List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Morris, Manitoba
#Street Name
11st Avenue
21st Street
31st Street
4205 Road
5205 Road
6205 Road
7205 Road
8205 Road
9205 Road
10205 Road
11205 Road
12205 Road
13246 Road
14246 Road
15246 Road
16246 Road
172nd Avenue
182nd Street
192nd Street
20303 Road
21330 Road
22332 Road
23332 Road
24336 Road
25336 Road
263rd Avenue
273rd Street
283rd Street
29422 Road
304th Street
314th Street
32523 Road
33523 Road
34523 Road
35523 Road
365th Street
375th Street
386th Street
39Anderson Street
40Ash Bay
41Ash Boulevard
42Birch Crescent
43Birch Drive
44Boyne Avenue
45Brandt Street
46Canola Bay
47Canola Drive
48Cedar Crescent
49Centre Street
50Charles Avenue
51Charles Street
52Cliffandell Bay
53Elevator Street
54Frontage Road
55Government Road Allowance
56Gray Street
57Henry Street
58James Avenue
59Kennedy Avenue
60Kroeker Street
61Loewen Avenue
62Lucinda Street
63Main Street
64Main Street
65Main Street
66Maple Drive
67Maple Street
68Mary Street
69Mcmillan Avenue
70Montréal Avenue
71Mulvey Avenue
72New Street
73Ottawa Avenue
74Ottawa Avenue West
75Poplar Crescent
76Poplar Street
77Provincial Trunk 23 Highway
78Provincial Trunk 23 Highway
79Provincial Trunk 23 Highway
80Provincial Trunk 23 Highway
81Provincial Trunk 23 Highway
82Provincial Trunk 23 Highway
83Provincial Trunk 23 Highway
84Provincial Trunk 23 Highway
85Provincial Trunk 23 Highway
86Provincial Trunk 23 Highway
87Provincial Trunk 23 Highway
88Provincial Trunk 23 Highway
89Provincial Trunk 3 Highway
90Provincial Trunk 75 Highway
91Provincial Trunk 75 Highway
92Provincial Trunk 75 Highway
93Railroad Avenue
94Rebecca Street
95Reimer Street
96Riverside Drive
97Riverview Drive
98Robert Street
99Rose Lane
100Rosewood Drive
101Southwood Drive
102Spruce Crescent
103Station Street
104Station Street
105Toronto Avenue
106Van Horne Street
107Victoria Avenue
108Waddel Street
109Wellington Avenue West
110Willow Drive
111Willow Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)