List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Sparwood, British Columbia
#Street Name
12nd Avenue
23rd Avenue
34th Avenue
4Airport Road
5Alderwood Street
6Alpine Place
7Aspen Drive
8Balsam Street
9Birchwood Place
10Black Hawk Drive
11Blue Spruce Crescent
12Briarwood Place
13Brule Creek Forest Service Road
14Buckthorn Road
15Bursato Road
16Centennial Square
17Centennial Street
18Cherrywood Boulevard
19Cottonwood Street
20Crowsnest Highway
21Crowsnest Highway
22Crowsnest Highway
23Cummings Creek Forestry Road
24Cypress Drive
25Cypress Place
26Daniel Road
27Diamond B Ranch Road
28Dogwood Place
29Douglas Fir Road
30Elk Valley Road
31Elkview Coal Mine
32Engelmann Spruce Drive
33Falcon Court
34Forest Crowne Terrace
35Golden Eagle Drive
36Grave Lake Road
37Great Northern Road
38Hemlock Road
39Hickory Court
40Hickory Crescent
41Hickory Place
42Highway 3
43Hillside Drive
44Holley Road
45Industrial Road No 1
46Industrial Road No 2
47Industrial Road No 3
48Juniper Crescent
49Kaisner Road
50Library Lane
51Line Creek Mine Road
52Line Road Forest Service Road
53Lions Park Place
54Livingstone Road
55Lodgepole Place
56Lower Elk Valley Road
57Maple Street
58Matevic Road
59Michel Creek Road
60Mountain Ash Crescent
61Musil Road
64Nordstrum Creek Forest Service Road
65Old Elk Valley Road
66Osprey Court
67Pacific Yew Crescent
68Pine Avenue
69Pine Spur Drive
70Pinyon Court
71Pinyon Road
72Ponderosa Drive
73Red Cedar Crescent
74Red Cedar Drive
75Savarie Frontage Rd
76Savarie Road
77Sparwood Drive
78Sparwood Dump Road
79Sparwood Heights Drive
80Spruce Avenue
81Sulphur Springs Road Forest Service Road
82Sycamore Road
83Tamarack Avenue
84Travis Road
85Upper Elk Valley Road
86Valley Road Forest Service Road
87Valley View Drive
88Valley View Place
89Volpatti Pit Road
90Western Larch Crescent
91Whiskey Jack Drive
92White Birch Crescent
93White Oak Place
94Whitewood Crescent
95Wildwood Drive
96Willow Place
97Woodland Place

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)