List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Nakusp, British Columbia
#Street Name
110th Avenue Northwest
213th Avenue Northwest
313th Street Northwest
415th Avenue Northwest
516th Avenue Northwest
61st Avenue Northeast
71st Avenue Northwest
81st Avenue Southwest
91st Street Southeast
1023rd Street Northwest
112nd Avenue Northeast
122nd Avenue Northwest
132nd Avenue Southwest
142nd Street Southeast
153a Avenue Northwest
163rd Avenue Northwest
173rd Avenue Southwest
183rd Street Northwest
194th Avenue Northwest
204th Avenue Southwest
214th Street Northwest
225th Avenue Northwest
235th Avenue Southwest
245th Street Northwest
256th Avenue Northwest
266th Avenue Southwest
276th Street Northwest
287th Avenue Northwest
297th Avenue Southwest
308th Avenue Northwest
318th Avenue Southwest
329a Avenue Northwest
339th Avenue Northwest
34Airport Road
35Alexander Road
36Allshouse Road
37Baerg Forest Service Road
38Bartley Road
39Bayles Road
40Bayview Road
41Bayview Stub Road North
42Bayview Stub Road South
43Beech Road
44Billings Road
45Bird Road
46Broadway Street East
47Broadway Street West
48Brouse Loop Road
49Browns Road
50Butnham Road
51Canyon Offramp Road
52Charles Road
53Churchill Offramp Road
54Churchill Onramp Road
55Churchill Road
56Columbia Crescent
57Cotswold Road
58Crescent Bay Road
59Donnellys Road
60Eagles Nest Road
61East Highway 6
62East Highway 6
63East Highway 6
64East Highway 6
65East Highway 6
66East Highway 6 Onramp
67Foxglove Road
68Gensick Road
69Glenacres Road
70Glenbank Road
71Guidon Road
72Halcyon Road
73Henke Road
74Heppner Road
75Herridge Road
76Highway 23
77Highway 23
78Highway 6
79Hot Springs Road
80Hot Springs Road
81Kangaroo Trail
82Kingfisher Road
83Lower Crescent Bay Road
84Matchett Road
85Mcdonald Creek Forest Service Road
86Morton Road
87Nakusp East Road
88Nelson Avenue North
89Nelson Avenue Southwest
92Shakespeare Road
93Spains Road
94Summit Lake Forest Service Road
95Upper Brouse Road
96Waterfield Road
97Wells Road
98Wildwood Road
99Wilson Lake Road
100Zacks Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)