
768Quay Place
769Queenston Avenue
770Quintette Crescent
771Quinton Avenue
772Rakanna Place
773Ralston Court
774Rambler Way
775Ramsay Court
776Ranch Park Way
777Raven Court
778Raynor Street
779Recreation Area Drive
780Red Alder Place
781Reddington Court
782Redfern Place
783Redonda Drive
784Redwood Avenue
785Reece Avenue
786Regan Avenue
787Regan Avenue
788Regent Street
789Reid Court
790Rhodena Avenue
791Rialto Court
792Richard Street
793Rideau Avenue
794Ridge Court
795Ridgeway Avenue
796River Drive
797Riverbend Drive
798Riverview Crescent
799Robinson Street
800Robson Drive
801Rochester Avenue
802Rochester Avenue
803Rockcress Place
804Rocket Way
805Rocklin Street
806Rockridge Lane
807Rockwood Court
808Roderick Avenue
809Rogate Avenue
810Rogers Avenue
811Rogerson Drive
812Rondeau Street
813Rosalie Court
814Rose Way
815Ross Avenue
816Rossmore Court
817Roxham Street
818Roxton Avenue
819Runnel Drive
820Runnymede Avenue
821Rutland Court
822Saddle Street
823Sage Place
824Sail Place
825Salal Crescent
826Salt Spring Avenue
827Samuels Court
828San Antonio Place
829San Daniele Lane
830San Juan Place
831San Lucas Court
832Sandpiper Court
833Sandstone Court
834Sandstone Crescent
835Santiago Street
836Sapphire Place
837Sargent Court
838Savary Avenue
839Schoolhouse Street
840Schooner Street
841Scotch Pine Avenue
842Seaforth Crescent
843Seaton Avenue
844Sechelt Drive
845Secret Court
846Sedge Court
847Seguin Drive
848Selkirk Crescent
849Selman Street
850Service Centre Driveway
851Seymour Drive
852Shale Court
853Shamrock Lane
854Shannon Court
855Sharpe Street
856Sharpewood Place
857Shasta Court
858Shaughnessy Place
859Shaughnessy Street
860Shaw Avenue
861Shawna Way
862Shelter Crescent
863Sheridan Avenue
864Sheriff Street
865Sherman Street
866Sherwood Avenue
867Shiau Court
868Shiloh Court
869Shiloh Place
870Shuswap Avenue
871Sicamous Avenue
872Sicamous Place
873Sienna Court
874Signal Court
875Silica Place
876Silver Lake Place
877Silver Springs Boulevard
878Silverberry Court
879Silverthrone Drive
880Sirmac Avenue
881Skyridge Court
882Smallwood Avenue
883Smith Avenue
884Smith Avenue
885Soball Street
886Solar Court
887Sonora Drive
888Sorrel Street
889Sorrento Drive
890Sorrento Place
891South Watkins Lane
892Southview Street
893Spar Drive
894Sparrow Court
895Spence Avenue
896Spray Avenue
897Sprice Avenue
898Spring Avenue
899Sproule Avenue
900Spruce Street
901Spuraway Avenue
902Spyglass Court
903St Laurence Street
904Stafford Avenue
905Stanley Place
906Stanton Avenue
907Stanwood Avenue
908Stardale Avenue
909Starflower Place
910Starlight Way
911Steeple Court
912Steeple Drive
913Stellar Court
914Stewart Avenue
915Stonecrop Court
916Stoneridge Lane
917Stoney Creek Court
918Sugarpine Court
919Sultan Place
920Summit Drive
921Sumpter Drive
922Sundew Drive
923Sundew Place
924Sunridge Court
925Sunset Avenue
926Sunset Drive
927Surf Crescent
928Swan Place
929Sydney Avenue
930Sylvan Place
931Sylvia Place
932Tabor Place
933Taft Avenue
934Tahsis Avenue
935Talbot Court
936Tanager Court
937Tanglewood Lane
938Tantalus Court
939Tatla Place
940Teck Street
941Tenby Street
942Tercel Court
943Texada Street
944Thacker Avenue
945The Dell
946The High Street
947Thermal Drive
948Therrien Street
949Thimbleberry Court
950Thistle Place
951Thomas Avenue
952Thompson Avenue
953Thor Court
954Thrift Street
955Thyme Drive
956Tide Place
957Tilston Court
958Timber Court
959Tipton Street
960Toba Drive
961Tolmie Avenue
962Topaz Court
963Toronto Street
964Tory Avenue
965Town Centre Boulevard
966Townley Street
967Trans-canada Highway
968Trans-canada Highway
969Trans-canada Highway
970Trent Avenue
971Trillium Place
972Trinity Street
973Tupper Avenue
974Turnberry Lane
975Turner Avenue
976Turret Crescent
977Tyndall Street
978Ultra Court
979United Boulevard
980United Boulevard
981United Offramp Boulevard
982United Onramp Boulevard
983Uplands Court
984Valdez Court
985Valleyview Court
986Valleyvista Drive
987Vanessa Court
988Vanier Avenue
989Venice Avenue
990Verbena Place
991Victor Street
992Victoria Drive
993Vinemaple Place
994Violet Way
995Vista Court
996Vistaview Court
997Vonda Way
998Waddington Place
999Wagon Wheel Circle
1000Walker Street
1001Wallace Court
1002Walls Avenue
1003Walnut Crescent
1004Walnut Place
1005Walton Avenue
1006Warbler Lane
1007Warrenton Avenue
1008Warrick Street
1009Wasco Street
1010Waterford Place
1011Watkins Avenue
1012Webster Avenue
1013Wellington Court
1014Westlake Drive
1015Westlake Gate
1016Westlake Place
1017Westley Avenue
1018Weston Street
1019Westview Street
1020Westwood Street
1021Whisper Way
1022White Pine Place
1023Whitebark Place
1024Whitehorn Court
1025Whitesail Place
1026Whiting Way
1027Wickham Drive
1028Wildwood Boulevard
1029Wilkie Avenue
1030Willerton Court
1031Willow Way
1032Wilmot Street
1033Wiltshire Avenue
1034Windflower Place
1035Windrum Avenue
1036Windsor Gate
1037Windward Drive
1038Wingrove Terrace
1039Winona Street
1040Winslow Avenue
1041Winter Crescent
1042Wintergreen Place
1043Wise Court
1044Woodbine Place
1045Woodsia Place
1046Woodstone Court
1047Woodvale Avenue
1048Woolridge Street
1049Wren Place
1050Wyvern Avenue
1051Yellowcedar Place

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)