List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Fort St James, British Columbia
#Street Name
12nd Avenue East
22nd Avenue West
33rd Avenue East
44th Avenue East
54th Avenue West
65th Avenue East
76th Avenue West
87th Avenue West
9Airport Road
10Alexander Street
11Anne Road
12Apollo Cut-off Forest Service Road
13Ash Street East
14Ash Street West
15Baker Drive
16Bay Lane
17Bc Spruce Road
18Bear Cub Forest Service Road
19Birch Street West
20Carrier Road
21Cedar Street West
22Chalet Drive
23Church Drive
24Claughton Road
25Colony Point Road
26Connolly Street West
27Cook Road
28Cougar Court
29Cromarty Road
30Cunningham Forest Service Road
31Dease Avenue
32Dickinson Loop Road
33Dog Creek Forest Service Road
34Dogwood Street West
35Douglas Avenue
36Douglas Lodge Road
37Eagle Court
38Eagle Drive
39Elm Street West
40Fair Road
41Falcon Court
42Felix Road
43Fir Street
44Fort Avenue
45Frost Road
46Garvie Road
47Germansen Landing Road
48Germansen Landing Road
49Goetjen Road
50Grant Road
51Greenview Drive
52Grove Street
53Hawk Road
54Heathmont Road
55Heavenor Drive
56Henry Drive
57Highway 27
58Highway 27
59Highway 27 North
60Highway 27 North
61Highway 27 South
62Highway 27 South
63Hill Drive
64Hill Road
65Hoy Subdivion Road
66Huffman Drive
67Jackpine Alley Forest Service Road
68Junkers Street
69Kalau Road
70Kenner Road
71Ketch Road
72Ketch Road
73Knots Landing
74Kring Road
75Kwah Road East
76Kwah Road West
77Lakeshore Drive
78Leal Road
79Lind Lake Pit Road
80Loon Lake Road
81Lower Road
82Luck Drive
83Malcom Road
84Manson Street
85March Road
86Markham Place
87Middle Road
88Morgan Road
89Morice Avenue
90Motiuk Road
91Mountainview Road
92Mowbay Road
93Murray Street East
94Murray Subdivision Street
95Neal Road
96Necoslie Road
97Necoslie Road
98Necoslie Road
104Oar Road
105Oben Road
106Ogden Street
107Osprey Court
108Osprey Road
109Owl Road
110Paarens Beach Provincial Pk
111Pineridge Way
112Pitka Bay Road
113Pitka Creek Forest Service Road
114Portage Street East
115Quinsam Road
116Rainbow Court
117Rainbow Road
118Resort Hill Road
119River Lane
120Riverbank Road
121Roberts Road
122Robin Road
123Roywin Road
124Russel Road
125Sampson Road
126Sandhu Road
127Schram Road
128Seaplane Road
129Simon Fraser Avenue South
130Sowchea Bay Road
131Sowchea Bay Subdivision Road
132Sowchea Road
133Sowchea Road
134Sowchea Road
135Sowchea Road
136Sowchea Road
137Spencer Pit No 2 Road
138Spencer Pit Road
139Stones Bay Road
140Stones Bay Road
141Stones Bay Subdivision Road
142Stuart Drive East
143Stuart Drive West
144Stuart Lake Lumber Road
145Stuart River Forest Service Road
146Stuart River Frontage Rd
147Sunset Court
148Sweder Road
149Tachie Road
150Takla Road
151Teardrop Forest Service Road
152Ten Mile Pit Road
153Vega Road
154Water Subdivision Loop Road
155Woodridge Road
156Woods Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)