List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Salmo, British Columbia
#Street Name
11st Street
22nd Street
33rd Street
44th Street
56th Street
67th Street
78th Street
89th Street
9Airport Road
10Archibald Creek Road
11Aspen Street
12Audrey Avenue
13Baker Avenue
14Baker Lane
15Bakken Road
16Balsam Road
17Beavervale Creek Forest Service Road
18Beavervale Road
19Bellmond Road
20Birch Street
21Browning Place
22Cady Road
23Carney Bridge Road
24Carney Mill Road
25Cedar Avenue
26Cemetery Road
27Champion Park Road
28Chatum Drive
29Cottonwood Avenue
30Curwen Road
31Davies Avenue
32Delaurentis Road
33Derosa Road
34Emerald Road
35Erie-ross Spur Road
36Esquire Drive
37Faulkner Road
38Flemming Drive
39Gibbon Road East
40Gibbon Road West
41Glendale Avenue
42Gray Drive
43Hanson Avenue
44Hb Mine Road
45Helgren Road
46Henderson Avenue
47Highway 3
48Highway 3
49Highway 3
50Highway 3
51Highway 3 And 6
52Highway 3b
53Highway 3b
54Highway 6
55Hubscher Road
56Hudu Creek Road
57Hudu Forest Service Road
58Hutcheson Avenue
59Hutton Road
60Johnson Road
61Kalmakoff Road
62Kelly Creek Forest Service Road
63Lagoon Road
64Larsen Road
65Liness Road
66Maclure Avenue
67Main Street
68Meadows Road
69Mertin Road
70Motel Avenue
74Nystrom Road
75Park Avenue
76Pearson Road
77Ponderosa Crescent
78Potapoff Road
79Query Creek Forest Service Road
80Railway Avenue
81Riverside Avenue
82Ross Spur Road
83Rotter Avenue
84Royal Oak Drive
85Salmo Heights Road
86Salmo Ski Hill Road
87Sayward Avenue
88Sayward Lane
89Sheep Creek Road
90Sheloff Road
91Tailings Road
92Tamarac Crescent
93Vector Road
94Wildwood Road
95Wildwood Road
96Windom Drive
97Woodland Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)