List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Sidney, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Adela Place
2Airedale Place
3Allbay Road
4Almond Street
5Amelia Avenue
6Amherst Avenue
7Arbay Close
8Ardwell Avenue
9Ashby Court
10Azalea Place
11Barnes Place
12Beacon Avenue
13Beacon Avenue West
14Beacon Offramp Avenue
15Beacon Onramp Avenue
16Beaufort Road
17Bessredge Place
18Bevan Avenue
19Bigrock Road
20Bitterroot Place
21Booth Place
22Bowcott Place
23Bowden Road
24Bowerbank Road
25Bradford Avenue
26Braun Crescent
27Brethour Avenue
28Brethour Park Way
29Brookwood Drive
30Buddleia Place
31Calvin Avenue
32Captains Walk
33Chicory Place
34Christine Place
35Cleveland Road
36Colinwood Road
37Cotoneaster Place
38Courser Drive
39Devlin Place
40Eastbrook Drive
41Eastleigh Way
42Eastview Drive
43Eden Place
44Eighth Street
45Epco Drive
46Fifth Street
47Finch Place
48First Street
49Forsythia Place
50Fourth Street
51Frost Avenue
52Frost Avenue West
53Gabriola Place
54Gail Place
55Galaran Road
56Gateside Place
57Goddard Road
58Godfrey Place
59Greenglade Road
60Griffiths Road
61Grove Crescent
62Harbour Road
63Henry Avenue
64Henry Avenue West
65Hornby Place
66Iroquois Way
67Jahn Place
68James White Boulevard
69James White Boulevard West
70Jocelyn Place
71Judson Place
72Lannon Way
73Lapwing Place
74Lauries Lane
75Linda Place
76Lochside Drive
77Lovell Avenue
78Lyme Grove
79Magnolia Place
80Malaview Avenue
81Malaview Avenue West
82Marvette Place
83Maryland Drive
84Mcdonald Park Road
85Mellissa Street
86Melville Drive
87Menagh Place
88Mills Road
89Mills Road West
90Mt Baker Avenue
91Muriel Place
92Naomi Place
93Natasha Place
95Northbrook Drive
96Northlawn Terrace
97Oakville Avenue
98Ocean Avenue
99Ocean Avenue West
100Odlum Place
101Orchard Avenue
102Patricia Bay Highway
103Patricia Place
104Piercy Avenue
105Pleasant Street
106Pollard Place
107Rathdown Place
108Redwing Place
109Rennie Place
110Resthaven Drive
111Robinia Place
112Rothesay Avenue
113Schooner Close
114Seaport Place
115Second Street
116Seventh Street
117Sharples Road
118Shoal Harbour Pier
119Shoreacres Road
120Siddall Road
121Sidney Avenue
122Sidney-anacortes Ferry Terminal
123Simister Place
124Simkin Place
125Sixth Street
126Skylark Lane
127Sparling Place
128Stirling Way
129Summergate Boulevard
130Summerset Place
131Sunfield Crescent
132Surfside Place
133Swiftsure Place
134Teale Place
135Third Street
136Trailcreek Drive
137Tsehum Road
138Turnmill Close
139Vallis Place
140Village Way
141Waxwing Place
142Webster Place
143Weiler Avenue
144Weiler Avenue West
145Wesbrook Drive
146Westleigh Way
147Whidby Lane
148White Birch Road
149Wildflower Place
150Winmeadow Place
151Wisteria Place

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)