List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Morden, Manitoba
#Street Name
1100 Route
210th Street
311th Street
412th Street
513th Street
614th Street
715th Street
816th Street
917th Street
1019th Street
111st Street
122nd Street
133 Highway
143rd Street
15432 Highway
164th Street
175th Street
186th Street
197th Street
208th Street
219th Street
229th Street South
23Academy Drive
24Agar Crescent
25Agri Street
26Alexandria Bay
27Alvey Street
28Amber Bay
29Autumnwood Crescent
30Beachside Lane
31Birchwood Drive
32Buhler Drive
33Burwalde Drive
34Buttercup Place
35Cheval Drive
36Cochlan Drive
37Colert Crescent
38Conner Hill Drive
39Crocus Place
40Diamond Crescent
41Dogwood Street
42Dunsford Street
43Eagle Crescent
44Eagle Drive
45Elam Street
46Elm Street
47Elmwood Avenue
48Ens Crescent
49Enterprise Street
50Falcon Drive
51Frances Drive
52Gaslight Drive
53Gilmour Street
54Glencross Crescent
55Glenfield Bay
56Glenview Drive
57Glenwood Bay
58Glenwood Drive
59Glenwood Place
60Grant Street
61Greensview Lane
62Greenwood Drive
63Heron Road
64Hillcrest Bay
65Iris Place
66Junco Drive
67Leslie Drive
68Leslie Drive
69Lindal Crescent
70Maple Avenue
71Maple Leaf Crescent
72Maple Street
73Maplewood Crescent
74Mason Crescent
75Meadowbrook Drive
76Mint Street
77Morden Lake Road
78Morden Trailer Park
79Mountain Street North
80Mountain Street South
81Nelson Street
82North Railway Street
83Northwood Street
84Oak Street
85Oakwood Drive
86Ole Street
87Orchid Place
88Parkhill Drive
89Parkhill Place
90Parkview Place
91Parkwood Street
92Pearce Drive
93Pelican Street
94Pembina Drive
95Plum Avenue
96Poplar Street
97Prince Albert Street
98Progressive Road
99Rampton Street
100River Road
101Rose Place
102Rose Street
103Shannon Crescent
104South Lane
105South Railway Street
106Southdale Bay
107Southdale Street
108Southpark Street
109Springfield Place
110Stephen Street
111Steppler Street
112Thornhill Street
113Tulip Bay
114Tulip Street
115Valleyfield Drive
116Victoria Avenue
117Wardrop Street
118Westwood Drive
119Willow Creek Place

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)