List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Lumby, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Albers Road
2Arbutus Road
3Balsam Lane
4Banner Road
5Barnes Road
6Bear Valley Road
7Bell Avenue
8Bessette Street
9Bigg Road
10Birch Road
11Bloom Road
12Blue Springs Road
13Bobbie Burns Road
14Bobbie Burns Road
15Brookfield Road
16Candide Drive
17Cartwright Road
18Catt Avenue
19Cedar Ridge Court
20Cedar Ridge Street
21Christian Road
22Conn Road
23Cooper Road
24Creighton Valley Road
25Creighton Valley Road
26Derry Lane
27Deuling Road
28Duke Lane
29Dure Meadow Road
30Dyffryn Road
31East Highway 6
32East Highway 6
33Eastwood Road
34Fairview Lane
35Faulkner Avenue
36Fir Avenue
37Fiset Road
38Franklyn Road
39Fraser Road
40Gallon Avenue
41Genier Street
42Gibson Road
43Glencaird Street
44Gordon Road
45Grandview Avenue
46Haller Street
47Harris Creek Road
48Headgates Road
49Heather Road
50Heighway Crescent
51Highway 6
52Highway 6
53Highway 6
54Highway 6
55Highway 6
56Hooplof Road
57Horner Road
58Horner Road
59Hurt Road
60Industrial Avenue
61Kerby Road
62Ladyslipper Road
63Lawrence Road
64Leblanc Street
65Lewis Road
66Linea Crescent
67Lions Lane
68Lossie Creek
69Louie View Drive
70Lumby Mabel Lake Road
71Lumby Mabel Lake Road
72Lumby Mabel Lake Road
73Lumby Mabel Lake Road
74Lumby Mabel Lake Road
75Mabel Lake Forest Service Road
76Maple Street
77Mcinnes Road
78Mcquinna Road
79Mill Street
80Miller Street
81Millers Road
82Montgomery Road
83Mountain View Avenue
84Nicklen Road
87Norris Avenue
88Park Avenue
89Pemberton Road
90Pine Avenue
91Powell Road
92Procter Road
93Quesnel Road
94Rangeview Road
95Rawlings Lake Road
96Riggins Road
97Saddleview Avenue
98Sadler Road
99Schunter Drive
100Schwartz Road
101Shafer Road
102Shields Avenue
103Shuswap Avenue
104Shuswap Falls Drive
105Shuswap Lane
106Sigalet Road
107Silver Hills Road
108Skyview Crescent
109Spruce Avenue
110Squaw Valley Road
111Squaw Valley Road
112Taylor Creek Forest Service Road
113Timothy Road
114Trinity Valley Road
115Turnbull Road
116Vale Avenue
117Valeview Road
118Vernon Street
119Westwood Road
120Whitevale Road
121Whitevale Road
122Whitevale Road
123Woods Lane

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)