List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Houston, British Columbia
#Street Name
110th Street
211th Street
312th Street
413th Street
514th Street
615th Street
716th Street
817th Street
93rd Street
104th Street
115th Street
126th Street
139th Street
14Aitken Road
15Alix Frontage Rd
16Alix Place
17Anderson Road
18Avalon Avenue
19Baggerman Crescent
20Baggerman Place
21Baggerman Road
22Balsam Forest Service Road
23Balsam Road
24Bardeh Road
25Barrett Hat Road
26Barrett Station Road
27Barry Smith Road
28Bellicini Pit Road
29Bellicini Place
30Bellicini Road
31Bennett Road
32Benson Avenue
33Birch Street
34Bold Road
35Buck Flats Road
36Buck Flats Road
37Buck Flats Road
38Butler Avenue
39Butler Place
40Bvc Road
41Bye Frontage Rd
42Bye Road
43Bymac Forest Service Road
44Caledonia Avenue
45Canfor Access
46Carrier Forest Service Road
47Cataline Court
48Chestnut Road
49Cooper Road
50Copeland Avenue
51Cr Matthews Road
52Craker Road
53Dielman Road
54Dominion Avenue
55Drive In Road
56Duke Avenue
57Dungate Creek Road
58Dungate Drive
59Dungate Forest Service Road
60East Valley Road
61Eichenberger Road
62Elliott Crescent
63Englemann East Road
64Equity Mine Road
65Equity Mine Road
66Equity Mine Road
67Equity Place
68Estates Drive
69Forsyth Road
70Frontier Avenue
71Gillespie Road
72Goold Road
73Grenada Road
74Grouse Road
75Gun Range Road
76Gushwa Crescent
77Gushwa Road
78Haftner Road
79Hagman Crescent
80Hagman Road
81Harding Road
82Harmatti Road
83Harvie Road
84Hazel Road
85Heading Creek Forest Service Road
86Hidden Lake Forest Service Road
87Highway 16
88Highway 16 East
89Highway 16 East
90Highway 16 East
91Highway 16 East
92Highway 16 East
93Highway 16 Frontage Rd
94Highway 16 West
95Highway 16 West
96Highway Crescent
97Hols Road
98Houston Airport Road
99Hungerford Drive
100Hungry Hill Way
101Jewel Road
102Kanata Avenue
103Klocreek Forest Service Road
104Knockholt Loop Road
105Knockholt Loop Road
106Lahti Road
107Law Avenue
108Lieuwen West
109Lund Road
110Mainline Forest Service Road
111Mckilligan Forest Service Road
112Mckilligan Road
113Mcneil Road
114Merkley Frontage Rd
115Michell Bay Forest Service Road
116Michell Bay Forest Service Road
117Michell Bay Forest Service Road
118Middleton Road
119Montan Road
120Morgan Frontage Rd
121Morgan Road
122Morice Gold Forest Service Road
123Morice Owen Forest Service Road
124Morice River Road
125Morice River Road
126Morice River Road
127Morice Telkwa Forest Service Road
128Morice Telkwa Forest Service Road
129Mount Davis Road
130Mountain View Drive
131Mt Davis Way
132Mud Lake Road
133Nadina Avenue
134Nadina Place
135Nadina Way
141North Bulkley Post Office Road
142North Copeland Avenue
143North Nadina Avenue
144Norwood Street
145Olsson Road
146Omineca Crescent
147Omineca Place
148Omineca Way
149Parish Road
150Parish Road
151Park Lane
152Parrott Trail Forest Service Road
153Pearson Road
154Pineridge Road
155Pioneer Road
156Poplar Street
157Poulton Avenue
158Rail Street
159Riverbank Drive
160Roses Road
161Roys Avenue
162Seinen Road
163Snake Nation Road
164Star Street
165Sullivan Way
166Summit Lake Road
167Summit Lake Road East
168Summit Lake Road West
169Sunset Forest Service Road
170Sunset Lake Road
171Teer Road
172Thekent Forest Service Road
173Thekent Forest Service Road
174Tweedie Avenue
175Upper Dungate Forest Service Road
176Vanderploeg Road
177Vanderwijk Road
178Viewmont Court
179Vriend Road
180Walcott Road
181Walker Road
182West 13th Street
183West 14th Street
184West 15th Street
185West 3rd Street
186West 5th Street
187West 6th Street
188Westview Estates Road
189Williams Crescent
190Winter Avenue
191Yellowhead Highway

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)