List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in View Royal, British Columbia
#Street Name
1Abinger Place
2Adams Place
3Adams Road
4Adkin Place
5Admirals Road
6Aldersmith Place
7Alexis Place
8Amber Place
9Anya Court
10Anya Lane
11Ardenlea Place
12Atkins Road
13Barker Road
14Beaumont Avenue
15Bessborough Avenue
16Bessborough Close
17Bickerton Court
18Bishan Place
19Brian Place
20Brigadoon Place
21Brydon Road
22Buddy Road
23Burnett Road
24Burnside Offramp Road West
25Burnside Road West
26Cahilty Lane
27Camden Avenue
28Carly Lane
29Caton Place
30Cemetery Road
31Chalmers Court
32Chancellor Avenue
33Channery Place
34Cheltenham Street
35Chilco Ridge Place
36Chilco Road
37Conard Street
38Cooper Lane
39Cooper Road
40Craigflower Road
41Craigowan Road
42Crane Place
43Creed Place
44Creed Road
45Damon Drive
46De Goutiere Place
47Demos Place
48Dorothy Lane
49Dragon Lane
50Dukrill Road
51Eaton Avenue
52Edwards Estates Road
53Eltham Road
54Erskine Lane
55Ethos Place
56Evelyn Heights
57Falstaff Place
58Fenton Place
59Fenton Road
60Flury Heights
61Francis View Drive
62Fraser Lane
63Gair Road
64Game Road
65Garrington Place
66Gibraltar Bay Drive
67Glenairlie Drive
68Glentana Road
69Governors Point Road
70Gull Road
71Hallowell Road
72Hart Road
73Heddle Avenue
74Helmcken Offramp Road
75Helmcken Onramp Road
76Helmcken Road
77Herbate Road
78High Street
79Highbank Road
80Highland Road
81Highway 1a
82Hobbit Lane
83Hospital Way
84Island Highway
85Island Highway
86Jalan Place
87Jedburgh Place
88Jedburgh Road
89Kaleigh Lane
90Kami Court
91Kerwood Street
92Kingham Place
93Kislingbury Lane
94Knollwood Road
95Kosapsum Crescent
96Lekwammen Drive
97Levista Place
98Lighthouse Lane
99Lloyd Place
100Lowland Road
101Magnum Place
102Maplebank Road
103Margaret Lane
104Marler Drive
105Meadow Park Lane
106Meadow Vale Drive
107Micasa Place
108Middle Road
109Midwood Road
110Mills Cove
111Modeste Road
112Myra Place
113Newcastle Court
114Newstead Crescent
115Nia Lane
116Noel Place
118Norquay Road
119Nursery Hill Drive
120Old Island Highway
121Outlook Place
122Paddock Place
123Pallisier Avenue
124Palmer Station
125Park And Ride
126Park Ridge Place
127Parkcrest Drive
128Parsons Road
129Pearce Place
130Pheasant Lane
131Phyllis Drive
132Pistol Range Park
133Plowright Road
134Polly Place
135Presley Place
136Price Bay Lane
137Price Road
138Prince Robert Drive
139Prince Robert Lane
140Quincy Street
141Ridgeview Rise
142Riverside Drive
143Rudyard Road
144Seabird Place
145Seahaven Terrace
146Seenupin Road
147Shadow Ridge Place
148Shoreline Drive
149Six Mile Offramp Road
150Six Mile Onramp Road
151Six Mile Road
152St Giles Street
153Stancil Lane
154Stewart Avenue
155Stillwater Road
156Stoneridge Close
157Stoneridge Drive
158Stoneridge Place
159Stormont Road
160Suzanne Place
161Talcott Road
162Tawny Place
163Thanet Road
164Thetis Lake Pk
165Thetis Vale Crescent
166Thomas Park Drive
167Thomas Road
168Tidewater Road
169Tovey Crescent
170Trans-canada Highway
171Valley View Place
172Vickery Road
173View Royal Avenue
174View Royal Pk
175Viewcrest Drive
176Watkiss Way
177Werra Landing
178Werra Road
179West Park Lane
180West Road
181Westoby Road
182White Pine Road
183Wilfert Road
184Woodbine Court
185Woodville Place

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)