List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Lillooet, British Columbia
#Street Name
110th Avenue
211th Avenue
312th Avenue
414th Avenue
515th Avenue
616th Avenue
717th Avenue
830 Mile Road
94th Avenue
105th Avenue
116th Avenue
127th Avenue
138th Avenue
149th Avenue
15Airport Road
16Ama Creek Road
17Angus Murry Road
18Bear Paw Lane
19Bear Pond Road
20Bouvette Road
21Bridge River Road
22Bridge River Road
23Bridge River Road
24Brown Road
25Cayoosh Lane
26Chenault Pit Road
27Church Lane
28Columbia Street
29Cook Road
30Davidson Crescent
31Davis Road
32Deste Road
33Discovery Drive
34Eagleson Crescent
35East Lillooet Road
36Felix Street
37Fleming Place
38Fleming Road
39Foster Drive
40Fountain Valley Road
41Fountain Valley Road
42Fountain Valley Road
43Frantzen Road
44Fraser Crescent
45Fraserview Street
46Garden Street
47Gott Place
48Hangmans Lane
49Haylmore Place
50Highway 12
51Highway 12
52Highway 12
53Highway 12
54Highway 99
55Highway 99
56Highway 99
57Highway 99 North
58Highway 99 South
59Highway 99 South
60Highway 99 South
61Highway 99 South
62Hillcrest Drive
63Hoey Place
64Hollywood Crescent
65Homestead Road
66Hunt Road
67Industrial Place
68Jack Road
69Jones Road
70Jorgenson Road
71Joseph Road
72Kaser Lane
73Kennedy Road
74Kirbys Flat Road
75Landfill Road
76Lochore Creek Forest Service Road
77Main Street
78Manson Road
79Mcewen Road
80Mckay Road
81Mcnary Road
82Mitchell Road
83Moha Road
84Moon Creek Road
85Moran Place
86Mountainview Road
87Mtn Jenny Crescent
88Munson Road
89Murray Street
90Napoleon Drive
91Napoleon Road
92Napoleon Street
93Nate Place
99Old Bridge Road
100Orchard Drive
101Panorama Lane
102Panorama Terrace
103Paospel Road
104Park Drive
105Paul Street
106Phair Road
107Pine Grove Street
108Pine Ridge Road
109Pine Street
110Pit House Road
111Powerhouse Road
112Purvis Road
113Rancherie Drive
114Retasket Drive
115Reynolds Road
116Riverside Road
117Roshard Road
118Russell Lane
119Russell Street
120Rusty Creek Road
121Scotchman Road
122Seton Lake Road
123Seton Lake Road
124Short Road
125Sobotka Road
126Stone Place
127Summers Street
128Sumner Road
129Sundial Drive
130T And T Road
131Taylor Road
132Texas Creek Forest Service Road
133Texas Creek Road
134Texas Creek Road
135Texas Creek Road
136Toms Pit Road
137Victoria Street
138Welsman Road
139West Pavilion Road
140Whitney Road
141Wrights Road
142Yalakom River Forest Service Road
143Yalakom Road
144Yalakom Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)