List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in New Westminster, British Columbia
#Street Name
122nd St Station Loop
2Agnes Street
3Albert Crescent
4Alberta Street
5Alexander Street
6Allen Street
7Allison Place
8Amess Street
9Anthony Court
10Arbutus Street
11Archer Lane
12Archer Street
13Ash Street
14Auckland Street
15Augusta Street
16Basran Avenue
17Begbie Street
18Belleville Street
19Belmont Street
20Belyea Street
21Bent Court
22Beth Street
23Blackberry Drive
24Blackford Street
25Blackie Street
26Blackley Street
27Blackman Street
28Blackwood Street
29Blair Avenue
30Bole Street
31Bonson Street
32Boundary Road
33Bowler Street
34Boyd Street
35Boyne Street
36Braid Station
37Braid Street
38Brandon Street
39Brantford Street
40Brookes Street
41Brunette Avenue
42Buchanan Avenue
43Burnaby Street
44Burr Street
45Bushby Street
46Cameron Street
47Campbell Street
48Canfor Avenue
49Canil Avenue
50Capilano Way
51Cariboo Street
52Carnarvon Street
53Carnegie Street
54Carroll Street
55Carter Street
56Cedar Street
57Cherry Street
58Chestnut Street
59Chilliwack Street
60Church Street
61Churchill Avenue
62Clarkson Street
63Clinton Place
64Clute Street
65Coburg Street
66Colborne Street
67Colby Street
68College Court
69Columbia Street
70Cornwall Street
71Courtney Crescent
72Crane Place
73Cumberland Street
74Cunningham Street
75Curnew Street
76Dan Lee Avenue
77Dawe Street
78Debeck Street
79Derwent Way
80Devoy Street
81Dickenson Street
82Dixon Street
83Dockside Court
84Downie Street
85Dublin Street
86Dufferin Street
87Duncan Street
88Durham Street
89East Columbia Street
90East Durham Street
91East Eighth Avenue
92East Royal Avenue
93East Seventh Avenue
94East Sixth Avenue
95East Tenth Avenue
96Eckert Avenue
97Eddie Drive
98Edinburgh Street
99Edworthy Way
100Eighteenth Street
101Eighth Avenue
102Eighth Avenue
103Eighth Street
104Eleventh Street
105Elgin Street
106Elliot Street
107Elmer Street
108Emory Street
109Ewen Avenue
110Fader Street
111Fairweather Lane
112Fenton Street
113Fifteenth Street
114Fifth Avenue
115Fifth Street
116First Street
117Fisher Street
118Foundry Row
119Fourteenth Street
120Fourth Avenue
121Fourth Street
122Francis Way
123Front Street
124Fulton Street
125Furness Street
126Galbraith Avenue
127Garfield Street
128Garrett Street
129Gifford Place
130Gifford Street
131Gilley Street
132Ginger Drive
133Glen Court
134Glenbrook Drive
135Gloucester Street
136Glover Avenue
137Governors Court
138Granville Street
139Griffiths Place
140Hamilton Street
141Hampton Street
142Harvey Street
143Hastings Street
144Hendry Place
145Henley Street
146Highway 1a
147Highway 91
148Highway 91a
149Hill Street
150Holland Street
151Holly Avenue
152Holmes Street
153Hospital Street
154Hoult Street
155Howay Street
156Howes Offramp Street
157Howes Onramp Street
158Howes Street
159Hume Lane
160Hume Street
161Jack Mahony Place
162Jackson Crescent
163Jamieson Court
164Jardine Street
165Jensen Street
166Johnston Street
167K De K Court
168Kamloops Street
169Keary Street
170Kelly Street
171Kelvin Street
172Kennedy Street
173Kent Street
174Kingston Street
175Knox Street
176Kwantlen Court
177Ladner Street
178Laguna Court
179Lancaster Street
180Laurel Street
181Lawrence Street
182Lee Street
183Leopold Place
184Levi Street
185Lidster Place
186Liverpool Street
187London Place
188London Street
189Lorne Mews
190Lorne Street
191Louellen Street
192Major Street
193Manitoba Street
194Maple Street
195Marine Drive
196Marine Way
197Massey Street
198Mayes Street
199Mcbride Boulevard
200Mcdonald Street
201Mcgillivray Place
202Mcinnes Street
203Mckay Street
204Mckenzie Street
205Mcmartin Street
206Mcneely Street
207Mcphaden Street
208Mead Street
209Memorial Drive
210Mercer Street
211Merivale Street
212Milton Street
213Miner Street
214Moody Street
215Mott Crescent
216Mowat Street
217Nanaimo Street
218Napanee Street
219New Westminster Station
220Nineteenth Street
221Ninth Avenue
222Ninth Street
225Nootka Street
226Oak Street
227Oakland Street
228Oliver Street
229Ontario Street
230Osborne Avenue
231Ovens Avenue
232Oxford Street
233Park Crescent
234Park Row
235Pearce Street
236Pearson Street
237Peele Street
238Pembina Street
239Phillips Street
240Pier Place
241Pine Street
242Prescott Street
243Pretty Court
244Princess Street
245Quayside Drive
246Quebec Street
247Queens Avenue
248Queens Pk
249Rama Avenue
250Ramage Street
251Regina Street
252Reliance Court
253Renaissance Square
254Rennie Place
255Rialto Court
256Richmond Street
257Rickman Place
258River Drive
259Robson Avenue
260Ross Drive
261Rousseau Street
262Royal Avenue
263Salter Street
264Sandringham Avenue
265Sangster Place
266Sapper Street
267Sarnia Street
268School Street
269Scott Street
270Second Street
271Seventeenth Street
272Seventh Avenue
273Seventh Avenue
274Seventh Street
275Seymour Court
276Sharpe Street
277Shaw Street
278Sherbrooke Street
279Shiles Street
280Simpson Street
281Sinclair Avenue
282Sixteenth Street
283Sixth Avenue
284Sixth Street
285Smokey Smith Place
286South Dyke Road
287Spagnol Street
288Sparks Court
289Sprice Street
290Spruce Street
291St Andrews Street
292St George Street
293St Marys Street
294St Patrick Street
295Stanley Street
296Star Crescent
297Stewardson Way
298Strand Avenue
299Surrey Street
300Suzuki Street
301Sydney Street
302Tenth Avenue
303Tenth Avenue
304Tenth Street
305Third Avenue
306Third Street
307Thirteenth Street
308Townsend Place
309Trapp Road
310Twelfth Street
311Twentieth Street
312Twenty-first Street
313Twenty-second Street
314Twenty-third Street
315United Boulevard
316Vancouver Street
317Victoria Street
318Viscount Place
319Vulcan Street
320Walmsley Street
321Ward Street
322Warren Avenue
323Wellington Street
324Wells Gray Place
325Welsh Street
326Westminster Highway
327William Street
328Wilson Street
329Windsor Street
330Winthrop Street
331Wood Street
332York Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)