List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Williams Lake, British Columbia
#Street Name
110th Avenue North
211th Avenue North
311th Lane
412th Avenue North
51st Avenue North
61st Avenue South
72nd Avenue North
82nd Avenue South
93rd Avenue North
103rd Avenue South
114th Avenue North
124th Avenue South
135th Avenue North
145th Avenue South
156th Avenue North
166th Avenue South
177th Avenue North
187th Avenue South
198th Avenue North
209th Avenue North
21Ablitt Road
22Acher Road
23Agnew Street
24Airport Road
25Albert Place
26Allen Road
27Anderson Road
28Anderson Road
29Aqua View Place
30Atwood Place
31B Road Forest Service Road
32Bagshaw Road
33Bailey Road
34Bailey Road North
35Balsam Street
36Bann Road
37Barber Road
38Barlow Avenue
39Barnard Street
40Basaraba Road
41Bass Road
42Beauchamp Crescent
43Becker Road
44Begbie Crescent
45Bellevue Drive
46Belvista Place
47Beverlein Road
48Birch Hill Road
49Birch Lane
50Black Bear Drive
51Blair Street
52Bluff View Drive
53Boe Place
54Boehm Road
55Boitanio Street
56Bond Lake Road
57Borland Road
58Borland Street
59Boundary Street
60Bowe Road
61Brahma Crescent
62Broadway Avenue North
63Broadway Avenue South
64Broughton Place
65Buckley Drive
66Buckskin Road
67Burley Road
68Bush Road
69Butcher Road
70Cameron Street
71Campbell Road
72Cariboo Hwy 97 Central
73Cariboo Hwy 97 Central
74Cariboo Hwy 97 Central
75Cariboo Hwy 97 Central
76Cariboo Hwy 97 North
77Cariboo Hwy 97 North
78Carolyn Road
79Carson Drive
80Cartwright Drive
81Cataline Drive
82Cattle Drive
83Centaur Drive
84Centennial Drive
85Chief William Way
86Chilcotin Hwy 20
87Chilcotin-bella Coola Hwy 20
88Chilcotin-bella Coola Hwy 20
89Chilcotin-bella Coola Hwy 20
90Chimney Lake Road
91Chimney Lake Road
92Chimney Valley Road
93Chimney Valley Road
94Chow Road
95Clarke Avenue
96Clear Road North
97Clear Road South
98Clearview Crescent
99Coleman Road
100Collier Place
101Colpitt Lake Road
102Comer Street
103Commodore Crescent
104Conrad Crescent
105Cornwall Crescent
106Country Club Boulevard
107Coxon Street
108Coyote Drive
109Coyote Road
110Crosina Crescent
111Curtis Place
112Cygnet Street
113Dairy Road
114Dale Road
115Denny Road
116Desous Mountain Drive
117Dixon Road
118Dodwell Street
119Dog Creek Road
120Dog Creek Road
121Donald Road
122Douglas Road
123Dubois Road
124Duffy Road
125Duncan Road
126Dutch Point Road
127Eagle Crescent
128Eagle View Drive
129Eagleview Road
130Edwards Drive
131Eider Drive
132English Road
133Enns Road
134Esler Road
135Evergreen Street
136Exshaw Crescent
137Fairview Drive
138Falcon Road
139Felker Road
140Felker Road
141Ferris Street
142Fetters Drive
143Firdale Drive
144Firwood Hill Road
145Flett Road
146Ford Place
147Foster Way
148Fowler Road
149Fox Mountain Road
150Fox Mountain Road
151Friesen Road
152Frizzi Road
153Frizzi Road
154Frizzi Road
155Frontage Road
156Gannet Road
157Garmen Pit Road
158Gibbon Road
159Gibbon Street
160Gill Road
161Glen Drive
162Glendale Place
163Golden Eagle Drive
164Grebe Drive
165Grizzly Drive
166Groundhog Drive
167Grouse Road
168Gun-a-noot Trail
169Haddock Avenue
170Hamel Road
171Hazel Street
172Herbert Road
173Hickory Road
174Highway 20
175Hillside Road
176Hilltop Road
177Hodgson Road
178Hodgson Road
179Holly Street
180Hopkins Road
181Hubble Road
182Huckvale Place
183Hudson Road
184Hull Road
185Hummingbird Drive
186Huston Street
187Hutchison Drive
188Imperial Place
189Indian Crescent
190Indian Drive
191Isnardy Road
192Jackpine Sawmill Access Road
193Jackson Road
194Jacobson Drive
195James Avenue
196Jersey Place
197Jessalee Road
198Johnson Street
199Johnson Way
200Juniper Street
201Kallyn Road
202Kemp Road
203Kinglet Road
204Kopeka Place
205Kozuki Road
206Lakeview Avenue
207Lakeview Crescent
208Larch Street
209Latin Avenue
210Laura Road
211Levens Street
212Lexington Road
213Litzenburg Crescent
214Longhorn Drive
215Lund Road
216Lyne Road
217Macgregor Drive
218Mackenzie Avenue North
219Mackenzie Avenue South
220Mandarino Place
221Mann Road
222Manners Place
223Maple Street
224Mart Street
225Marwick Drive
226Mason Road
227Mayfield Avenue
228Mcdougall Street
229Mcinnis Road
230Mckinnon Road
231Mcpherson Wynd
232Mcrae Street
233Mellish Avenue
234Melville Road
235Mendoza Way
236Midnight Drive
237Mikulasik Road
238Mile 168 Road
239Minton Place
240Mission Road
241Mission Road
242Missioner Place
243Misty Crescent
244Moon Avenue
245Mountain House Road
246Mountview Drive
247Moxon Place
248Murray Drive
249Murre Road
250Mussell Place
257Norquay Crescent
258North Lakeside Drive
259Oak Place
260Ogden Street
261Old Road
262Oliver Street
263Opal Street
264Orgnacco Road
265Ottoman Drive
266Owl Drive
267Pablo Creek Road
268Pacific Road
269Palomino Road
270Pamela Place
271Pandora Road
272Panorama Drive
273Patenaude Drive
274Paxton Road
275Peachey Road
276Pearkes Drive
277Peters Drive
278Petre Place
279Pheasant Drive
280Pigeon Avenue
281Pinchbeck Street
282Pine Crescent
283Pine Street
284Pine Valley Road
285Pinewood Place
286Pioneer Drive
287Ponderosa Place
288Procter Street
289Proctor Street
290Prosperity Way
291Radio Range Road
292Ransome Place
293Renner Road
294Resker Place
295Richard Street
296Richland Drive
297Ridgeview Place
298Ridgewood Place
299Rife Road
300Roberts Drive
301Rose Street
302Ross Road
303Rottacker Road
304Rowat Road
305Sandberg Road
306Schalles Road
307Scharf Road
308Schmidt Road
309Scout Island Road
310Seibert Place
311Selkirk Road
312Shaw Road
313Shuswap Crescent
314Shuswap Drive
315Signal Point Road
316Siskin Road
317Slater Road
318Slater Street
319Smedley Road
320Smedley Street
321Smith Street
322Snyder Road
323Soda Creek Road
324Soda Creek Road
325South Lakeside Drive
326South Lakeside Drive
327South Lakeside Drive
328Spencer Place
329Springfield Road
330Spruce Hill Road
331Stafford Drive
332Summit Street
333Sunset Drive
334Sunset Drive
335Sutton Road
336Tamarack Road
337Tawny Way
338Teal Place
339Terra Ridge
340Toop Road
341Tower Crescent
342Tresierra Street
343Triumph Road
344Valleyview Drive
345Vanderburgh Road
346Waddington Road
347Waters Drive
348Weinert Drive
349Weldwood Weighscale
350Westcoast Road
351Westcoast Road
352Western Avenue
353Westridge Drive
354Westside Connector
355White Road
356Wildwood Road
357Wilkie Road
358Williams Lake Weighscale
359Willoughby Place
360Willow Drive
361Willow Place
362Wind Drive
363Windmill Crescent
364Winger Road
365Wolf Street
366Wood Road
367Woodland Drive
368Wotzke Drive
369Yorston Street

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)