List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Quesnel, British Columbia
#Street Name
110-01 A Road Forest Service Road
210-01 Road Forest Service Road
31400 Road Forest Service Road
41400k Road Forest Service Road
5500 Nyland Lake Road Forest Service Road
6500 Nyland Lake Road Forest Service Road
7Abbey Road
8Abbott Close
9Abbott Drive
10Abbott Road
11Adam Street
12Adrian Road
13Agate Avenue
14Aird Road
15Airport Road
16Alder Road
17Allard Street
18Allison Avenue
19Alma Road
20Amsbaugh Road
21Anderson Drive
22Antler Road
23Arbutus Road
24Ariel Dawn Road
25Armstrong Road
26Ash Avenue
27Astral Avenue
28Austin Road
29Avery Avenue
30Avison Avenue
31Baity Avenue
32Baker Creek Road
33Baker Crescent
34Baker Drive
35Balsam Avenue
36Balsam East Avenue
37Banner Road
38Barkerville Highway
39Barkerville Highway
40Barkerville Highway
41Barlow Avenue
42Bartels Road
43Basalt Avenue
44Bass Road
45Bastin Road
46Bastin Road
47Beach Crescent
48Beath Street
49Beaubien Avenue
50Belcarra Road
51Bernadette Road
52Bernard Avenue
53Beryl Street
54Best Road
55Bettcher Street
56Big Ben Road
57Big Four Road
58Birch Avenue
59Birch Hill Road
60Bjornson Road
61Bjornson Road
62Blackwater Road
63Blair Street
64Blue Ridge Road
65Boesem Road
66Borregard Road
67Bouchie Street
68Bourgeois Road
69Bowron Avenue
70Boyd Street
71Brears Road North
72Brears Road South
73Briar Road
74Brightway Road
75Britton Road
76Brookside Park
77Broughton Avenue
78Browning Road
79Brownmiller Road
80Bulova Road
81Callanan Street
82Callis Road
83Camille Road
84Campbell Crescent
85Campsite Road
86Campus Way
87Caragana Road
88Caravelle Road
89Cariboo Highway
90Cariboo Highway
91Carlson Canyon Road
92Carradice Road
93Carry Street
94Carson Avenue
95Carson Pit Road
96Cave Road
97Cedar Avenue
98Chew Road
99Chief Dominic Road
100Christys Road
101Clarence Road
102Clark Street
103Cleave Crescent
104Clouston Road
105Coach Road North
106Coach Road South
107Cody Dale Road
108Comeau Road
109Common Avenue
110Cook Road
111Copeland Road
112Copper Ridge Road
113Corey Road
114Couldwell Avenue
115Couldwell Road
116Couldwell Subd Road
117Crane Avenue
118Croft Road
119Crotteau Road
120Crystal Street
121Cypress Road
122Dahl Road
123Datoff Road
124Davie Court
125Davie Street
126Davon Road
127Dawson Street
128Dean Road
129Decker Road
130Dennis Road
131Deserters Creek Mainline
132Destiny Drive
133Dick Road
134Dixon Street
135Dodds Avenue
136Dogwood Avenue
137Doherty Drive
138Donnelly Street
139Dragon Hill Offramp Road
140Dragon Hill Road
141Dragon Lake Road
142Dragon Mtn Road
143Dragon View Place
144Drummond Road
145Duck Road
146Duncan Road
147Dyke Road
148Eagle Road
149Early Avenue
150Eastway Road
151Eastwood Road
152Eberg Road
153Edkins Street
154Eleven Mile Frontage Rd
155Elgin Road
156Elgin Street
157Elliott Street
158Ellison Road
159Elm Street
160Enemark Road
161Enemark Road North
162Enemark Road South
163English Avenue
164Erb Road
165Ernst Road
166Ernst Road
167Estate Road
168Ewing Avenue
169Eyford Road
170Falcon Road
171Fanslau Road
172Favre Road
173Fawcett Street
174Fayette Road
175Feldspar Avenue
176Felker Avenue
177Ferguson Street
178Fern Road
179Fiege Road
180Findlay Road
181Finning Road
182Fir Street
183Fisher Road
184Flamingo Street
185Flint Road
186Foster Avenue
187Fox Road
188Francess Drive
189Front Street
190Frost Road
191Fuller Avenue
192Funn Street
193Future Drive
194Gabriel Road
195Gardner Street
196Garner Forest Service Road
197Garner Road
198Garner Road
199Garvin Road
200Gassoff Road
201Gavlin Road
202Gemini Street
203Giesbrecht Road
204Glassford Road
205Golden Pond Road
206Goldman Road
207Gook Road
208Gordon Avenue
209Graham Avenue
210Granite Avenue
211Gray Avenue
212Green Acres Avenue
213Greenacres Road
214Grice Road
215Grosz Road North
216Grosz Road South
217Gustafson Road
218Hachey Lane
219Hanson Road
220Harcourt Avenue
221Harper Avenue
222Hartley Heights Road
223Hartley Street
224Hausaman Road
225Hawk Street
226Hayman Crescent
227Hazel Road
228Healy Street
229Heinzelman Road
230Hemlock Avenue
231Heppner Road
232Hesketh Road
233Higdon Avenue
234Higdon Road
235Highway 97
236Hilborn Road
237Hill Street
238Hillcrest Road
239Hilltop Drive
240Hilltop Road
241Hlady Road
242Homestead Road
243Hoy Street
244Hubert Road
245Hush Lake Road
246Hutchcroft Street
247Jackpine Flats Road
248Jade Road
249Jason Place Road
250Jasper Street
251Jay Road
252Jeff Road
253Johnson Road
254Johnston Avenue
255Johnston Bridge Loop
256Jolar Road
257Jones Street
258Joy Road
259Juniper Road
260Kaetler Road
261Keis Avenue
262Keith Road
263Kennedy Road
264Kerouac Road
265Kinchant Street
266Kirby Road
267Kivi Road
268Kiwi Road
269Knickerbocker Road
270Kral Road
271Kube Street
272Kupferschmidt Road
273Lakeman Road
274Lakeshore Road
275Lakeview Crescent
276Lakeview Drive
277Lambert Street
278Larch Avenue
279Lark Avenue
280Laurel Road
281Lawlor Drive
282Lawlor Road
283Lazzarin Street
284Leake Road
285Lear Road
286Legion Drive
287Leonard Street
288Lewis Drive
289Lindsay Crescent
290Lindsay Street
291Lois Lane
292Lombardie Drive
293Long Bar Road
294Long Bar Road
295Long Bar West Road
296Lovelidge Road
297Lowe Street
298Lunn Avenue
299Lust Road
300Macdonald Road
301Malcolm Street
302Manweiler Road
303Maple Close
304Maple Drive
305Maple Drive
306Maple Drive East
307Maple Heights Road
308Marble Street
309Marsh Drive
310Marsh Road
311Marsh Road
312Marsh Road
313Matthews Road
314May Road
315Mcgowan Road
316Mckee Road
317Mckinnon Road
318Mclean Road
319Mclean Street
320Mcleod Avenue
321Mcnaughton Avenue
322Mcrae Road
323Menelaws Road
324Mica Street
325Milburn Lane
326Millburn Avenue
327Mills Road
328Moffat Approach
329Moffat Approach Offramp
330Moffat Avenue
331Morast Road
332Morel Road
333Morosoff Road
334Mountain Ash Road
335Murphy Street
336Mystic Avenue
337Nadeau Street
338Nadeau Street South
339Nagra Avenue
340Nason Street
341Neighbour Road
342Nelson Street
343Netterfield Street
344Newman Road
345Nickel Ridge Avenue
346Nome Road
352Norman Street
353Norn Road
354North Fraser Drive
355North Highway 97
356North Highway 97
357North Highway 97
358North Highway 97 Frontage Rd
359North Star Offramp Road
360North Star Onramp Road
361North Star Road
362Northwood Road
363Novak Street
364Oak Avenue
365Omega Road
366Oval Road
367Paley Avenue
368Paley Place
369Palm Road
370Palmer Street
371Panagrot Avenue
372Panorama Ridge
373Parkland Road
374Parkview Road
375Patchett Street
376Pederson Road
377Pentland Crescent
378Perry Street
379Peterbrook Road
380Phillips Road North
381Phillips Road South
382Picard Avenue
383Picard Place
384Pierce Crescent
385Pierce Street
386Pinchbeck Street
387Pine Drive
388Pine Road
389Pinecrest Road
390Pinnacle A Road Forest Service Road
391Pinnacles Road
392Pinnacles Sub Road
393Pioneer Road
394Plywood Road
395Pollard Road
396Poplar Avenue
397Powell Road
398Priest Road
399Purmal Avenue
400Quartz Avenue
401Quesnel Canyon Road
402Quesnel-hixon Road
403Quesnel-hydraulic Road
404Quesnel-hydraulic Road
405Quesnel-hydraulic Road
406Quesnel-hydraulic Road
407Quesnel-hydraulic Road
408Racing Road
409Raven Ridge Road
410Red Bluff Road
411Red Willow Road
412Redden Road
413Redstone Road
414Redwing Road
415Redwood Road
416Reid Street
417Reierson Road
418Renyard Road
419Reynard Street
420Richards Road
421Richardson Road
422Richbar Hill Road
423Richbar Road
424Rita Road
425Ritchie Avenue
426Ritchie Road
427Ritson Avenue
428River Park Road
429Roan Road
430Robertson Avenue
431Robin Road
432Rockwell Road
433Rockwood Road
434Roddie Avenue
435Roddie Road
436Roddis Drive
437Rolph Street
438Rome Avenue
439Rose Road
440Ross Street
441Ruric Spring Drive
442Ryan Road
443Ryder Street
444Sales Pit Road
445Sales Road East
446Sales Road West
447Salton Road
448Sam Toy Avenue
449Sanderson Road
450Sargent Road
451Sargent Street
452Saskatoon Road
453Schemenaur Road
454Schmidt Road
455Scott Road
456Seabrook Pit Road
457Serenity Drive
458Shadow Heights Road
459Sharpe Road
460Shaver Road
461Shepherd Avenue
462Shindell Road
463Short Avenue
464Simpson Road
465Sing Street
466Skyline Road
467Smith Avenue
468South Cariboo Highway
469South Highway 97
470South Highway 97
471Southwood Road
472Spears Road
473Spears Street
474Spruce Ridge Road
475Spruce Road
476St Laurent Avenue
477Stork Avenue
478Stubbington Road
479Sundown Road
480Sunridge Road
481Susaq Road
482Sutherland Avenue
483Sutton Road
484Swallow Road
485Sword Avenue
486Symington Road
487Tamarack Avenue
488Tatchell Road
489Ten Mile Lake North Road
490Ten Mile Lake Road
491Teofil Road
492Terrace Road
493Thompson Road
494Timothy Road
495Tingley Drive
496Titus Road
497Toby Road
498Trask Road
499Trembley Road
500Trueman Road
501Tudor Road
502Tuffley Street
503Twan Avenue
504Twan Place
505Twin Sevens Road
506Tzenzaicut Lake-narcosli Forest Service Road
507Umiti Pit Road
508Vachon Road
509Valhalla Road
510Vaughan Street
511Veillette Road
512Veneer Road
513Venture Road
514View Drive
515Viker Road
516Violet Doody Road
517Wade Avenue
518Walkem Street
519Warden Street
520Webber Road
521Webster Avenue
522Wee Road
523Weldon Road
524Wells Road
525West Fraser Road
526West Fraser Timber Pk
527Westland Close
528Westland Road
529Wheeler Road
530Wiersma Road
531Wilkinson Street
532Williams Road
533Willis Street
534Willow Street
535Wilson Road
536Wilson Street
537Winder Street
538Wolfe Road
539Wong Street
540Woodridge Road
541Wurm Road
542Yendryas Road
543Yorston Avenue

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)