List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Mill Bay, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Alget Road
2Arbutus Terrace
3Arken Terrace
4Bakerview Road
5Bamberton Road
6Baptiste Road
7Barry Road
8Bay Bluff Place
9Bay Road
10Benko Road
11Bidston Road
12Blairgowrie Road
13Boompond Road
14Boulding Road
15Bourban Road
16Briarwood Crescent
17Briarwood Drive
18Brulette Place
19Bucktail Road
20Butterfield Road
21Cameron-taggart Road
22Cayman Place
23Church Way
24Cobble Hill Road
25Cool Brook Place
26Coopers Hawk Rise
27Copley Place
28Dagall Road
29Deerwood Place
30Deloume Road
31Fawn Road
32Fawn Terrace
33Fern Ridge Drive
34Ferry Road
35Frayne Road
36Gatewheel Road
37Gibbs Place
38Gillespie Place
39Glen Lane
40Glendoik Way
41Goulet Road
42Handy Road
43Holford Road
44Holling Road
45Homewood Place
46Horton Road
47Huckleberry Road
48Hunter Place
49Inlet Drive
50Jeskin Drive
51Kay Place
52Kearney Place
53Keir Road
54Keparo Road
55Kilipi Road
56Kilmalu Road
57Kinfauns Terrace
58Kinnoull Crescent
59La Fortune Road
60Lashburn Road
61Liggett Road
62Lilmac Road
63Lions Cove
64Lodgepole Road
65Maple Leaf Road
66Mathew Place
67Mcclaren Road
68Mckay Road
69Meadow Place
70Melfort Place
71Memory Lane
72Meredith Road
73Mill Bay Offramp Road
74Mill Bay Onramp Road
75Mill Bay Road
76Misty Glen Place
77Moore Road
78Morris Place
79Mt Baker Road
80Mutter Road
81Nightingale Road
84Noowick Road
85Oceanside Lane
86Partridge Road
87Pemberton Road
88Pratt Road
89Prospect Road
90Royalta Road
91Rozon Road
92Sandy Beach Road
93Sangster Road
94Scollard Road
95Seaview Road
96Sentinel Drive
97Sera Lane
98Shawnigan Lake-mill Bay Road
99Sheppard Road
100Shorewood Road
101Solarium Road
102Springbank Place
103Staats Place
104Stogrin Road
105Stubbs Road
106Sylvania Place
107Tara Lane
108Telegraph Road
109Tercel Court
110Thunder Road
111Trans-canada Highway
112Trowsse Offramp Road
113Trowsse Onramp Road
114Trowsse Road
115Tutor Road
116Voutrait Road
117Wade Place
118Waterman Road
119Welch Road
120Whiskey Point Road
121Wilkinson Road
122Wiltshire Road
123Windsong Place

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)