List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in McBride, British Columbia
#Street Name
11st Avenue
22nd Avenue
33rd Avenue
44th Avenue
55th Avenue
6Abby Road
7Airport Road
8Airport Road East
9Alder Road
10Arbour Road
11Barnes Road
12Bcfs Mcbride Rap Attack Base Access Road
13Bell Mountain Road
14Bevier Road
15Bircher Road
16Bluff Road
17Bridge Road
18Brownlee Road
19Castle Creek Forest Service Road
20Clyde Pit Road
21Columbia Street
22Crescent Lake Road
23Dominion Crescent
24Dominion Street
25Doran Road
26Dore River Forest Service Road
27Dore River Road
28Dorval Place
29Dorval Road
30Dyke Road
31Eddy Road
32Eddy Road
33Eddy Road
34Garrett Road
35Goat Forest Service Road
36Goat River East Pit Road
37Highway 16
38Highway 16
39Highway 16
40Highway 16
41Hinkelman Road
42Hinkleman Road
43Holdway Street
44Horseshoe Lake Road
45Jeck Road
46Jensen Road
47Jervis Road
48King Street
49Koeneman Road
50Kolida Street
51Laing Road
52Lamco Road
53Lamming Pit Road
54Legrand Access Road
55Legrand Road
56Little Bell Road
57Little Falls Pit Road
58Lonsdale Street
59Lucille Mountain Mainline
60Main Street
61Martinson Road
62Mcbride Crescent
63Mcbride Highway 16 East
64Mcbride Highway 16 East
65Mcbride Highway 16 East
66Mcbride Highway 16 East
67Mcbride Highway 16 West
68Mcbride Highway 16 West
69Mcbride Highway 16 West
70Mcbride Highway 16 West
71Mcbride Highway 16 West
72Mcbride Highway 16 West
73Mcbride South Road
74Mina Road
75Mintz Road
76Morgan Road
77Mount Road
78Mountain Ash Road
79Mountain View Road
80Mountain View Road
81Mountain View Road
82Museum Road
87North East Frontage Rd
88North West Frontage Rd
89Plantway Road
90Pool Road
91Queen Street
92Rainbow Road
93Raven Road
94Red Trail Road
95River Bend Road
97Rocky View Road
98Sansom Road
99Shelby Road
100Shovar Road
101South East Frontage Rd
102South West Frontage Rd
103Taggart Lane
104Titryn Road
105Viking Road
106Westlund Road
107Westlund West Road
108Wheeler Road
109Zeidler Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)