List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Osoyoos, British Columbia
#Street Name
1100th Avenue
2103rd Street
3104th Avenue
4107th Street
5108th Avenue
6115th Street
7116th Avenue
8120th Avenue
9122nd Avenue
10128th Avenue
1112th Avenue
12134th Avenue
13146th Avenue
14148th Avenue
15150th Avenue
16160th Avenue
17168th Avenue
1816th Avenue
19176th Avenue
2018th Avenue
21194th Avenue
22198th Avenue
23202nd Avenue
2422nd Avenue
2525th Street
2626th Avenue
2728th Avenue
2829th Street
292nd Avenue
3030th Avenue
3131st Street
3232nd Avenue
3333rd Street
3435th Street
3536th Avenue
3637th Street
3738th Avenue
3839th Street
3941st Street
4042nd Avenue
4144th Avenue
4245th Street
4346th Avenue
4448th Avenue
4551st Street
4652nd Avenue
4758th Avenue
4862nd Avenue
4962nd Avenue
5066th Avenue
5166th Avenue
5268th Avenue
536th Avenue
546th Avenue
5570th Avenue
5672nd Avenue
5774a Avenue
5874th Avenue
5978th Avenue
6081st Street
6182nd Avenue
6283a Street
6385th Street
6487th Street
6587th Street
6689th Street
678th Avenue
689 Mile Pit
6991st Street
7091st Street
7192nd Avenue
7295th Street
7397th Street
7497th Street
7598th Avenue
76Acacia Court
77Alkali Road
78Alyssum Court
79Anarchist Place
80Augusta Lane
81Bartlett Place
82Bayview Crescent
83Birch Court
84Blacktail Court
85Blacktail Place
86Blacktail Road
87Bobcat Court
88Braeburn Place
89Brens Road
90Bullmoose Court
91Bullmoose Road
92Bullmoose Trail
93Bullmoose Way
95Cactus Crescent
96Cariboo Place
97Caribou Crescent
98Cedar Lane
99Chapman Road
100Chardonnay Court
101Chickadee Court
102Coca Cola Road
103Cottonwood Drive
104Cougar Court
105Cougar Place
106Crabapple Court
107Curlew Court
108Cypress Hills Drive
109Deerfoot Road
110Desert Pk
111Dogwood Place
112Eagle Court
113Eagle Place
114Eagle Point
115Empire Street
116Fairwinds Drive
117Falcon Place
118Finch Crescent
119Frontage Road
120Fuji Court
121Gala Crescent
122Glen Abbey Court
123Golf Course Drive
124Grant Road
125Gravenstein Drive
126Grizzly Place
127Grizzly Road
128Hallis Road
129Harbour Key Drive
130Heather Place
131Heron Lane
132Hewitt Road
133Highway 3
134Highway 3
135Highway 3
136Highway 3
137Highway 3
138Highway 3
139Highway 3
140Hummingbird Lane
141Inkaneep Road
142Jackpine Lane
143Jasmine Drive
144Jonagold Place
145Jubilee Drive
146Kehoe Road
147Killdeer Place
148Kingfisher Drive
149Kobau Look-out Forest Service Road
150Kohler Place
151Kruger Mountain Road
152La Costa Lane
153Lakehead Campsite Road
154Lakeshore Drive
155Lambert Court
156Larkspur Place
157Lilac Court
158Lobelia Drive
159Lombardy Lane
160Long Joe Road
161Longview Place
162Longview Road
163Loon Crescent
164Magnolia Place
165Maguire Place
166Maguire Road
167Main Street
168Maple Drive
169Mcintosh Court
170Meadowlark Drive
171Medicine Wheel Road
172Mule Deer Court
173Mule Deer Drive
174Mule Deer Point
175Nighthawk Drive
176Nine Mile Place
181Observatory Road
182Old Richter Pass Road
183Oleander Drive
184Olympic View Drive
185Osoyoos Lake Regional Pk
186Osprey Place
187Park Place
188Pebble Beach Drive
189Peregrine Court
190Peregrine Drive
191Peregrine Place
192Peregrine Road
193Pinehurst Place
194Ponderosa Drive
195Poplar Court
196Primrose Lane
197Quail Place
198Quail Ridge Place
199Quince Lane
200Rancher Creek Road
201Raven Hill Road
202Redhaven Court
203Rose Place
204Royal Ann Court
205Sandpiper Place
206Santa Rosa Place
207Sasquatch Court
208Sasquatch Point
209Sasquatch Road
210Sasquatch Trail
211Sawgrass Drive
212Solana Key Court
213Spartan Drive
214Spruce Court
215Strawberry Creek Road
216Sumac Lane
217Sunrise Court
218Swan Crescent
219Tamarack Drive
220Vedette Drive
221Vineyard Road
222Wapiti Court
223Wapiti Place
224Wapiti Way
225Whitetail Place
226Wildflower Court
227Willow Crescent
228Wren Place
229Yucca Place

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)