List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Sooke, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Acreman Place
2Aitken Road
3Alder Park Terrace
4Alderbrook Ranch Road
5Allman Place
6Allwood Terrace
7Amethyst Way
8Anna Marie Road
9Arleigh Place
10Arranwood Drive
11Atherly Close
12Austins Place
13Ayre Road
14Ayum Road
15Banford Place
16Banner Road
17Basinview Heights
18Beaton Road
19Beechwood Place
20Belvista Place
21Bethany Place
22Billings Road
23Birchview Place
24Birchview Way
25Blake Road
26Blanchard Road
27Blythwood Road
28Boomstick Avenue
29Brailsford Place
30Briarwood Place
31Brooks Place
32Brooks Road
33Brule Drive
34Burr Drive
35Burr Road
36Caffery Place
37Caldwell Road
38Callumwood Lane
39Calvert Road
40Camp Humming Bird Access Road
41Cedar Brook Place
42Cedar Park Place
43Cedar Ridge Drive
44Cedarview Place
45Charlene Place
46Charters Road
47Charval Place
48Christan Drive
49Church Hill Drive
50Church Road
51Cinnabar Place
52Clairview Road
53Coastal Heights
54Connie Road
55Corvis Way
56Country Road
57Croce Road
58Croydon Place
59De Mamiel Drive
60De Mamiel Place
61Deerlepe Road
62Derbend Road
63Dixon Road
64Dover Street
65Drennan Street
66Driftwood Drive
67Driftwood Place
68Dufour Road
69Eagle Heights Road
70Eakin Drive
71East Sooke Road
72Edward Milne Road
73Elise Close
74Ella Road
75Erinan Boulevard
76Eustace Road
77Felderhof Road
78Felton Lane
79Firwood Place
80Foreman Heights Drive
81Francis Road
82French Road North
83French Road South
84Galaxie Drive
85Galena Road
86Gatewood Road
87Gatewood Road North
88Gaurdian Road
89George Lane
90Gillespie Road
91Gladys Place
92Glenidle Road
93Glinz Lake Road
94Golledge Avenue
95Goodmere Road
96Goodridge Road
97Govenlock Place
98Government Wharf
99Grant Road East
100Grant Road West
101Harbourview Road
102Harmonys Place
103Harwick Lane
104Helgesen Road
105Henlyn Drive
106Horne Road
107Idlemore Road
108Jacksons Place
109Journey School Lane
110Kaltasin Road
111Kamaureen Place
112Kennedy Street North
113Kennedy Street South
114Khyber Pass
115Kirby Road
116Laidlaw Road
117Lanark Road
118Larkspur Road
119Laronde Road
120Larrys Lane
121Lazzar Road
122Lincroft Road
123Ludlow Road
124Manzer Road
125Maple Avenue North
126Maple Avenue South
127Maple Park Terrace
128Marathon Lane
129Marilyn Road
130Marsden Road
131Marshalls Place
132Mcmillan Road
133Medberry Close
134Melrick Place
135Meota Drive
136Minnie Road
137Mountain Heights Drive
138Mowich Drive
139Mugfords Landing
140Muir Place
141Murray Road
142Nagle Road
143Narrisa Road
144Nickson Way
148Nordin Road
149Norton Road
150Nott Place
151Ocean Park Place
152Oneill Road
153Opal Place
154Otter Point Road
155Pandion Place
156Park And Ride
157Parkland Road
158Pascoe Road
159Pears Pt Road
160Penang Road
161Petemar Road
162Phillips Road
163Pike Pole Lane
164Pineridge Place
165Polymede Place
166Pond Place
167Poplar Drive
168Possession Point Road
169Powliuk Crescent
170Pyrite Drive
171Quartz Drive
172Rhodonite Drive
173Richview Road
174Rivers Edge Place
175Riverstone Drive
176Rojean Drive
177Rose Lee Place
178Roxview Court
179Rudd Road
180Saseenos Road
181Saunders Road
182Sea Cliff Road
183Sea Lion Way
184Seabroom Road
185Sellars Road
186Shambrook Drive
187Shields Road
188Siasong Road
189Silver Spray Drive
190Slemko Road
191Snowden Place
192Solent Road North
193Solent Street
194Sooke Frtg Road
195Sooke River Road
196Sooke Road
197Sooke Road
198Sooke Road
199Soule Road
200Spar Tree Way
201Starlight Grove
202Steeple Chase
203Stone Creek Place
204Stonewood Drive
205Sunriver Place
206Sunriver Way
207Talc Place
208Tara Place
209Terrott Street
210Thornton Heights
211Throup Road
212Tominny Road
213Townsend Road
214Valleyview Place
215Walse-a Road
216Water Street
217Watling Way
218West Coast Road
219West Coast Road
220Westview Terrace
221Whiffin Spit Road
222Willowpark Way
223Winfield Drive
224Winnifred Place
225Winnipeg Road
226Winona Close
227Wisterwood Way
228Witter Place
229Woodgrove Place
230Woodlands Road
231Worthington Way
232Wright Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)