List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Telkwa, British Columbia
#Street Name
11st Street
22nd Street
33rd Street
44th Street
55th Street
6Alder Street
7Aldermere Ridge
8Aspen Crescent
9Aveling Coalmine Road
10Bernie Road
11Birch Street
12Bluff Road
13Bolitho Road
14Boonstra Road
15Boundary Road
16Bourgon Road
17Bree Road
18Brooks Road
19Cedar Street
20Chapman Road
21Chapman Road
22Cherry Crescent
23Chestnut Crescent
24Chestnut Street
25Coalmine Road
26Cocks Road
27Cottonwood Road
28Cottonwood Street
29Deception Lake Forest Service Road
30Degner Road
31Dogwood Street
32Donaldson Road
33Dot Road
34Elm Street
35Farewell Creek Road
36Fawn Road
37Fir Crescent
38Fir Road
39Fir Street
40Fisher Road
41Fox Road
42George Frontage Rd
43Good Road
44Greene Road
45Grieder Road
46H Kerr Road
47Hankin Avenue
48Hidber Road
49Highway 16 East
50Highway 16 East
51Highway 16 East
52Highway 16 East
53Highway 16 East
54Highway 16 East
55Highway 16 East
56Highway 16 West
57Hill Road
58Hislop Road
59Hislop Road
60Hope Avenue
61Howson Avenue
62Hubert Road
63Hubert Street
64Hudson Avenue
65Hunter Avenue
66Jackpine Road
67Jay Road
68Juniper Road
69Juniper Street
70Kerr Road
71Kerr Road
72Kilpatrick Road
73Lake Road
74Larch Road
75Lawson Road
76Lockwood Road
77Madison Avenue
78Maple Crescent
79Meicklem Road
80Mesich Road
81Morden Road
82Morgan Road
83Morris Road
84Neal Road
90Oak Crescent
91Olson Road
92Partridge Road
93Penner Road
94Pine Street
95Pinewood Road
96Poplar Road
97Poplar Street
98Pottinger Frontage Rd
99Quick East Road
100Quick School Road
101Quick Station Road
102Quick West Road
103Raymond Road
104Riverside Street
105Robin Creek Road
106Rodney Road
107Round Lake Road
108Seaplane Base Road
109Skillhorn Road
110Snider Road
111Spruce Drive
112Spruce Road
113Stanga Road
114Tatlow Road
115Tatlow Road
116Telegraph Street
117Telkwa Coalmine Road
118Telkwa Coalmine Road
119Telkwa High Road
120Tower Street
121Trail Avenue
122Tyhee Lake Road
123Tyhee Road
124Tyler Street
125Van Horn Frontage Rd
126Van Horn Road
127Wakefield Road
128Walcott Quick Road
129Walcott Road
130Walnut Street
131West End Road
132Widen Road
133Willow Street
134Woodland Street
135Woodmere Road
136Woodmere Road
137Woodmere Road
138Woodmere Road

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)