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List of Street Maps in Lytton, British Columbia
#Street Name
118 Mile Road
21st Street
32nd Street
43rd Street
54th Street
65th Street
76 Mile Road
86th Street
97th Street
10Adams Road
11Alkali Road
12Alonzo Way
13Botanie Road
14Botanie Road
15Cisco Siding Road
16Dipping Road
17Drynock Road
18Dunstan Road
19Florence Road
20Fountain Creek Road
21Fraser Street
22George Road
23Gladwin Mhp
24Gladwin Road
25Graw Road
26Green Meadows Road
27Haffter Road
28Hance Road
29Hance Road
30Hanna Road
31Hat Creek Road
32Ir 17 Road
33James Road
34Kanaka Station Road
35Kent Road
36Kirbys Flat Road
37Kitzowit Road
38Laluwissin Creek Forest Service Road
39Lehman Road West
40Lochore Creek Forest Service Road
41Loring Way
42Loring Way East
43Loring Way West
44Lytton Ferry Road
45Lytton-lillooet Highway No 12
46Lytton-lillooet Highway No 12
47Lytton-lillooet Highway No 12
48Lytton-lillooet Highway No 12
49Main Street
50Mcintyre Road
51Mckay Road
55North Spencer Road
56North Spencer Road
57North Spencer Road
58Old Trans Canada Highway
59Old Wagon Road
60Paul Road
61Peters Road
62Peters Road
63Ponderosa Height
64Quinn Road
65Rex Road
66River Drive
67Rough Creek Forest Service Road
68Rw Road
69Seniors Road
70Siwash Road
71Skuppah Place
72Skuppah Road
73Snake Flat Road
74South Spencer Road
75Spence Road
76Spencer Road
77Spinks Road
78Splintlum Road
79Spud Road
80St Georges Road
81Station Street
82Stein Trail Road
83Texas Creek Road
84Texas Creek Road
85Texas Creek Road
86Texas Della Nesikep Forest Service Road
87Three Mile Road
88Trans-canada Highway
89Trans-canada Highway No 1
90Trans-canada Highway No 1
91Trans-canada Highway No 1 North
92Trans-canada Highway No 1 North
93Transition Road
94Two Mile Road
95West Lane

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)