List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in North Saanich, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Aboyne Avenue
2Acorn Place
3Alder Road
4Aldous Terrace
5Alec Road
6Amity Drive
7Amity Offramp Drive
8Amity Onramp Drive
9Anson Drive
10Ardmore Drive
11Aurora Place
12Avenger Way
13Bakerview Place
14Ballenas Place
15Balsam Road
16Barkley Place
17Barnacle Road
18Barrett Drive
19Basswood Road
20Baxendale Road
21Bayfield Road
22Bazan Bay Road
23Beach Road
24Beaumaris Place
25Bexley Terrace
26Birch Road
27Blue Heron Road
28Bluebell Place
29Boas Road
30Bob Lane
31Bourne Terrace
32Bradley Dyne Road
33Braemar Avenue
34Briarwood Place
35Brickley Close
36Burgoyne Place
37Burrows Lane
38Calypso Lane
39Camas Drive
40Canoe Cove Road
41Canora Loop
42Canora Road
43Canso Road
44Cardinal Close
45Carmanah Terrace
46Carnoustie Crescent
47Cascara Crescent
48Cathedral Place
49Cedar Lane
50Ch-et Moogh Place
51Chalet Road
52Charmore Place
53Che-et-moogh Lane
54Chinook Place
55Chipmunk Court
56Clayton Road
57Cloake Hill Road
58Coal Point Lane
59Colburne Place
60Convair Place
61Cordero Crescent
62Cove Crescent
63Cresswell Drive
64Cresswell Road
65Cromar Road
66Cromarty Avenue
67Curteis Road
68Cypress Road
69Dakota Road
70Dalkeith Avenue
71Dallain Place
72Dawson Way
73Dean Park Road
74Deception Place
75Deep Cove Road
76Derrick Road
77Dickson Avenue
78Dogwood Road
79Dolphin Road
80Downey Road
81Dunne Road
82Eagle Way
83East Saanich Road
84Ebor Terrace
85Echo Place East
86Echo Place West
87Elderberry Way
88Electra Boulevard
89Emard Terrace
90Eventide Road
91Fairfax Place
92Falkirk Avenue
93Fernie Wynd Road
94Finlay Lane
95Forest Park Drive
96Forest Park Place
97Frizell Road
98Georgia View Place
99Glamorgan Road
100Glenelg Avenue
101Glynnwood Park Road
102Graham Avenue
103Greenpark Drive
104Griggs Terrace
105Gullhaven Road
106Hampden Road
107Haro Park Terrace
108Hartfell Avenue
109Harvard Road
110Hasquiat Place
111Hawthorne Place
112Heather Road
113Hedgerow Drive
114Hedgerow Place
115Hickory Drive
116Highview Place
117Highway 17a
118Hillgrove Road
119Honeysuckle Place
120Howcrest Road
121Hummingbird Place
122Hurricane Road
123Inverness Road
124Inwood Road
125John Offramp Road
126John Road
127Junco Road
128Jupata Way
129Jura Road
130Kalitan Road
131Kanishay Road
132Kedge Anchor Road
133Kingcome Crescent
134Kispiox Place
135Kittiwake Place
136Kittyhawk Road
137Kitwanga Place
138Kleewyck Road
139Lands End Offramp Road
140Lands End Onramp Road
141Lands End Road
142Lands End Road
143Langara Place
144Larkspur Lane
145Laurel Road
146Leal Road
147Lines Road
148Little John Farm
149Littlewood Place
150Littlewood Road
151Llewellyn Place
152Lochside Drive
153Lopez Place
154Lowe Road
155Lysander Lane
156Madrona Drive
157Mainwaring Road
158Maple Road
159Marina Way
160Marshall Road
161Marti Lane
162Mayneview Terrace
163Mcdonald Park Offramp Road
164Mcdonald Park Onramp Road
165Mcdonald Park Road
166Mcmicken Road
167Mctavish Road
168Meadland Road
169Meldram Drive
170Mills Road
171Mink Road
172Minstrel Place
173Mistvale Place
174Mitchell Road
175Moresby Park Terrace
176Moses Point Road
177Moxon Terrace
178Mulberry Place
179Munro Road
180Nash Place
181Neptune Road
182Nitinat Road
184Nootka Road
185Norris Road
186Norseman Road
187North Ridge Road
188Oceanspray Drive
189Orcas Park Terrace
190Oriole Lane
191Osprey Place
192Pachena Place
193Park Pacific Terrace
194Patricia Bay Highway
195Pauquachin Lane
196Pender Lane
197Pender Park Drive
198Peregrine Place
199Piers Road
200Pinetree Road
201Porlier Place
202Portland Place
203Prentice Place
204Pylades Place
205Quatsino Drive
206Randles Lane
207Ravenscroft Place
208Readings Drive
209Redbud Place
210Richland Place
211Rideau Avenue
212Rockwood Road
213Rosborough Road
214Salal Place
215Salem Terrace
216Salish Place
217Sandover Crescent
218Sandpiper Close
219Sangster Road
220Sansum Park Drive
221Seabreeze Road
222Seacliffe Road
223Sentinel Place
224Setchell Road
225Shearwater Terrace
226Sonora Park Place
227Spieden Place
228Stranraer Road
229Stuart Park Terrace
230Sumac Drive
231Sunbird Crescent
232Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal
233Swartz Bay Passenger Loop
234Swartz Bay Road
235Sycamore Drive
236Sycamore Place
237Sylvan Place
238Tanager Road
239Tapping Road
240Tatlow Road
241Telsan Avenue
242Telson Avenue
243Tern Place
244Texada Terrace
245Theh Le Lum Lane
246Totem Lane
247Townee Road
248Towner Park Road
249Towner Road
250Treadwell Drive
251Tribune Terrace
252Trident Place
253Trillium Place
254Trincomali Terrace
255Tryon Place
256Tryon Road
257Tsaykum Road
258Tuam Road
259Tumbo Place
260Turnberry Place
261Wain Offramp Road
262Wain Onramp Road
263Wain Overpass Road
264Wain Road
265Wardle Road
266West Saanich Road
267Westview Place
268Widgeon Drive
269Williams Road
270Willingdon Road
271Willow Lane
272Willow Road
273Wilson Road
274Wincott Road
275Woodcreek Drive
276Woodcreek Place
277Woodpecker Place
278Xpaen Lane

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)