List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Peachland, British Columbia
#Street Name
111th Street
212th Street
313th Street
414th Street
51st Avenue
61st Street
72nd Avenue
82nd Street
93rd Avenue
103rd Street
114th Avenue
124th Street
135th Street
146th Avenue
156th Street
168th Street
17Aitkens Road
18Arthur Street
19Atkinson Crescent
20Beach Access
21Beach Avenue
22Beatrice Road
23Blacksmith Place
24Bonnie Lane
25Bradbury Street
26Bradley Drive
27Brandon Avenue
28Brenda Mine Offramp Road
29Brenda Mine Onramp Road
30Brenda Mine Road
31Brent Road
32Brown Place
33Buchanan Road
34Bulyea Avenue
35Burden Lane
36Butler Place
37Chidley Road
38Clarence Road
39Clements Crescent
40Coldham Road
41Columbia Avenue
42Cousins Place
43Cousins Road
44Davies Crescent
45Desert Pines Avenue
46Drought Road
47Dryden Road
48Ehlers Road
49Elliott Avenue
50Ellison Avenue
51Eyre Road
52Ferguson Place
53Forest Hill Drive
54Fulton Place
55Garraway Place
56Gillam Crescent
57Gladstone Road
58Greata Road
59Gummow Road
60Hackett Road
61Haker Place
62Hardy Street
63Harrington Court
64Hawkes Street
65Heighway Lane
66Highway 97
67Highway 97 South
68Highway 97 South
69Highway 97 South
70Highway 97c
71Highway 97c
72Highway 97c
73Highway 97c
74Highway 97c
75Highway 97c
76Highway 97c
77Houston Road
78Huston Road
79Inga Street
80Inglis Place
81Jackson Crescent
82Keyes Avenue
83Lake Avenue
84Lakeview Avenue
85Lang Road
86Law Street
87Lever Court
88Lilley Street
89Lipsett Avenue
90Log Chute Drive
91Logan Road
92Lornell Court
93Lornell Crescent
94Lost Road
95Macdonald Creek Offramp Road
96Macdonald Creek Onramp Road
97Macdonald Creek Road
98Macgregor Road
99Mack Road
100Mackenzie Road
101Mackinnon Road
102Macneill Court
103Maranatha Drive
104Maxwell Road
105Mccall Place
106Mcdougald Road
107Mckay Lane
108Mclaughlan Place
109Meldrum Place
110Miller Road
111Minto Street
112Morrison Court
113Morrison Crescent
114Morrison Place
115Munro Lake Forest Service Road
116Nash Street
124Paradise Valley Drive
125Peachland Place
126Pierce Place
127Pierce Street
128Pincushion Place
129Pineridge Place
130Pineridge Road
131Ponderosa Drive
132Ponderosa Place
133Powell Road
134Princess Street
135Princeton Avenue
136Princeton Avenue
137Renfrew Court
138Renfrew Road
139Robinson Place
140San Clemente Avenue
141Sanderson Avenue
142Seaton Place
143Seymour Avenue
144Seymour Lane
145Shaw Road
146Sherburn Road
147Siegrist Road
148Silver Court
149Silver Lake Forest Service Road
150Smith Way
151Somerset Avenue
152Somerset Place
153South Macdonald Creek Road
154Star Place
155Stuart Crescent
156Stuart Crescent South
157Sutherland Road
158Tailyour Lane
159Thompson Drive
160Thompson Place
161Thorne Road
162Thwaite Crescent
163Todd Road
164Topham Place
165Town Lane
166Trepanier Bench Road
167Trepanier Court
168Trepanier Heights Avenue
169Trepanier Heights Place
170Trepanier Offramp Road
171Trepanier Onramp Road
172Trepanier Road
173Turner Avenue
174Upton Road
175Venner Court
176Vernon Avenue
177Vicary Road
178Victoria Street
179Walker Road
180West Court
181Whinton Crescent
182Williams Street
183Wilson Road
184Witt Place
185York Lane

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)