List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Oliver, British Columbia
#Street Name
1101a Street
2101st Street
3103rd Street
4105th Street
5107th Street
6109th Street
7111a Street
8111th Street
9113th Street
10115th Street
11117th Street
12119th Street
13121st Street
14123rd Street
15125th Street
16129th Street
17137th Street
18246th Avenue
19298th Avenue
20306th Avenue
21308th Avenue
22310a Avenue
23310th Avenue
24312th Avenue
25314a Street
26314th Avenue
27316a Avenue
28316th Avenue
29318th Avenue
30320th Avenue
31322nd Avenue
32324th Avenue
33326th Avenue
34328th Avenue
35330th Avenue
36332nd Avenue
37334th Avenue
38336th Avenue
39337th Avenue
40338th Avenue
41340th Avenue
42342nd Avenue
43343rd Avenue
44344th Avenue
45345th Avenue
46346th Avenue
47347a Avenue
48347th Avenue
49348th Avenue
50350a Avenue
51350th Avenue
52352nd Avenue
53354th Avenue
54356th Avenue
55358th Avenue
56360th Avenue
57362nd Avenue
58364th Avenue
59366th Avenue
60368a Avenue
61368th Avenue
62369th Avenue
63370a Avenue
64370b Avenue
65370th Avenue
66371st Avenue
67372nd Avenue
68374th Avenue
69378th Avenue
70380th Avenue
71386th Avenue
72390a Avenue
73390th Avenue
74394th Avenue
75394th Avenue
76396th Avenue
7771a Street
7871st Street
7973rd Street
8075th Street
8177th Street
8279th Street
8381a Street
8481st Street
8583a Street
8683rd Street
8785th Street
8887a Street
8987b Street
9087th Street
9189th Street
9291a Street
9391st Avenue
9491st Street
9593rd Street
9695th Street
9796th Street
9897th Street
9997th Street
10099th Street
101Black Hills Road
102Black Sage Road
103Burrowing Owl Place
104Camp Mckinney Road
105Camp Mckinney Road
106Camp Mckinney Road
107Campsite Road
108Carr Crescent
109Circle Drive
110Clearview Heights Place
111Eagle Drive
112Earle Crescent
113Fairview Road
114Fairview Road
115Fairview White Lake Road
116Fairview White Lake Road
117Fairview-patton Road
118Gallager Lake Frontage Rd
119Green Lake Road
120Harmony Crescent
121Haynes Road
122Highway 97
123Humming Bird Drive
124Island Road
125Island Way Road
126James Way
127Johnson Crescent
128Johnson Road
129Knight Road
130Knippleberg Road
131Leighton Crescent
132Lillian Road
133Marshall Road
134Mccuddy Creek Road
135Mcintyre Creek Road
136Meadowlark Drive
137Meadowlark Lane
138Miller Road
139No 1 Road
144Old Camp Mckinney Road
145Old River Road
146Oriole Avenue
147Orofino Creek Road
148Pallay Road
149Pinehill Place
150Pinehill Road
151Pineridge Drive
152Pontes Place
153Porcupine Place
154Quail Avenue
155Radio Transmitter Road
156Ridgeview Road
157River Road
158Robin Avenue
159Sandpoint Drive
160Sawmill Road
161Seacrest Hill Road
162Sen Pok Chin Boulevard
163Shrike Hill Road
164Sibco Landfill Road
165Sportsmans Bowl Road
166Sundial Road
167Test Orchard Road
168Testalinden Creek Road
169Thorpe Road
170Tinhorn Creek Road
171Vineyard Road
172Watters Road
173Wilson Mtn Road
174Yellowbrick Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)