List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in Selkirk, Manitoba
#Street Name
11st Street
24 Highway
3Agnes Street
4Annie Street
5Bahamas Bay
6Bali Hai Bay
7Barbara Bay
8Bélanger Place
9Bell Bay
10Bermuda Bay
11Berrisford Avenue
12Britannia Avenue
13Britannia Close
14Catherine Bay
15Centennial Avenue
16Christie Avenue
17Christie Bay
18Clandeboye Avenue
19Cloverdale Road
20Colcleugh Avenue
21Creekside Boulevard
22Dominique Drive North
23Dominique Drive South
24Dorchester Avenue
25Dorothy Bay
26Dufferin Avenue
27Dyke Walking Trail
28Easton Drive
29Eaton Avenue
30Edstan Place
31Eveline Street
32Grain Avenue
33Greenwood Avenue
34Harley Row
35Heap Avenue
36Howard Place
37Jemima Bay
38Jemima Street
39Keystone Drive
40Lake Avenue
41Lee Crescent
42Lily Avenue
43Louise Bay
44Main Street
45Manchester Avenue
46Manitoba Avenue
47Manitoba Avenue
48Maple Drive
49Mapleton Street
50Mclean Avenue
51Mercy Street
52Montgomery Avenue
53Moody Avenue
54Morris Avenue
55Morrison Avenue
56Nelson Avenue
57Netley Avenue
58Oliver Avenue
59Outhwaite Drive
60Pacific Avenue
61Park Road
62Pawley Place
63Pearson Parkway
64Phyllis Avenue
65Pittsburg Avenue
66Provincial Trunk 4 Highway
67Provincial Trunk 9 Highway
68Purvis Boulevard
69Queen Avenue
70Railway Street
71Reid Avenue
72River Drive
73Robinson Avenue
74Rosser Avenue
75Schultz Avenue
76Selkirk Avenue
77Simpson Street
78Sinclair Avenue
79Sophia Street
80Stanley Avenue
81Strathnaver Avenue
82Superior Avenue
83Sutherland Avenue
84Sveinson Street
85Tait Street
86Taylor Avenue
87Toronto Avenue
88Vaughan Avenue
89Vimy Avenue
90Walker Avenue
91Wersch Street
92Westgrove Bay
93Young Avenue

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)