List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Fraser Lake, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Bennet Road
2Bidwell Road
3Bisanz Road
4Carrier Crescent
5Carrier Place
6Charlie Frontage Rd
7Charlie Road
8Chilako Crescent
9Chowsunket Road
10Chowsunket Road
11Chowsunket Street
12Clearview Drive
13Cougar Street
14Dahlgren Avenue
15Dahlgren Road
16Dunee Street
17Ely Subdivision Road
18Encombe Road
19Endako Avenue
20Endako Place
21Engelson Road
22Foote Road
23Francois Drive
24Francois Lake Road
25Francois Lake Road
26Francois Lake Road
27Fraser Lake Airport Road
28Fraser Lake Airport Road
29Gala Bay Road
30Hart Road
31Highway 16
32Highway 16
33Highway 16 East
34Highway 16 East
35Holy Cross Forest Service Road
36Holy Cross-binta Forest Service Road
37Jeanine Drive
38Johnson Road
39Kent Road
40Laird Street
41Langley Avenue
42Le Poidevin Road
43Lee Subdivision Road
44Lena Road
45Leslie Road
46Lincoln Avenue
47Manca Place
48Mckenzie Road
49Mcmillan Avenue
50Molywood Drive
51Mooney Road
52Mouse Mountain Drive
53Mund Road
54Murray Street
55Nadina Crescent
56Nadina Drive
57Nadina Place
58Nithi Forest Service Road
59Nithi Pit Road
60Nithi Road
61Nithi Road
62Nithi Road
68Noveta Road
69Nulki Drive
70Oona Road
71Ootsa Place
72Ootsa Street
73Orange Valley Road
74Orion Road
75Ormiston Road
76Ormond Creek Pit Road
77Park Drive
78Park Road
79Patten Road
80Peterson Road
81Pinewood Place
82Ponsford Road
83Ray West Road
84Ridgeview Road
85Sharpe Road
86Simon Bay Road
87Simon Fraser Avenue
88South Carrier Crescent
89Steiner Road
90Steiner Road
91Stella Forest Service Road
92Stella Road
93Stella Road
94Stella Road
95Stella Road
96Stellako Avenue
97Stellako Place
98Taluk Avenue
99Taluk Crescent
100Taluk Place
101Tunasa Crescent
102Tunasa Drive
103Tunasa Place
104Yellowhead Highway
105Zeta Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)