List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Invermere, British Columbia
#Street Name
110a Avenue
210th Avenue
310th Street
411th Avenue
512a Avenue
612th Avenue
712th Street
813th Avenue
913th Street
1014a Crescent
1114th Avenue
1214th Street
1315th Avenue
1415th Street
1516th Street
1617a Street
1717th Street
1818th Street
191a Avenue
201st Street
2120th Street
2221st Street
2323a Street
242nd Avenue
252nd Street
263rd Avenue
274th Avenue
284th Street
295th Avenue
305th Street
316th Avenue
326th Street
337a Avenue
347th Avenue
357th Street
368th Avenue
379th Avenue
389th Street
39Beach Drive
40Bear Mountain Forest Service Road
41Blair Street
42Borden Street
43Canyon View Road
44Canyon View Run
45Carpenters Lane
46Cartwright Street
47Castle Rock Trail
48Castlestone Boulevard
49Castlestone Drive
50Clover Road
51Cobblestone Circle
52Cobblestone Trail
53Coy Road
54Edgell Road
55Eileen Road
56Houlgrave Road
57Houlgrave Road
58Hydro Substation Road
59Industrial 1 Road
60Industrial 2 Road
61Industrial 3 Road
62Industrial 4 Road
63John Woods Road
64Johnston Road
65Johnston Road
66Lake Lillian Recourse
67Lakeview Lane
68Lanac Road
69Laurier Street
70Ledgerock Court
71Ledgerock Ridge
72Lillian Road
73Marshall Road
74Mulock Street
75Muskrat Road
76Neave Road
77Nichol Road
82Paddy Road
83Panorama Drive
84Pine Ridge Drive
85Pine Ridge Mountain Gate
86Pine Ridge Mountain Link
87Pine Ridge Mountain Place
88Pine Ridge Mountain Run
89Pine Ridge Mountain Trail
90Pineridge Drive
91Pinetree Place
92Pinetree Road
93Potter Road
94Quince Road
95Rad Road
96Riverrock Way
97Ruault Road
98Rushmere Road
99Sandstone Circle
100Sandstone Court
101Sandstone Green
102Sandstone Manor
103Sandstone Mews
104Sandwell Road
105Secret Road
106Sifton Street
107Somerville Road
108Stark Drive
109Stoddart Road
110Tarte Street
111Toby Creek Road
112Toby Creek Road
113Toby Creek Road
114Toby Hill Road
115Veysey Road
116Westridge Drive
117Westridge Place
118Westridge View
119Westridge Way
120Westside Park Avenue
121Westside Park Drive
122Westside Park View
123Westside Road
124Westside Road
125Westside Road
126Young Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)