List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Oak Bay, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Allenby Street
2Anscomb Place
3Arden Road
4Armstrong Avenue
5Ashdowne Road
6Avondale Road
7Barkley Terrace
8Bartlett Avenue
9Beach Drive
10Beaverbrooke Place
11Bee Street
12Beresford Street
13Bowker Avenue
14Bowker Place
15Brighton Avenue
16Broom Road
17Burdick Avenue
18Byng Street
19Byron Street
20Cadboro Bay Road
21Cardiff Place
22Cardigan Road
23Carnarvon Street
24Carrick Street
25Cattle Point Lookout Road
26Cavendish Avenue
27Cedar Hill Cross Road
28Central Avenue
29Chaucer Street
30Chiltern Place
31Christie Way
32Clive Drive
33Cookman Street
34Cotswold Road
35Cranleigh Place
36Cranmore Road
37Crescent Road
38Crestview Road
39Cubbon Drive
40Currie Road
41Dalhousie Street
42Deal Street
43Denison Place
44Denison Road
45Devon Road
46Dewdney Avenue
47Dorset Road
48Dover Road
49Dryfe Street
50Dufferin Avenue
51Dundrum Road
52Dunlevy Street
53Earn Street
54Eastdowne Road
55Edgecliffe Place
56Elgin Road
57Epworth Street
59Estevan Avenue
60Exeter Road
61Fair Street
62Falkland Place
63Falkland Road
64Florence Street
65Foul Bay Road
66Frederick Norris Place
67Frederick Norris Road
68Gibbs Road
69Goldsmith Street
70Goodwin Street
71Granite Street
72Greatford Place
73Guernsey Street
74Hall Road
75Hamiota Street
76Hampshire Road
77Hampshire Terrace
78Harlow Drive
79Haultain Street
80Hazel Street
81Henderson Road
82Heron Street
83Hewlett Place
84Hood Lane
85Humber Road
86Inglewood Terrace
87Island Road
88Kelsey Place
89Kendal Avenue
90King George Terrace
91Kings Road
92Kinross Avenue
93Lafayette Street
94Lansdowne Road
95Larkdowne Road
96Lincoln Road
97Linkleas Avenue
98Lorne Terrace
99Lulie Street
100Lyn Crescent
101Maquinna Street
102Margate Avenue
103Marne Street
104Mayhew Street
105Mclaren Avenue
106Mcneill Avenue
107Meadow Place
108Mid Downe Road
109Midland Road
110Milton Street
111Mitchell Street
112Monteith Street
113Monterey Avenue
114Mountjoy Avenue
115Mowat Street
116Murdoch Crescent
117Musgrave Street
118Neil Street
119Newport Avenue
120Newton Street
122Norfolk Road
123Nottingham Road
124Oak Bay Avenue
125Oakdowne Road
126Oliver Street
127Orchard Avenue
128Pacific Avenue
129Patio Court
130Pattullo Place
131Pelly Place
132Pentland Road
133Penzance Road
134Plumer Street
135Plymouth Road
136Prince Andrew Place
137Prince Edward Drive
138Prospect Place
139Quimper Street
140Radcliffe Lane
141Rattenbury Place
142Redwood Avenue
143Renfrew Road
144Repulse Street
145Ring Road
146Ripon Road
147Rosario Street
148Roslyn Road
149Runnymede Avenue
150Runnymede Place
151Rutland Road
152San Carlos Avenue
153Sandowne Road
154Satellite Street
155Shady Lane
156Sherringham Place
157Smythe Street
158Somass Drive
159Southdowne Road
160St Ann Street
161St David Street
162St Denis Street
163St Louis Street
164St Patrick Street
165Stonehewer Place
166Sunny Lane
167Sunset Avenue
168Surrey Road
169Sutherland Road
170Swanson Place
171Sylvan Lane
172Tarn Place
173Theatre Lane
174Thompson Avenue
175Thorpe Place
176Tinto Street
177Tod Road
178Topp Avenue
179Townley Street
180Transit Road
181University Drive
182University Woods
183Uplands Place
184Uplands Road
185Upper Terrace Road
186Valdez Place
187Victoria Avenue
188Weald Road
189Wessex Close
190Wessex Crescent
191West Campus Gate
192West Campus Way
193Westdowne Road
194Wilmot Place
195Windsor Road
196Woodburn Avenue
197Woodhouse Road
198Woodlawn Crescent
199Wootton Crescent
200Yale Street
201York Place
202Zela Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)