List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Victoria, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Academy Close
2Acton Street
3Adanac Street
4Albany Street
5Albert Avenue
6Alder Street
7Alderman Road
8Algoa Place
9Alma Place
10Alpha Street
11Alpha Terrace
12Alston Street
13Amelia Street
14Amphion Street
15Angus Road
16Arbutus Way
17Armine Place
18Arnold Avenue
19Arthur Avenue
20Arthur Currie Lane
21Ashgrove Street
22Asquith Street
23Avalon Road
24Avebury Avenue
25Bakery Mews
26Balfour Avenue
27Balfour Place
28Balmoral Road
29Bank Street
30Barkley Terrace
31Barnard Avenue
32Basil Avenue
33Bastion Square
34Battery Street
35Bay Street
36Beacon Hill Loop
37Beacon Street
38Beaven Street
39Beckley Avenue
40Beechwood Avenue
41Begbie Street
42Belcher Avenue
43Bella Street
44Belleville Street
45Belmont Avenue
46Belton Avenue
47Berwick Street
48Beta Street
49Beverley Place
50Birch Street
51Blackwood Street
52Blanshard Street
53Bond Street
55Bourchier Street
56Bowlsby Place
57Boyd Street
58Briar Place
59Bridge Street
60Bridge Way
61Brighton Avenue
62Brighton Crescent
63Broad Street
64Brooke Street
65Brotchy Lane
66Broughton Street
67Burdett Avenue
68Burleith Crescent
69Burnside Road East
70Burton Avenue
71Bushby Street
72Bywood Place
73Caledonia Avenue
74Camas Circle
75Cambridge Street
76Cameron Street
77Camosun Street
78Capital Heights
79Carberry Gardens
80Carnsew Street
81Carrick Street
82Carroll Street
83Catherine Street
84Cecelia Road
85Cedar Hill Road
86Central Spur
87Centre Road
88Chadwick Place
89Chamberlain Street
90Chambers Street
91Chandler Avenue
92Chapman Street
93Chatham Street
94Chester Avenue
95Chestnut Row
96Chestnut Street
97Chown Place
98Circle Drive
99Clare Street
100Clarence Street
101Clawthorpe Avenue
102Clifford Street
103Clover Avenue
104Coldharbour Road
105Collinson Street
106Commercial Alley
107Connaught Road
108Convent Place
109Cook Street
110Cooperage Place
111Cormorant Street
112Cornwall Street
113Coronation Avenue
114Courtney Street
115Coventry Avenue
116Cowichan Street
117Craigdarroch Road
118Craigflower Road
119Crescent Road
120Croft Street
121Cross Street
122Cyril Close
123Dallas Road
124Dalton Street
125David Street
126Davie Street
127Delatre Street
128Delta Street
129Denison Place
130Denison Road
131Denman Street
132Dereen Place
133Despard Avenue
134Devonshire Road
135Discovery Street
136Dock Street
137Dominion Road
138Doncaster Drive
139Doric Street
140Douglas Street
141Dowler Place
142Duchess Street
143Dundas Street
144Dunedin Street
145Dunelm Wynd
146Durban Street
147Earle Place
148Earle Street
149Eberts Street
150Edgeware Road
151Edward Street
152Elford Street
153Ellice Street
154Emerson Street
155Empire Street
156Empress Avenue
157Erie Street
158Esquimalt Road
159Evans Street
160Faircliff Lane
161Fairfield Place
162Fairfield Road
163Faithful Street
164Fan Tan Alley
165Fell Street
166Fern Street
167Fernwood Road
168Field Street
169Fifth Street
170Finlayson Place
171Finlayson Street
172Fisgard Street
173Forbes Street
174Fort Street
175Fort Street
176Foul Bay Road
177Frances Avenue
178Franklin Terrace
179Front Street
180Fullerton Avenue
181Gamma Street
182Garbally Road
183Garden Street
184George Street
185Gillespie Place
186Gillie Place
187Gladstone Avenue
188Glasgow Avenue
189Gonzales Avenue
190Gordon Street
191Gorge Road East
192Gosworth Road
193Government Street
194Graham Street
195Granite Street
196Grant Street
197Green Oaks Terrace
198Green Street
199Griffiths Street
200Grosvenor Road
201Hamilton Road
202Hamley Street
203Harbinger Avenue
204Harbour Road
205Harrison Street
206Haultain Street
207Hawes Crescent
208Hayward Heights
209Heather Street
210Helmcken Alley
211Henry Street
212Herald Street
213Hereward Road
214Hespler Place
215Heywood Avenue
216Heywood Way
217Hibberson Crescent
218Higgins Street
219Highview Street
220Hilda Street
221Hill Street
222Hillside Avenue
223Hillside Shopping Centre
224Hipwood Lane
225Holly Street
226Hollywood Crescent
227Hollywood Place
228Howard Street
229Howe Street
230Hudson Street
231Humboldt Street
232Huntington Place
233Huron Street
234Irma Street
235Irving Road
236Ivy Place
237Jack Ladder Lane
238Jackson Street
239Joan Crescent
240John Street
241Johnson Street
242Joseph Street
243Josette Place
244Jubilee Avenue
245Julia Street
246Jutland Road
247Kimta Road
248Kings Road
249Kings Road
250Kingston Street
251Kipling Street
252Kiwanis Way
253Ladysmith Street
254Lang Street
255Langford Street
256Langham Court
257Langley Street
258Larch Street
259Laurel Lane
260Laurentian Place
261Lawndale Avenue
262Lee Avenue
263Leighton Road
264Leonard Street
265Lewis Street
266Lillian Road
267Linden Avenue
268Lionel Street
269Lotbiniere Avenue
270Lotus Street
271Lovers Lane
272Ludgate Street
273Luxton Avenue
274Lydia Street
275Lyman Duff Lane
276Maddison Street
277Maddock Avenue East
278Maitland Street
279Mallek Crescent
280Manchester Road
281Manor Road
282Marifield Avenue
283Market Street
284Marlborough Street
285Mars Street
286Mary Street
287Mason Street
288Masters Road
289Maud Street
290May Street
291Mccaskill Street
292Mcclure Street
293Mcgregor Avenue
294Mckenzie Street
295Mcnair Street
296Meares Street
297Medana Street
298Memorial Crescent
299Menzies Street
300Merritt Place
301Merritt Street
302Michigan Street
303Milne Street
304Minto Street
305Montgomery Avenue
306Montreal Street
307Montrose Avenue
308Morley Street
309Morrison Street
310Moss Park Gardens
311Moss Rock Place
312Moss Street
313Mountbatten Place
314Mt Stephen Avenue
315Myrtle Avenue
316Nanaimo Street
317Napier Lane
318Niagara Street
321Normanton Court
322North Park Street
323Northcott Avenue
324Nursery Road
325Oak Bay Avenue
326Oak Shade Lane
327Oak Street
328Oakland Avenue
329Oliphant Avenue
330Olive Street
331Olympia Avenue
332Ontario Street
333Opal Street
334Oregon Avenue
335Ormond Street
336Oscar Street
337Oswald Road
338Oswego Street
339Oxford Street
340Paddon Avenue
341Pakington Street
342Pandora Avenue
343Park Boulevard
344Parry Street
345Passmore Street
346Patly Place
347Paul Kane Place
348Pearl Street
349Pemberton Road
350Pembroke Street
351Pembroke Street
352Pendergast Street
353Pendray Street
354Pentrelew Place
355Penwell Street
356Phillipa Place
357Piermont Place
358Pilot Street
359Pine Street
360Pinewood Avenue
361Pleasant Street
362Point Street
363Powderly Avenue
364Powell Street
365Princess Avenue
366Prior Street
367Purcell Place
368Quadra Street
369Quamichan Street
370Quebec Street
371Queen Anne Heights
372Queens Avenue
373Quesnel Street
374Quixote Lane
375Raynor Avenue
376Rebecca Street
377Redbrick Street
378Redfern Street
379Reed Street
380Regatta Landing
381Regents Place
382Rendall Street
383Reno Street
384Revercomb Place
385Richardson Street
386Richmond Avenue
387Richmond Road
388Ridge Road
389Rithet Street
390Robert Street
391Robertson Street
392Robleda Crescent
393Rock Bay Avenue
394Rockland Avenue
395Rockland Place
396Romney Road
397Roseberry Avenue
398Ross Lane
399Ross Street
400Rothwell Street
401Royal Terrace
402Rudlin Street
403Runnymede Avenue
404Rupert Terrace
405Russell Street
406Rutledge Street
407Ryan Street
408Saghalie Road
409San Jose Avenue
410Sayward Street
411Scott Street
412Sea Terrace
413Seaforth Street
414Selkirk Avenue
415Shakespeare Street
416Shasta Place
417Shelbourne Street
418Sherk Street
419Shotbolt Road
420Simcoe Street
421Sitkum Road
422Skinner Street
423Slater Place
424Slater Street
425Somenos Street
426Somerset Street
427Songhees Road
428South Turner Street
429Southgate Street
430Speed Avenue
431Spring Road
432Springfield Street
433Spruce Avenue
434St Andrews Street
435St Charles Street
436St Francis Wood
437St James Street
438St Lawrence Street
439Stadacona Avenue
440Stanley Avenue
441Stannard Avenue
442Steele Street
443Stelly Street
444Stevenson Place
445Store Street
446Stroud Road
447Styles Street
448Suffolk Street
449Sumas Street
450Summit Avenue
451Sunnyside Avenue
452Superior Street
453Sutlej Street
454Swift Street
455Sylvia Street
456Taunton Street
457Terrace Avenue
458The Rise
459Thetis Lane
460Thurlow Road
461Tolmie Place
462Topaz Avenue
463Toronto Street
464Tovido Lane
465Trent Street
466Trounce Alley
467Trutch Street
468Turner Street
469Tyee Road
470Vancouver Street
471Verrinder Avenue
472Victor Street
473View Street
474Villance Street
475Vimy Place
476Vining Street
477Violet Lane
478Vista Heights
479Waddington Alley
480Walker Street
481Walnut Street
482Wark Street
483Warren Gardens
484Washington Avenue
485Waterfront Crescent
486Wellington Avenue
487Wesley Place
488Westall Avenue
489Westbourne Place
490Wharf Street
491Wildwood Avenue
492William Street
493Wilmer Street
494Wilson Street
495Wilspencer Place
496Windermere Place
497Woodstock Avenue
498Yates Street
499Yew Street
500Young Street
501Yukon Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)