List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Esquimalt, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Admirals Road
2Agnes Street
3Aldebury Street
4Alexander Road
5Anderson Avenue
6Anson Crescent
7Anson Street
8Aral Street
9Arcadia Street
10Arm Street
11Astle Street
12Beatty Street
13Bewdley Avenue
14Blair Mclean Drive
15Bryden Court
16Cairn Road
17Campbell Street
18Canteen Road
19Carlisle Avenue
20Carlton Terrace
21Caroline Road
22Carrie Street
23Cave Street
24Clent Street
25Clifton Terrace
26Codville Place
27Coles Street
28Colville Road
29Comerford Street
30Condor Avenue
31Constance Avenue
32Craddock Street
33Craigflower Road
34Cunningham Road
35De Costa Place
36Dellwood Road
37Devonshire Road
38Dingley Dell
39Dominion Road
40Drake Avenue
41Dunsmuir Road
42Effingham Street
43Ellery Street
44Elrick Place
45Esquimalt Road
46Fairview Road
47Fernhill Place
48Fernhill Road
49Flag Drive
50Fleming Street
51Forshaw Road
52Foster Street
53Fraser Street
54Garrett Place
55Garthland Place East
56Garthland Place West
57Garthland Road
58Gault Crescent
59Glen Vale Road
60Glengarry Place
61Gore Street
62Gosper Crescent
63Grafton Street
64Greenwood Avenue
65Grenville Avenue
66Hadfield Avenue
67Harman Avenue
68Head Street
69Heald Avenue
70Highrock Avenue
71Highrock Place
72Hotham Street
73Hutchinson Avenue
74Hutchinson Place
75Inskip Street
76Intervale Avenue
77Isbister Street
78Joffre Street
79Juno Street
80Kellett Crescent
81Kindersley Road
82Kingsmill Road
83Kinver Street
84Lampson Place
85Lampson Street
86Lockley Road
87Lugrin Place
88Luscombe Place
89Lyall Street
90Macaulay Street
91Macleod Avenue
92Malvern Street
93Maplebank Road
94Matheson Avenue
95Matheson Place
96Mcadam Place
97Mcnaughton Avenue
98Mesher Place
99Miles Street
100Moody Crescent
101Moresby Street
102Munro Street
103Naden Street
104Naden Way
105Nelson Street
107Norma Court
108Old Esquimalt Road
109Paradise Street
110Park Place
111Park Terrace
112Parklands Drive
113Peters Street
114Phillion Place
115Phoenix Street
116Plaskett Place
117Pooley Place
118Porter Road
119Rankin Road
120Reeve Place
121Rhoda Lane
122Rockcrest Avenue
123Rockcrest Place
124Rockheights Avenue
125Saunders Street
126Sea Terrace
127Selkirk Avenue
128Shearwater Street
129Shirley Road
130Sioux Place
131South Joffre Street
132Stancombe Place
133Strange Street
134Sturdee Street
135Sussex Street
136Swinford Street
137Thomas Street
138Tillicum Road
139Transfer Street
140Treebank Road
141Treebank Road West
142Uganda Avenue
143Vaughan Street
144Veterans Drive
145Victoria View Road
146View Point Road
147Viewfield Road
148Warder Place
149West Bay Terrace
150Wollaston Street
151Wood Street
152Woodway Road
153Wordsley Street
154Wurtele Place
155Wychbury Avenue
156Yarrow Place

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)