List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Delta, British Columbia
#Street Name
11 Avenue
210 Avenue
3104 Street
4108 Street
5108a Street
6108b Street
7109 Street
8109a Avenue
9109a Street
10109b Street
1110a Avenue
1211 Avenue
13110 Street
14110a Street
15111 Street
16111a Street
17111b Street
18112 Street
19112a Street
20112b Street
21113 Street
22113a Street
23113b Street
24114 Street
25114a Street
26115 Street
27115a Street
28116 Street
29116a Street
30116b Street
31117 Street
32117a Street
33117b Street
34118 Street
35118a Street
36119 Street
37119a Street
38119b Street
3911a Avenue
4012 Avenue
41120 Street
4212a Avenue
4313 Avenue
4413a Avenue
4513b Avenue
4614 Avenue
4714b Avenue
4815b Avenue
4916 Avenue
5016a Avenue
5117a Avenue
5218 Avenue
5319 Avenue
541a Avenue
551a Avenue
562 Avenue
5721 Avenue
5827b Avenue
5928 Avenue
6028b Avenue
612a Avenue
623 Avenue
633 Avenue
6430b Street
6531 Avenue
6633a Avenue
6734 Avenue
6834 Street
6934b Avenue
7036 Avenue
7136 Avenue
723a Avenue
734 Avenue
744 Avenue
7540 Street
7641b Street
7742a Avenue
7842b Avenue
7943 Avenue
8043a Avenue
8143a Street
8244 Avenue
8344a Avenue
8444a Avenue
8544a Street
8644b Avenue
8745 Avenue
8845 Street
8945a Avenue
9045a Avenue
9145a Street
9245b Avenue
9346 Avenue
9446 Street
9546a Avenue
9646a Street
9746b Street
9847 Avenue
9947 Street
10047a Avenue
10147a Street
10248 Avenue
10348 Street
10448a Avenue
10548a Street
10648b Avenue
10748b Street
10849 Avenue
10949 Street
11049a Avenue
11149b Avenue
11249b Street
1134a Avenue
1145 Avenue
11550 Avenue
11650 Street
11750a Street
11850b Street
11951 Avenue
12051 Street
12151a Street
12252 Avenue
12352 Street
12452a Street
12553 Street
12653a Street
12754 Street
12854a Street
12955 Street
13055a Street
13155b Street
13256 Street
13356a Street
13457 Street
13557a Street
13657b Street
13758 Street
13858a Street
13958b Street
14059 Avenue
14159 Street
14259a Street
1435b Avenue
1446 Avenue
14560 Avenue
14660a Street
14760b Street
14861 Street
14962 Street
15062b Street
15163 Avenue
15263 Street
15363a Avenue
15463a Street
15564 Avenue
15664 Offramp Avenue
15764 Onramp Avenue
15864 Street
15964a Avenue
16064b Avenue
16165a Street
16265b Avenue
16365b Street
16466 Avenue
16566 Street
16666a Street
16767 Street
16867a Street
16968 Street
1706a Avenue
1717 Avenue
17270 Avenue
17371 Avenue
17471a Avenue
17572 Avenue
17672 Offramp Avenue
17772 Onramp Avenue
17872 Street
17972a Avenue
18073 Avenue
18173a Avenue
18273b Avenue
18374 Avenue
18474a Avenue
18574b Avenue
18675 Avenue
18775a Avenue
18875b Avenue
18976 Avenue
19076 Street
19176a Avenue
19277 Avenue
19377a Avenue
19477b Avenue
19578 Avenue
19678a Avenue
19778b Avenue
19879 Avenue
19979a Avenue
2007a Avenue
2017b Avenue
2028 Avenue
20380 Avenue
20480 Street
20580a Avenue
20681 Avenue
20781a Avenue
20882 Avenue
20982 Street
21082a Avenue
21182b Avenue
21283 Avenue
21383a Avenue
21484 Avenue
21584a Avenue
21684b Avenue
21785 Avenue
21885a Avenue
21985b Avenue
22086 Avenue
22186a Avenue
22287 Avenue
22387a Avenue
22488 Avenue
22588 Street
22688a Avenue
22789 Avenue
22889a Avenue
22989b Avenue
2308a Avenue
2318b Avenue
2329 Avenue
23390 Avenue
23490a Avenue
23591 Avenue
23691a Avenue
23792 Avenue
23892 Street
23992a Avenue
24093 Avenue
24193a Avenue
24294 Avenue
24394a Avenue
24495 Avenue
24595a Avenue
24696 Street
2479a Avenue
248Abbey Drive
249Admiral Boulevard
250Admiral Lane
251Admiral Way
252Alaska Way
253Albion Way
254Alderwood Crescent
255Alderwood Lane
256Aldford Avenue
257Alexander Road
258Allen Drive
259Alpenwood Lane
260Alpha Way
261Alpine Place
262Anchor Bay
263Anderson Place
264Annacis Parkway
265Annance Court
266Annieville Place
267Arbour Place
268Arpe Crescent
269Arpe Road
270Arthur Drive
271Ashbury Place
272Aspen Way
273Athabaska Street
274Auburn Place
275Audley Boulevard
276Augusta Place
277Aurora Court
278Babcock Place
279Baker Place
280Baker Road
281Barkley Drive
282Barkley Place
283Barmston Place
284Barnes Road
285Barrymore Drive
286Bates Road
287Bayview Drive
288Bayview Place
289Beach Grove Court
290Beach Grove Road
291Beechwood Avenue
292Beechwood Street
293Belair Crescent
294Belair Drive
295Belgrave Way
296Bentley Court
297Bentley Crescent
298Bentley Drive
299Bentley Lane
300Bentley Place
301Berg Road
302Beverly Drive
303Birch Place
304Bison Place
305Blake Drive
306Blake Place
307Bluegrouse Place
308Bond Boulevard
309Booth Road
310Boundary Bay Road
311Bower Court
312Boynton Place
313Bradford Place
314Braid Road
315Brandy Drive
316Brandy Place
317Bremridge Drive
318Brewster Drive East
319Brewster Drive West
320Briarwood Crescent
321Briarwood Place
322Bridge Street
323Bridlington Drive
324Brigantine Road
325Brodie Place
326Brodie Road
327Brookdale Place
328Brooke Place
329Brooke Road
330Brown Street
331Burbank Drive
332Burns Drive
333Burns Drive
334Burr Place
335Byron Road
336Cabeldu Crescent
337Caddell Drive
338Caldew Street
339Calvert Drive
340Camaro Drive
341Cambridge Court
342Candlewyck Wynd
343Cannery Crescent
344Cannery Place
345Canyon Court
346Canyon Crescent
347Caribou Place
348Caribou Road
349Carleton Court
350Carley Place
351Carlisle Road
352Carnaby Place
353Carncross Crescent
354Carriage Place
355Carstone Crescent
356Carver Crescent
357Cascade Drive
358Cayton Place
359Cedar Crescent
360Cedar Tree Lane
361Cedarbrook Place
362Centennial Parkway
363Central Avenue
364Centre Street
365Chalet Court
366Chalmers Place
367Chamberlayne Avenue
368Chamberlayne Way
369Chateau Court
370Chateau Wynd
371Chehalis Drive
372Cherry Lane
373Chester Road
374Chestnut Crescent
375Chisholm Street
376Church Street
377Churchill Street
378Clarence Taylor Crescent
379Clark Drive
380Cliff Drive
381Cliff Place
382Clipper Place
383Clipper Road
384Cliveden Avenue
385Cliveden Offramp Avenue
386Cliveden Onramp Avenue
387Cliveden Place
388Coleman Place
389Collings Place
390Collings Way
391Commodore Drive
392Commonwealth Crescent
393Compston Crescent
394Connaught Drive
395Cooper Place
396Copsefield Drive
397Copsefield Place
398Corbould Road
399Cory Drive
400Cottonwood Avenue
401Cottonwood Court
402Cottonwood Place
403Cottonwood Street
404Cougar Court
405Coulter Place
406Cove Inlet Road
407Cove Link Road
408Cove Reach Road
409Cowley Drive North
410Cowley Drive South
411Crawford Drive
412Crescent Court
413Crescent Drive
414Crescent Place
415Crestview Drive
416Cundy Avenue
417Cutter Road
418Daly Place
419Davie Way
420Dawn Drive
421Dawn Place
422Dawson Crescent
423Dawson Place
424Deas Island Road
425Deerfield Court
426Deerfield Drive
427Deerfield Place
428Delcourt Crescent
429Delcrest Drive
430Delmonte Crescent
431Delnova Drive
432Delsom Crescent
433Delsom Place
434Delsom Way
435Delta Street
436Deltaport Offramp Way
437Deltaport Onramp Way
438Deltaport Way
439Deltaport Way
440Deltaport Way
441Delview Lane
442Delvista Drive
443Delwood Drive
444Dennett Place
445Dennison Drive
446Dennison Place
447Derwent Close
448Derwent Place
449Derwent Way
450Diefenbaker Wynd
451Dixon Place
452Dock Road
453Dogwood Drive
454Dogwood Lane
455Dogwood Place
456Doncaster Crescent
457Dorman Drive
458Dove Place
459Dover Place
460Dowler Road
461Downs Road
462Duffy Place
463Duncan Drive
464Dunlop Road
465Eagle Way
466Eaton Place
467Eaton Way
468Ebor Road
469Ebury Place
470Eden Crescent
471Eden Place
472Edmonds Drive
473Egan Place
474Ehkolie Crescent
475Elk Place
476Elliott Street
477Emwood Place
478Enderby Avenue
479English Bluff Court
480English Bluff Road
481Erin Place
482Erin Way
483Evans Place
484Evergreen Lane
485Faber Crescent
486Fair Wynd
487Fairfield Place
488Fairlight Crescent
489Fairway Views Wynd
490Falcon Court
491Falcon Way
492Farrell Avenue
493Farrell Crescent
494Fenton Drive
495Ferguson Court
496Ferguson Road
497Fern Way
498Ferry Causeway
499Ferry Road
500Filey Drive
501Fircrest Drive
502Forest Place
503Forest Way
504Fosters Way
505Fraser Place
506Fraserview Place
507Frew Road
508Frigate Road
509Fuller Crescent
510Fuller Crescent North
511Fuller Crescent South
512Galbraith Crescent
513Galbraith Street
514Gale Drive
515Gale Place
516Galleon Place
517Galway Drive
518Garden Place
519Garfield Drive
520Garrett Drive
521Garrett Place
522Garry Street
523George Street
524Georgia Street
525Georgia Wynd
526Gilchrist Drive
527Gilchrist Place
528Gillespie Road
529Gilmour Crescent
530Giroday Place
531Glen Abbey Place
532Glenbrook Place
533Glendale Avenue
534Glenrose Drive
535Glenwood Drive
536Glenwood Place
537Goldenrod Boulevard
538Goldenrod Crescent
539Golf Club Drive
540Goudy Place
541Graham Drive
542Grant Place
543Green Place
544Greenhill Place
545Greenland Drive
546Grosvenor Square
547Grove Avenue
548Grove Crescent
549Grove Place
550Groveridge Wynd
551Gulf View
552Gunderson Road
553Hall Place
554Hamlin Drive
555Hampstead Close
556Harbour Stroll
557Hardy Place
558Hardy Road
559Harris Place
560Harrogate Drive
561Harvest Drive
562Haviland Street
563Hawthorne Place
564Hayward Place
565Hazel Court
566Heath Crescent
567Hermosa Drive
568Heron Bay Close
569Heron Court
570Heron Place
571Highway 10
572Highway 10
573Highway 10 Offramp
574Highway 10 Onramp
575Highway 17
576Highway 17
577Highway 17 Offramp
578Highway 17 Onramp
579Highway 91
580Highway 91 Offramp
581Highway 91 Onramp
582Highway 91a
583Highway 99
584Highway 99
585Highway 99
586Highway 99
587Hillside Crescent
588Holly Park Court
589Holly Park Drive
590Holly Park Place
591Holly Park Wynd
592Honeyman Street
593Hopcott Road
594Hornby Drive
595Hornby Drive
596Hoskins Street
597Howard Place
598Huff Boulevard
599Humber Place
600Hume Avenue
601Hunter Road
602Huston Road
603Hutcherson Lane
604Hyland Drive
605Hyland Place
606Imperial Gate
607Inglewood Place
608Ironwood Place
609Iverson Crescent
610Ivywood Place
611Jackson Way
612James Place
613Jibset Bay
614Johnson Wynd
615Juniper Place
616Kadota Drive
617Karr Place
618Kelly Drive
619Kelly Place
620Kempson Crescent
621Kendale Place
622Kendale View
623Kendale Way
624Kensington Court
625Kensington Place
626Kent Crescent
627Kerr Bay
628Kerry Drive
629Kerry Place
630Ketch Place
631Kettles Road
632Kilkenny Drive
633King Edward Place
634King Street
635Kingfisher Place
636Kingswood Court
637Kirk Place
638Kirkland Road
639Kirkwood Road
640Kittson Offramp Parkway
641Kittson Onramp Parkway
642Kittson Parkway
643Knight Drive
644Knudson Road
645Kuma Crescent
646Laburnum Park Place
647Ladner Exchange
648Ladner Harbour Park
649Ladner Small Craft Harbour
650Ladner Trunk Offramp Road
651Ladner Trunk Onramp Road
652Ladner Trunk Road
653Ladner Trunk Road
654Ladner Trunk Road
655Ladner Trunk Road
656Laidlaw Street
657Lambert Crescent
658Larson Road
659Laurel Drive
660Laurel Gate
661Laurel Way
662Lawrie Crescent
663Library Road
664Lincoln Drive
665Linden Drive
666Linden Place
667Lindsey Place
668London Court
669London Crescent
670London Drive
671London Gate
672London Green
673London Lane
674London Mews
675Lynn Place
676Lyon Road
677Macdonald Road
678Mackie Court
679Mader Lane
680Magnolia Court
681Main Street
682Malibu Place
683Malton Drive
684Malvern Place
685Maple Crescent
686Maple Lane
687Maplewood Place
688Mariner Place
689Martin Road
690Mason Place
691Massey Drive
692Massey Place
693May Place
694Mcadam Road
695Mcalister Road
696Mckee Drive
697Mckenzie Drive
698Mcneeleys Way
699Meadow Place
700Meredith Place
701Milsom Wynd
702Minster Drive East
703Minster Drive South
704Minster Drive West
705Mitchell Place
706Mitchell Way
707Modesto Drive
708Modesto Place
709Monroe Drive
710Montreal Street
711Morgan Place
712Morningside Drive
713Morris Crescent
714Mountain View Boulevard
715Mulholland Place
716Murphy Drive West
717Muston Place
718Nechako Drive
719Nelson View
720Newport Place
721Niagara Street
722Nicholson Road
723Nixon Avenue
729Nordel Court
730Nordel Offramp Way
731Nordel Onramp Way
732Nordel Way
733Northview Crescent
734Northview Place
735Norum Crescent
736Norum Place
737Norum Road
738Nulelum Way
739Oak Place
740Old Highway 10
741Old Highway 10 Onramp
742Ottawa Street
743Pacific Court
744Pacific Drive
745Pacific Place
746Papuc Place
747Paqes Lane
748Parkgrove Crescent
749Parkview Place
750Parkwood Place
751Paterson Road
752Paton Drive
753Patricia Drive
754Pemberton Crescent
755Pemberton Place
756Pennant Bay
757Pheasant Lane
758Pinehurst Place
759Pinewood Drive
760Pitman Place
761Pleasant Way
762Preddy Drive
763Priory Place
764Progress Place
765Progress Way
766Prospect Drive
767Ramona Way
768Raven Lane
769Rawlins Crescent
770Rawlins Place
771Redwood Place
772Regatta Way
773Ridgecrest Drive
774Ridgewood Place
775Ridley Place
776Riley Place
777River Reach
778River Road
779River Road
780River Road
781River Road
782River Road West
783River Way
784River Way
785River Way
786Roberts Bank Road
787Robertson Road
788Robson Drive
789Robson Place
790Rockford Place
791Rosehill Wynd
792Rosewood Drive
793Ross Road
794Russell Drive
795Ryall Crescent
796Ryall Place
797Sandbar Place
798Sandollar Place
799Sandpiper Place
800Santa Monica Drive
801Santa Monica Place
802Saratoga Drive
803Savage Road
804Savoy Street
805Scarborough Drive
806Schooner Gate
807Scott Road
808Seashell Drive
809Seashell Gate
810Seashell Place
811Seaview Road
812Shaman Crescent
813Shannon Way
814Sheaves Court
815Sheaves Place
816Sheaves Road
817Sheaves Way
818Sheffield Place
819Shelley Place
820Shepherd Way
821Sherwood Boulevard
822Sherwood Place
823Silverado Place
824Skagit Drive
825Skana Drive
826Skeena Street
827Somerset Crescent
828Southridge Court
829Southridge Road
830Spanton Drive
831Spanton Place
832Spetifore Crescent
833Spinnaker Bay
834Springs Boulevard
835Spyglass Crescent
836St Andrews Place
837Stahaken Court
838Stahaken Place
839Stamford Place
840Staples Crescent
841Station Street
842Sterling Court
843Stevens Drive
844Stevens Lane
845Stevens Place
846Stewart Place
847Stewart Road
848Stoney Crescent
849Sullivan Place
850Summer Place
851Summer Way
852Summit Crescent
853Sunbury Place
854Suncrest Drive
855Sunridge Place
856Sunrise Lane
857Sunset Drive
858Sunshine Drive
859Sunshine Place
860Sunview Place
861Sunwood Drive
862Sunwood Place
863Sussex Crescent
864Sussex Place
865Sutton Place
866Swanson Drive
867Swenson Way
868Swiftsure Bay
869Tamboline Road
870Taylor Way
871Terrace Drive
872Thistledown Place
873Thunderbird Court
874Tidewater Bay
875Tilbury Road
876Timbervalley Road
877Todd Place
878Tralee Crescent
879Tralee Place
880Trenant Street
881Trim Road
882Tsatsu Shores Drive
883Tsawwassen Beach Road
884Tsawwassen Drive
885Tudor Court
886Turnbuckle Wynd
887Turner Avenue
888Turner Place
889Underhill Drive
890Upland Drive
891Upland Place
892Upper Canyon Place
893Upper Canyon Road
894Vantage Place
895Vantage Way
896Vardon Place
897Venture Street
898View Crescent
899Village Greens Wynd
900Vista Place
901Wade Road
902Wadham Drive
903Walalee Drive
904Walker Avenue
905Wallace Avenue
906Wallace Place
907Walnut Place
908Wansford Drive
909Warren Place
910Warwick Road
911Watson Court
912Watson Drive
913Watson Place
914Weare Street
915Weaver Drive
916Webster Road
917Wellburn Drive
918Wellington Road
919Wellsgreen Place
920Wesley Drive
921Wesley Place
922Westham Island Road
923Westminster Avenue
924Westminster Court
925Westminster Lane
926Westridge Place
927Westside Drive
928Westview Drive
929Westview Place
930Whitby Place
931Whitcomb Place
932Whitworth Crescent North
933Whitworth Crescent South
934Wildwood Crescent
935Williams Avenue
936Willow Place
937Wilmington Drive
938Wilson Avenue
939Wilson Drive
940Wiltshire Boulevard
941Wiltshire Place
942Windjammer Road
943Windsor Crescent
944Winskill Drive
945Woodcrest Place
946Woodglen Street
947Woodgrove Avenue
948Woodhurst Drive
949Woodland Drive
950Woodlynn Court
951Woodridge Crescent
952York Crescent
953York Place

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)