List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Kitimat, British Columbia
#Street Name
12nd Street
23rd Street
34th Street
45th Street
56th Street
67th Street
78th Street
89th Street
9A Road
10Albatross Avenue
11Alcan Way
12Alexander Avenue
13Amos Street
14Anderson Street
15Angle Street
16B Road
17Babine Street
18Baker Street
19Banyay Avenue
20Bartholomew Street
21Baxter Avenue
22Bayer Street
23Bill Rich Pk
24Bish Creek Forest Service Road
25Bish Mainline
26Bittern Street
27Blueberry Avenue
28Brant Street
29Braun Street
30Bulkley Street
31Bunting Street
32C Road
33Capilano Street
34Carlson Street
35Carswell Street
36Char Street
37Charles Street
38Chilko Street
39Chinook Avenue
40City Centre
41Clifford Street
42Coho Avenue
43Commercial Avenue
44Cormorant Avenue
45Cranberry Street
46Creed Street
47Currie Street
48D Road
49Dadook Street
50Davy Crescent
51Dease Street
52Deville Crescent
53Dewberry Street
54Dolly Varden Street
55Drake Street
56Driftwood Street
57Duncan Street
58Dunn Street
59Dyke Road
60Eagle Street
61East Columbia Avenue
62East Road
63Egret Street
64Enterprise Avenue
65Eurocan Way
66F Road
67Farrow Street
68Finch Street
69Forest Avenue
70Fulmar Street
71G Road
72Gander Crescent
73Gannet Crescent
74Grebe Street
75Greyling Avenue
76Grouse Street
77Gull Street
78Gwyn Street
79Gyrfalcon Avenue
80H Road
81Haisla Avenue
82Haisla Boulevard
83Haisla Boulevard
84Halibut Street
85Hallman Street
86Harbour Road
87Hawk Street
88Heron Street
89Highway 37
90Highway 37
91Humphrys Bridge South
92Industrial Avenue
93J Road
94Kechika Street
95Kingfisher Avenue
96Kitamaat Village Road
97Kitimat River Hatchery Access Road
98Kitlope Street
99Kokanee Avenue
100Konigus Street
101Kootenay Street
102Kuldo Boulevard
103Legion Road
104Liard Street
105Lillooet Crescent
106Little Wedeene Street
107Mallard Street
108Margetts Street
109Meldrum Street
110Minette Bay Road
111Moore Street
112Morgan Street
113Mountainview Square
114Nadina Street
115Nalabila Boulevard
116Nalbeelah Bridge South
117Nass Street
118Nechako Centre
119Nightingale Street
123North Anderson Mainline
124North Kitimat Forest Service Road
125North Lahakas Boulevard
126Ocelot Road
127Ochwe Street
128Oersted Street
129Okanagan Street
130Omenica Street
131Oolichan Avenue
132Oriole Street
133Osprey Street
134Partridge Street
135Petrel Street
136Pintail Street
137Plover Street
138Ptarmigan Street
139Quail Street
140Quatsino Boulevard
141Radley Park Access Road
142Railway Avenue
143Rainbow Boulevard
144Raley Street
145Saguenay Street
146Sandhill Way
147Saunders Haul Road
148Skeena Street
149Smith Street
150South Lahakas Boulevard
151Sparks Avenue
152Starling Street
153Station Street
154Stein Street
155Stickney Street
156Stikine Street
157Sturgeon Street
158Swallow Street
159Swan Street
160Swannell Street
161Teal Street
162Tsimshian Boulevard
163Turney Street
164Tweedsmuir Avenue
165Wakashan Avenue
166Wakita Avenue
167Wedeene Street
168West Columbia Avenue
169White Street
170Whittlesey Street
171Widgeon Street
172Williscroft Street
173Wohler Street
174Wozney Street
175Wren Street
176Yukon Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)