List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Enderby, British Columbia
#Street Name
11st Avenue
22nd Avenue
33rd Avenue
4Albas Road
5Anderson Road
6Baird Avenue
7Baptiste Road
8Bass Avenue
9Belvedere Street
10Berry Road
11Birch Crescent
12Blanshard Road
13Brash Allen Road
14Brickyard Road
15Brodoway Road
16Campbelldale Road
17Canyon Road
18Canyon Road
19Capri Road
20Chillitza Drive
21Cliff Avenue
22Cliff View Lane
23Cliffview Drive
24Crescent Drive
25Crossman Road
26Crossridge Road
27Crossview Road
28Dale Road
29Danforth Avenue
30Duckett Pit Road
31Dunwoodie Road
32Emeny Road
33Enderby Grindrod Road
34Enderby Mabel Lake Road
35Enderby Mabel Lake Road
36Evergreen Street
37Fenton Road
38Fernwood Road
39Fortune Road
40Francis Drive
41Furlong Road
42Gardom Lake Road
43Garrett Road
44George Street
45Glenmary Road
46Graham Road
47Granville Avenue
48Grove Road
49Gunter Ellison Road
50Hadow Road
51Harvey Street
52Heitman Street
53Helmcken Road
54High Street
55Highway 97a
56Highway 97b
57Highway 97b Frontage Rd
58Hilton Road
59Howard Avenue
60Hubert Avenue
61Inch Logan Road
62Jackpine Road
63Jeffcoat Road
64Johnston Avenue
65Kate Street
66Keene Road
67Kildonan Avenue
68Kildonan Drive
69King Avenue
70Knight Avenue
71Larsen Avenue
72Lassertie Drive
73Lawes Street
74Laws Street
75Lyster Road
76Mack Road
77Mat Road
78Mathews Road
79Maud Street
80Mayberry Road
81Mcgowan Street
82Mcnabb Road
83Meadow Crescent
84Mill Avenue
85Mowat Road
86Nathan Road
87Naylor Road
90Norleen Lane
91Northern Avenue
92Northern Crescent
93Northern Street
94Old Salmon Arm Road
95Old Vernon Road
96Oxbow Place
97Park Avenue
98Peacher Crescent
99Pete Street
100Pine Court
101Pleasant Avenue
102Polson Avenue
103Preston Crescent
104Preston Road
105Princess Street
106Pumphouse Road
107Purnell Drive
108Quilakwa Crescent
109Quilakwa Road
110Railway Street
111Red Rock Crescent
112Regent Avenue
113Rene Drive
114Reservoir Road
115Revel Crescent
116Ridgewood Drive
117Riverdale Drive
118Rosoman Road
119Russell Avenue
120Salmon Arm Drive
121Salts Road
122Saltwell Road
123Sicamous Street
124Springbend Road
125Spruce Crescent
126Spruce Road
127Stanley Avenue
128Sundance Road
129Tamarac Road
130Terry Road
131Timberlane Road
132Twin Lakes Road
133Valecairn Road
134Vernon Street
135Victor Street
136Watershed Road
137Waterside Road
138Waterwheel Street
139West Enderby Road
140Wilkinson Road
141Zyprian Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)