List of Provinces and Territories

List of Street Maps in St. Andrews, Manitoba
#Street Name
1232 Road
22nd Avenue
3320 Road
4Aime Road
5Aime Road
6Aldinger Bay
7Amber Road
8Anderson Road
9Antonina Drive
10Apache Trail
11Archie Avenue
12Arthur Road
13Ash Avenue
14Ash Street
15Aspen Avenue
16Aviation Boulevard
17Bay Road
18Bay Road
19Bayview Crescent
20Bouchard Road
21Boundary Road
22Bowser Road
23Bowser Road
24Bowser Road
25Boyd Avenue
26Boyd Road
27Bracken Road
28Breezy Point Road
29Brimacombe Road East
30Brimacombe Road West
31Broadway Road
32Byle Drive
33Calder Road
34Calder Road
35Capri Road
36Captain Kennedy Road
37Cedar Street
38Celtic Place
39Cessna Way
40Chalet Beach Road
41Chas Pruden Road
42Chesley Crescent
43Cheslock Place
44Church Road
45Church Road
46Clandeboye Road
47Clandeboye Road
48Clandeboye Road
49Clandeboye Road
50Clouston Road
51Clover Way
52Cloverdale Road
53Cloverdale Road
54Cloverdale Road
55Cochrane Road
56Colony Road
57Corrine Avenue
58Couture Road
59Craig Avenue
60Daniel Avenue
61Davidson Place
62Davidson Road
63Davidson Road
64Davis Place
65Deer Rapids Drive
66Dewar Road
67Dewar Road
68Division Road
69Dogwood Drive
70Domino Road
71Donald Road
72Donald Road
73Donald Road
74Donohoe Crescent
75Ducheck Drive
76Dunara Avenue
77Duncan Place
78Dunlop Drive
79Earl Grey Road
80East Gate
81Edith Avenue East
82Edith Avenue West
83Elm Avenue
84Elm Street
85Eveline Street
86Ewen Drive
87Fairlawn Road
88Fairway Road
89Fedorchuk Drive
90Fergowin Road
91Ferry Road
92Fial Crescent
93Fillmore Road
94Forbes Bay
95Ford Street
96Fort Garry Crescent
97Fort Garry Road
98Fort Garry Road
99Fort Garry Road
100Foster Road
101Four Winds Road
102Fox Grove Trail
103Front Street
104Fulsher Road
105George Street
106Geurts Cove
107Gimli Road
108Gimli Trail
109Gogol Bay
110Goldstone Road
111Grand Circle
112Grant Avenue
113Grant Street
114Gusnowsky Road East
115Gusnowsky Road West
116Hall Road East
117Hall Road West
118Hall Road West
119Hanssen Drive
120Harriot Road
121Hartley School Road
122Hawthorne Place
123Hay Avenue
124Hazel Avenue
125Hazel Avenue
126Henry Road
127Henry Road
128Henry Road
129Henry Road
130Highland Drive
131Houghton Bay Road
132Huminicki Road
133Janisch Road
134Jenny Drive
135John Zelych Lane
136Jonson Drive
137Jorheim Drive
138Jorheim Drive
139Joseph Street
140Juniper Lane
141Karabin Road
142Karlovac Avenue
143Kelsey Trail
144Kendale Drive
145Kenneth Crescent
146Kernstead Road
147Kernstead Road
148Kernstead Road
149Kimberly Place
150Kingsway Avenue
151Korolyk Road
152Kreamer Road
153Kreamer Road
154Landfill Road
155Landfill Road
156Landfill Road
157Landfill Road
158Lara Lane
159Larter Avenue
160Larter Crescent
161Lillian Drive
162Lillie Street
163Linklater Road
164Liss Road
165Liss Road
166Liss Road
167Little Britain Road
168Little Britain Road
169Lockport Road
170Lockport Road
171Lockport Road
172Lyall Drive
173Main Street
174Malak Street
175Maple Drive
176Maple Ridge Drive
177Maple Ridge Place
178Maplecliff Cove
179Martin Street
180Massey Road
181Matlock Road
182Matlock Road
183Matlock Road
184Matrona Bay
185Mcauley Road
186Mcbain Street
187Mcconnell Road
188Mcivor Lane North
189Mckenzie Road
190Mckenzie Road North
191Mclennan Road
192Mclennan Road
193Mcphillips Road
194Mcphillips Road
195Mcphillips Road
196Mcrae Road
197Meadowdale Road
198Meadowdale Road
199Meadowdale Road
200Meadowdale Road
201Meadowdale Road
202Medicine Creek Road
203Meggan S Crois
204Mercy Street
205Michael Bay
206Michael Road
207Middle Gate
208Miles Place
209Mirecki Road
210Mirey Creek Drive East
211Mirey Creek Drive North
212Mirey Creek Drive South
213Mirey Creek Drive West
214Mitchell Bay
215Morris Place
216Murdoch Drive
217Murray Foster Road
218Neltner Drive
219Netley Place
220Netley Road
221Netley Road
222Netley Road
223Netley Road
224Netley Street
225Nicola Drive
227Norwood Road
228Norwood Road
229Oak Avenue
230Oak Bay
231Oak Hammock Road
232Oakes Bay
233Oakfield Drive
234Ostermann Road
235Overwater Road
236Palmer Road
237Park Crescent
238Park Lane
239Parkdale Road
240Parkland Road
241Parkton Place
242Parkton Road
243Parkview Place
244Parkview Road
245Parrish Bay
246Partridge Drive
247Patricia Drive
248Pawluk Road
249Peel Road
250Penner Road
251Penner Road
252Petersfield Place
253Petersfield Road
254Petersfield Road
255Petersfield Road
256Phelan Road
257Phelan Road
258Philpott Road
259Philpott Road
260Pigeon Bluff Road
261Pike Road
262Pike Road
263Pilatski Road
264Pilatski Road
265Pilatski Road
266Pincherry Lane
267Ponemah Road
268Poplar Avenue
269Porcher Road
270Porcher Road
271Prairie Place
272Praznik Place
273Pronyk Road
274Prout Road
275Provincial Trunk 4 Highway
276Provincial Trunk 44 Highway
277Provincial Trunk 8 Highway
278Provincial Trunk 9 Highway
279Provincial Trunk 9 Highway
280Provincial Trunk 9 Highway
281Provincial Trunk 9a Highway
282Pruden Avenue
283Quarry Ridge Road
284Quarter Mile Road
285Railway Avenue
286Ralph Avenue
287Rebecca Lane
288Red River Place
289Rifle Way
290River Bay
291River Road
292River Road
293River Road
294River Road
295Riverbend Crescent
296Riverview Street
297Robinson Street
298Ronald Avenue
299Rose Crescent
300Rossdale Road
301Sawchuk Drive
302Schalk Road
303Schmid Road
304Schmid Road
305Schreyer Crescent
306Schubert Lane
307Schwartz Drive
308Scott Drive
309Sea Gull Drive
310Settlers Trail
311Silverdale Avenue
312Skazyk Road
313South Gate Road
314St. Andrews Road
315St. Clement's Drive
316Stevens Avenue East
317Stevens Avenue West
318Stolar Lane
319Stoneridge Road
320Strileski Road
321Sunnyside Road
322Sunrise Bay
323Sunset Cove
324Sutherland Road
325Suttorp Lane
326Tallie Avenue
327Tanis Crescent
328Taylor Road
329Taylor Road
330Teulon Road
331Teulon Road
332Theodore Road
333Thoma Drive
334Thomas Road
335Thomas Road
336Thompson Road
337Tom Prince Drive
338Trafalgar Crescent
339Van Mol Road
340Warner Road
341Warrens Road
342Wavey Creek Road
343West Gate
344Westman Drive
345Whitetail Trail
346Whytewold Road
347Whytewold Road
348Wilfrid Avenue
349Willis Road
350Willis Road
351Willow Crescent
352Woodlan Avenue
353Young's Crescent
354Zachary Drive

SOURCE: Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG)