List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Smithers, British Columbia
#Street Name
110th Avenue
211th Avenue
312th Avenue
413th Avenue
514th Avenue
615th Avenue
716th Avenue
817th Avenue
918th Avenue
1019th Avenue
111st Avenue
1222nd Avenue
132nd Avenue
143rd Avenue
154th Avenue
166th Avenue
177th Avenue
188th Avenue
199th Avenue
20Adams Road
21Airport Road
22Aitken Road
23Alberta Street
24Alder Road
25Aldous Street
26Alfred Avenue
27Anderson Road
28Antler Road
29Aspen Road
30Astlais Place
31Babine Crescent
32Babine Lake Road
33Babine Lake Road
34Babine Lake Road
35Babine Lake Road
36Babine Lake Road
37Babine Lake Road
38Baker Road
39Balsam Road
40Banff Avenue
41Baptiste Road
42Beach Road
43Berry Road
44Billeter Road
45Birch Crescent
46Blue Jay Road
47Boyle Road
48Broadway Avenue
49Bruce Road
50Bulkley Drive
51Bulkley Street
52Calgary Street
53Canyon Creek Forest Service Road
54Canyon Road
55Carnaby Street
56Carr Road
57Cedar Road
58Cedar Street
59Colin Road
60Columbia Drive
61Columbia Street
62Comox Street
63Cote Road
64Court Street
65Cronin Place
66Dahlie Road
67Davidson Road
68Dieter Road
69Dohler Road
70Dominion Street
71Dot Avenue
72Driftwood Crescent
73Driftwood Road
74Dunlop Street
75Edmonton Street
76Elgin Avenue
77Elm Drive
78Engman Road
79Evelyn Station Road
80Fah Road
81Frebur Road
82Freeda Road
83Freeland Avenue
84Frontage Road
85Fulton Avenue
86Gardiner Road
87Gelley Road
88Gilbert Road
89Glacier Gulch Road
90Glacier Gulch Road
91Glacier Street
92Glacierview Road
93Glover Road
94Gould Place
95Groot Road
96Gryphon Way
97Harvard Way
98Heatherington Road
99Henry Road
100Highland Road
101Highway 16
102Highway 16 East
103Highway 16 West
104Highway 16 West
105Highway 16 West
106Highway 16 West
107Hillcrest Road
108Hillside Drive
109Horlings Road
110Hudson Bay Mountain Road
111Hurricane Street
112Husky Road
113Hyland Place
114Hynes Road
115Jane Haven Road
116Johnson Road
117Jollymore Road
118Kidd Road
119King Street
120Kitseguecla Lake Road
121Kitseguecla Loop Road
122Kroeker Road
123Lagopus Place
124Laidlaw Frontage Rd
125Laidlaw Road
126Lake Kathlyn Junction Road
127Lake Kathlyn Road
128Lane One
129Laughlin Road
130Lowland Road
131Lubbers Road
132Lunan Road
133Lund Avenue
134Main Street
135Malkow Road
136Manitoba Street
137Manning Road
138Manton Road
139Mattern Avenue
140Mccabe Road
141Mcdonell Lake Forest Service Road
142Mckenzie Road
143Meadow Creek Road Forest Service Road
144Middle Road
145Millar Road
146Monckton Road
147Montreal Street
148Morice Drive
149Mountain View Road
150Mountainview Crescent
151Mountainview Drive
152Muir Road
153Murray Street
154Nadina Place
155Newens Road
156Nielsen Road
163North Business Frontage Rd
164Nouch Frontage Rd
165Nouch Road
166Old Babine Lake Road
167Old Babine Lake Road
168Old Babine Lake Road
169Old Babine Lake Road
170Ottawa Street
171Owens Road
172Pacific Street
173Palmeson Road
174Park Road
175Passby Road
176Pidherny Road
177Pinecrest Road
178Pioneer Place
179Pope Road
180Powell Frontage Rd
181Powell Street
182Prairie Road
183Princess Crescent
184Princess Street
185Proctor Junction Road
186Proctor Road
187Ptarmigan Road
188Quail Road
189Queen Street
190Rabbit Road Forest Service Road
191Raceway Road
192Radio Road
193Railway Avenue
194Raufer Road
195Recreation Road
196Regina Street
197Reiseter Avenue
198Ridge Road
199River Road
200Riverside Drive
201Riverside Golf Course Access
202Rosenthal Road
203Rosenthal Subdivision Road
204Rupert Street
205Schibli Street
206Scotia Street
207Scotia Street
208Service Road
209Seymour Lake Road
210Silvern Road
211Simcoe Avenue
212Simcoe Loop Road
213Skeena Place
214Slack Road
215Snake Road
216St Anne Road
217Stenman Road
218Sunny Point Drive
219Tatlow Road
220Tatlow Road East
221Tatlow Road North
222Telkwa High Road
223Telkwa High Road
224Telkwa High Road
225Telkwa High Road
226Telkwa River Forest Service Road
227Toronto Street
228Turner Way
229Upland Road
230Upper Viewmount Road
231Van Gaalen Road
232Vancouver Street
233Ventura Boulevard
234Victoria Drive
235Victoria Street
236Viewmount Road North
237Viewmount Road South
238Virginia Street
239Walnut Drive
240Weme Road
241Whalen Road
242Whistler Road
243Williams Frontage Rd
244Willow Road
245Winnipeg Street
246Yelich Road
247Zobnick Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)