List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Prince Rupert, British Columbia
#Street Name
110th Avenue East
210th Street
311th Avenue East
411th Street
514th Street
617th Street
71st Avenue East
81st Avenue West
91st Street
102nd Avenue West
112nd Street
123rd Avenue East
133rd Avenue West
143rd Street
154th Avenue East
164th Avenue West
174th Street
185th Avenue East
195th Avenue West
205th Street
216th Avenue East
226th Avenue West
236th Street
247th Avenue East
257th Avenue West
267th Street
278th Avenue East
288th Avenue West
298th Street
309th Avenue East
319th Avenue West
329th Street
33Agnew Place
34Albert Avenue
35Albert Street
36Alberta Place
37Alexandra Place
38Alfred Street
39Alpine Drive
40Ambrose Avenue
41Applewhaite Drive
42Atlin Avenue
43Bacon Street
44Barrow Place
45Beach Place
46Bellis Road
47Biggar Place
48Bill Murray Drive
49Bill Road
50Borden Street
51Bowser Street
52Brett Place
53Brett Street
54Cade Place
55Camarillo Lane
56Cassiar Avenue
57Chamberlin Avenue
58Claude Street
59Collart Place
60Comox Avenue
61Conrad Street
62Cormorant Place
63Cormorant Road
64Cotton Street
65Cow Bay Road
66Crestview Drive
67Dibb Place
68Donald Street
69Drake Crescent
70Dry Dock Road
71Duncan Road
72Dunsmuir Court
73Dunsmuir Street
74Eagle Close
75Eagle Drive
76Eberts Street
77Edward Avenue
78Emmerson Place
79Evergreen Drive
80Fairview Avenue
81Fraser Street
82Frederick Street
83Fulton Street
84George Hills Way
85Goodard Street
86Graham Avenue
87Grant Place
88Green River Forest Service Road
89Green Street
90Grenville Court
91Gull Crescent
92Hast Road
93Hays Cove Avenue
94Hays Cove Circle
95Hays Vale Drive
96Herman Place
97Herman Street
98Heron Road
99Highway 16
100Highway 16
101Highway 16
102Highway 16
103Highway 16
104Highway 16
105Humphery Street
106Immanuel Street
107India Avenue
108Jamaica Avenue
109Jeffrey Street
110Kaien Road
111Kay Smith Boulevard
112Kootenay Avenue
113Kootenay Place
114Legaic Road
115Lisa Walters Drive
116Lotbiniere Street
117Manson Way
118Market Place
119Mcbride Street
120Mccaffery Place
121Mckay Street
122Mcnicholl Avenue
123Mcrae Place
124Metlakatla Road
125Mish-aw Road
126Montgomery Road
127Moresby Avenue
128Musgrave Place
131Omineca Avenue
132Ottawa Avenue
133Overlook Street
134Pacific Place
135Park Avenue
136Parker Drive
137Parmenter Avenue
138Parry Place
139Pigott Avenue
140Pigott Place
141Pillsbury Avenue
142Plaza Street
143Portage Road
144Prince George Street
145Prince Rupert Boulevard
146Prince Rupert Ferry Terminal
147Raven Crescent
148Raven Place
149Ridley Island Road
150Ritchie Street
151Rudderham Place
152Rushbrook Avenue
153Saskatoon Avenue
154Scott Road
155Seal Cove Circle
156Seal Cove Road
157Seville Road
158Shawatlans Road
159Sherbrooke Avenue
160Silversides Drive
161Skeena Drive
162Skeena Drive
163Sloan Avenue
164Smithers Street
165Stiles Place
166Summit Avenue
167Tatlow Street
168Taylor Street
169The Plaza
170Thompson Street
171Van Arsdol Street
172Victoria Avenue
173Wainwright Avenue
174Wantage Road
175Water Street
177Wayne Place
178William Booth Way
179Wilson Road
180Young Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)